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    London is a multi-cultural society too, but we still have them. *shrugs*

    In your experience, how long would it take for those core skills and then advanced skills to become internalised?

    Well I'm not militant on it as you think. It has a lot to offer in many aspects.

    Out of interest which ryuha did you see?

    Depends on the ryuha. Methodology differ from ryuha to ryuha. Some just use atemi to take the enemy down and then kick [Expletive Deleted] out of them.

    That also is dependant on which ryuha we are talking about. Metsubushi from ryuha to ryuha can range from blocking vision to jabbing the eyes to taking the enemy's eye out with the thumb.

    There were some famous gangsters in London during the 1960's called the Krays. They had a surefire method of attacking someone unawares and always breaking the subjects jaw. They'd buy the guy a few drinks, be really friendly and then offer a cigarette. As the subject jutted his chin out to light his cigarette, the subject's jaw would be broken with a solid right cross.

    Well, I wasn't actually referring to carrying such archaic weapons - More aboutthe principle behind it, which remains sound. ASPs, etc. are just as concealable as tessen & kusaribuki.
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    It depends on how often its trained. Around 3 to 6 months of regular training will get someone proficient for what they will need it for.

    Like I said Koryu arts are a great reference but some think they are better than modern arts like Judo, BJJ, Cambo, etc. which their not.

    Quite a bit. I have trained some such as Asayama Ichiden and Kito Ryu. Plus I have built a nice library of material.

    True but still there are none that will compare with Muay Thai in terms of striking.

    Must have been one hell of a right cross.
    (Note: When next in London don't accept cigarettes or drinks from anyone name Kray.)
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    No better, no worse. They are the root arts of most modern Japanese influenced martial systems.

    Kito-ryu? Interesting, didn't think anyone trained in that outside of Okayama prefecture in Japan. Could we continue this part of the conversation via PM?

    Heh heh, if you haven't noticed, I'm talking about deception. You've got to understand the context of the geographical and cultural backgrounds that formed that mindset in classical jujutsu. It's very akin to the behavior of medieval aristocracy - Assassination, deception, betrayal. Feudal Japanese behavior was like that in some aspects too. These are still applied in real life.
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    I consider them more outdated than being worse.

    For the most part yes but I know of a few that went to Japan to train Kito Ryu and will teach some of it along with others things. Feel free to PM me.

    Deception is something that will never go out of style. You will find that it is still alive in modern JJ as well. Papa John or Gracie Barra embodies deception in his game. ;)
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