BJ Penn vs George St Pierre

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Taff, Feb 8, 2006.


Who do you think will win?

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  1. Penn

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  2. St Pierre

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  1. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    I believe Pierre will beat Penn fairly squarely

    still will be a fight for the history books.
  2. notquitedead

    notquitedead used to be Pankration90

    My prediction: it will end with an injury or DQ, not a "nice" finish. If all goes well it will be a great fight, though.

    I'll go with St. Pierre I guess, but the winner doesn't matter to me as much as just seeing the fight.
  3. freak

    freak Valued Member

    i'm gunna go with st. pierre...good ole canadian boy!
  4. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Word on the street is that Penn can't 'andle 'is riddum :D
    I really wish they'd let St Pierre fight Hughes again before fighting Penn. I love watching St Pierre fight and I think that this time next year, he'll be champion once Penn runs off to another weight class again, but I just don't see him beating Penn. That said, I'm not putting any money on it
  5. sky

    sky Valued Member

    i think pierre will win this one... also diego sanchez is fighting then aswell, and i think he will have another win to his record.... i would like to see sanchez and pierre fight they are the future of that weight and matt will have his hands full
  6. Taff

    Taff The Inevitable Hulk

    I like Sanchez too. I enjoyed his UFC debut in the summer that was pretty cool. I missed his fight with Diaz though but I keep hearing about it all the time, though I'm not sure if that's because of Diaz bad mouthing him or what.
  7. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I'd like to see Sanchez and St Pierre fight too - Sanchez is due a serious beatdown and that's exactly what he'd get off St Pierre
  8. sky

    sky Valued Member

    am not to sure, dont get me wrong there both top fighters, but diego has alot of heart... as for diaz and his bad mouth well he did need shuting up, and should learn what marital arts is about.. respect.. joe riggs even said after he beat him in ufc 57... he talks alot of s**t

    but yeh sanchez and pierre should fight next too see who should go on to challange matt for the title
  9. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Little tip for you here, mate: when it comes to Sanchez, don't believe the hype
  10. sky

    sky Valued Member

    how do you mean?
  11. Nightstrike

    Nightstrike MMA Nerd

    BJ penn by mystic magical like jiu jitsu
  12. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    He's nowhere near as good as you seem to think he is. He fights someone like St Pierre (y'know, someone who can stop a takedown, reverse position etc) and the holes in his game will result in a rather ugly scene. He's good, but not that good
  13. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    I agree,When was the last time you saw anybody pull a close gaurd on sanchez? Or counter strike from the gaurd? Has anyone tried sweeping sanchez and going for his back?

    I cant wait till The end of this year.AAAarrrrggggg I want in so bad.

    My bjj Instructor used to be george st pierres instructor but then my instructor moved to toronto for a better opportunaty.

    I believe gsp has a good ground game because I know where he came from and who taught him, But his striking game could be questionable I havent really heard of him seriously striking ,only training with the gracies in nyc because he needed more experienced and Most importantly different partners to role with.

    I havent seen bj penn fight lately, but everything ive heard dictates him being a great position man. The question is can gsp out strike him enough to take advantage of his grappling skills? If not then whats his game plan,? out grapple him?
    I dont see that happening since bj looks like he could out power gsp.
    Then again it's all about how well they have both trained for this match.

    I can speculate that bj wants another shot at huges but must first go through gsp and or sanches b4 getting his shot but the same situation can apply to all the fighters.
    Sanchez must defeat gsp and bj b4 taking on hughes and gsp must defeat the undefeated sanchez for another shot at the title.

    So who does hughes fight in the mean time? Why not royce gracie.

    Anyways It looks to be a good fight on paper. All of them to be exact look great on paper.
  14. sky

    sky Valued Member

    if sanchez takes a beating no dout he will come back a better fighter, i do think he should work on a stand up more, ... his ground and pound is good, but he needs to be more well rounded, but i honestly think he is the future of that weight class
  15. littlebiggie

    littlebiggie New Member

    Penn by submission over St. Pierre. St. Pierre has trained extensively on the ground both in BJJ and w/the Canadian Wrestling Squad, which will help, but his ground skills are nowhere near the level of Penn. However, his striking definitely will pose a problem for Penn. Penn won't leave the cage w/out taking a few to the dome. I'm impressed the UFC is bringing Penn back after the bad blood they've had in the past.
  16. Mike Dunnage

    Mike Dunnage Valued Member

    just been on and almost to an individual they give it to BJ. its funny how different forum groups see the fight going different ways. its also great to see a fight generating so much interest and discussion since tito and chuck. Because of this thread I have also gone through some old ufc tapes i had and boy BJ can roll!! Still got to give it to GSP but if the fight lives up to expectations it is going to be a blinder.
  17. littlebiggie

    littlebiggie New Member

    Agree. Different forums all have different angles on whos gonna win or not. Georges St. Pierre... I know, I know, i usually dont give Canuks love but he'll give BJ Penn a nice welcome back to the UFC. I hate to say it.
  18. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    Funny little tid bit of info some of us might and might not know.

    Gsp received his brown belt from Nova Uniao.

    Bj penn recieved his brown and black belt from ............ you guessed it Nova Uniao.

    Bj Penn was also named to the Nova Uniao fight team back in 1999/2000 which only consisted of the top four active grapplers in Nova Uniao.

    He later became the first American to win a gold in the black belt devision in bjj in brazil in 2000.

    Im unfortunately going to have to throw this one to Bj Penn only because he has more experience in a world class grappling situation then Gsp.

    I mean Gsp lost to Leo Santos the last time he grappled at that level, mind you Leo santos is also a world class grappler as is Wagnny Fabiano.

    Im just Happy to be able to train under them on a dialy basis.I know it takes alot of skill to be at the level these Nova Uniao guys are at right now and unfortunatelly BjPenn has that skill.

    Gsp what are you going to do?Obviously he went to nyc to up his game with a few black belts. I would have seriously worked on my striking though ,I hope gsp did.

    Anyways just some food for thought.
  19. Linguo

    Linguo Valued Member

    But this is an MMA match, not a submission wrestling match GSP has shown that he can effectively neutralize a grappler as we saw in Miller and Karo. Granted, Miller and Karo may not be on Penn's level, but we cant compare a person's success or failure in grappling matches to MMA. Working the guard while someone is punching you from the top is very different from working the guard in strictly grappling situation.

    Both fighters are well-rounded, with Penn having the advantage on the ground, but I think it could go either way. I just want GSP to win so we can hear some other classic St. Pierre-isms like "fairly squarely" and "can't 'andle the riddum"
  20. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    St. Pierre by KO.

    Spinning sidekick to the face.

    I am uber-excited for this fight. St. Pierre is by far my favorite fighter.

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