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    Allo folks,

    Don't know how many of you remember me but I used to be around quite a bit. I'm a bit buys these days as I'm completing my DPhil in Oxford and I just became a father but that's not what this thread is about.

    This thread is to promote a BJJ survey on the occasionally controversial issue of gradings/belt promotions that I've set up at At the minute the site is simply to provide a home for the grading survey I've built but I have some (overly optimistic) hopes that in the future the site could expand beyond that to become a hub for gathering research (academic or otherwise) on BJJ and presenting interesting findings back to the wider BJJ community.

    I know this is likely to seem like a rather niche endeavour but I should mention that the research is actually contributing to a large international research project which is running for 5 years and is exploring 'Ritual, Community and Conflict' with researchers working all over the world and in lots of different areas. I'd like to show the research team that there is a lot of interesting stuff going on with martial arts communities and encourage future collaborations but again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

    If you want to help out, it takes about 20 mins to complete and you might get £20 if you are randomly selected at the end of data collection.

    A direct link to the survey is here:
    or you can just go to and click through.

    I know that most people have some experience/opinions on gradings in BJJ so if you could spare some time I would greatly appreciate it.

    I'm also happy to answer any questions people might have about the study and if anyone has any good ideas about how I might get more people to participate please let me know.
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    I did it, good survey.
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    Here's some good research material for you


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