BJ Penn vs George St Pierre

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Taff, Feb 8, 2006.


Who do you think will win?

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  1. Penn

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  2. St Pierre

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  1. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    Ahhh alas you are correct in an mma fight you do have to worry about alot more then just being choked or submitted.

    Strikers learn grappling to be more well rounded, but come crunch time, they resort to what they know best,hitting.

    The same can be said about grapplers,they learn to strike but come crunch time they resort to chokes/submissions.

    Both fighters have decent amount of knowledge/track records in mma, but keeping with in the theme and looking at the facts, Bj is going to strike gsp and force gsp to shoot and take it to the ground,this is where the level of the ground game becomes a factor.

    Bj is known to work for positioning,what makes you think him being hit or him doing the hitting is going to make any difference.If the game goes to the ground Gsp will lose.

    I gave it to Bj because he can take a hit as demonstrated in fights of last.
    I dont think I ever really saw Gsp get hit real hard? If he hasnt he just might this upcoming fight.

    The only way I see Gsp winning is by a good solid shot to the jaw,and I mean solid. Maybe a knee to the face if Bj shoots for the takedown. But again Bj isnt stupid and would probably pull a grecko roman style takedown from up top.

    The one thing Gsp does have going for him is dynamic explosivness. If he could work the ring and jab away at bj ,only to suddenly explode on him throwing every strike he's got and smother bj, then he could creat small windows of opportunaty,which could result in the solid shot I was talking about.
  2. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    P.s Did you know Bj Penn beat an equally explosive (like-gsp) type fighter in the likes of gomi.From pride.
  3. Covaliufan

    Covaliufan Valued Member

    George St. Pierre has been working on his grappling for this fight at Renzo's academy in New York, so it will be interesting to see how it goes for him. He trained a lot with one of the instructors there, John Danaher (New Zealand John), who I expect will be in St. Pierre's corner.
  4. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    I bet they're glowing pink.
  5. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    Man, I am so excited about this fight!!!!!!!!!


    I'm going to have to use pranayama to calm myself down!!!
  6. Taff

    Taff The Inevitable Hulk

    It's been a while since I looked forward to a fight this much. Coutoure vs Liddell III? Pffffffffffft.
  7. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Here's a few pics from the weigh-ins to whet your appetites some more :)


    BJ Penn weighed in at 169


    St. Pierre came in at an even 170


    Should be a good one tonight
  8. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    beware the doughboy physique. it is deceiving.
  9. Splush

    Splush Valued Member

    B.J. is unreal but I rootin for Pierre.
  10. dimmak

    dimmak Banned Banned

    Seriousy, what has Pierre got that Penn doesnt, im betting 100 bucks on Penn, i hope he wins!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    better wrestling? Seriously, that's the thing I think will help St. Pierre win this fight. If St. Pierre demonstrates superior wrestling skills, Penn may be in for a long night. The key word is "IF".
  12. dimmak

    dimmak Banned Banned

    :eek: I just saw the Penn vs. Pierre fight and it was bulls**t, BJ kicked GsP ass in the first two rounds, then in the third, GsP fought really hard after taking so much damage from Penn who defenetly won the stand up and some of the ground game. BJ wasnt hurt at all at the end of the fight unlike GsP who had taken a beating. When GsP WON by Split Decision, most of the fans were booing and thought that BJ PENN should have won, because he really did.
  13. Faminedynasty

    Faminedynasty Valued Member

    Well, since you had a hundred bucks on it I can see how you would feel that way. But I would say, not quite. While it is certainly true that Penn inflicted some damage and messed up St. Pierre's face, most of that damage was caused by a poke by Penn's thumb, and a glancing uppercut that knicked the tip of St. Pierre's nose. That's no fun, but that's not going to stop George. In truth I think St. Pierre landed at least as many if not more punches, (though they didn't phase Penn) and he was responsible for all of the takedowns. All in all I think a split descision either way would be understandable. They should have just let them fight to the death. Great fight though.
  14. Skinneh

    Skinneh Skinny Theif Ninja Spy

    Everyone I watched it with scored it 1st round BJ, 2nd and 3rd George. Bj just did nothing the other 2 rounds. Since its round based i think it was a fair decision. I would love to see them fight again though :D
  15. Skinneh

    Skinneh Skinny Theif Ninja Spy

    Just because Georges was bleeding doesnt me he took more damage. What about all those kicks he hit Penn with? And like the above poster said, Bj ate some punches as well, none of them cut him, thus he didnt look damaged.
  16. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    The conclusion.
    It was in my opinion a draw.Even though the fight went gsp.
    BY viewing the fight you can obviously see that bj was the better fighter,landing more jabs,and consistantly defusing gsp's take down attempts.

    If their fight was to be scored on skills, bj would have won.But the desicions went to the more aggresive fighter = gsp.

    Even though bj was amazing at rebounding from the shoot he wasnt trying to out grapple gsp,instead he wanted to knock him out.This was a bad move because it was evident that gsp was the better ATHLEATE. Yes It is true gsp even though he couldnt out box bj or out grapple him he did out hussle him,in the eyes of the judges, thats was the desision maker.

    Gsp landed a few good kicks to the left leg of bj,that gave him an upper hand in points on the second round.

    All in all great fight between two guys that wanted it bad. But gsp had a more steady pase then bj which ultimately gave the win to gsp. I wonder what would have happened if bj fought gsp like he did hughes?

    Oh well it was a great learning expearience.
  17. oldshadow

    oldshadow Valued Member

    Yep everyone watching it with me saw it the same way.
  18. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    What fight were you watching? BJ was taken down 3 times, two of which were slams.

    No draw. GSP won two of the three rounds convincingly. Give GSP his props. He suffered double vision from that poke in the eye, a busted nose, and still pressed the action in rounds 2 and 3. GSP showed true champion spirit. Can't wait for the rematch between GSP and Hughes.
  19. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    GSP clearly won that fight. He didn't dominate, but he clearly won the last two rounds. Yeah, GSP looked like he'd come off worse from a thumb to the eye and a busted nose caused by a glancing blow, but the way he pushed the fight after that first round really won it for him. BJ will be sore from all those low kicks today, too. I'm so glad I didn't bet on it - I won £20 on Franklin though :D
    I thought it was a pretty good fight, not quite as good as I was hoping for, but not the worst-case clinch against the cage-fest it could've been, either
  20. Faminedynasty

    Faminedynasty Valued Member

    Not where I watched it. I certainly saw it as GSP 2 rounds to 1, but those around me did not, largely, I believe, out of blatant anti-canadianism.

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