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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by AirNick, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    Just finished making the DVD of the Birmingham UK 2005 Demo and thought I would post the intro. It's not the best as the camera work wasn't very good but we haven't had any vids for a while so here we go:

    Click Here
  2. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    brilliant! can't wait to see the rest.

    will be available to buy or is it one you're making for fun?

  3. IBelieved

    IBelieved Valued Member

    Very nice! Thank you for posting it.
  4. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Looks good. Do we get to see the whole thing later??
  5. jonmonk

    jonmonk New Member

    Nice. Looks like it was a very impressive demo. I love the synchronised tapping after the take downs too :)
  6. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    If anyone wants a copy of the DVD they can private message me

  7. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    i suppose it can't be made in Region 1
  8. justinksw

    justinksw Valued Member

    Video looks great to me! Good job!
  9. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    It should play on your PC.

    Many regular DVD players don't even check region. Mine does though :cry:
  10. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    It isn't region encoded so will play on anything
  11. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Old thread, but I thought I'd comment on the DVD. Two demo's that I particularly enjoyed were the sword sparring and the spear sparring. The couple doing the sword sparring look suprisingly like the Harmon KJN's, not in appearance but movement. I particularly like the death scene, especially since when I was watching it for the first time I was listening to a song called "Don't Die Before I Do".
    Spear sparring was cool. Nice acrobatic motions on AirNick's part. He makes that no hand cartwheel look easy.
  12. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    the sword sparring in that demo was me and my partner maxine, and we proberbly do move like kjn's harmon as there sword sparring on the training video's was are main point of referance. thanks for the complement as that was our first time demoing that routine.

    oh and i taught airnick every thing he knows :D
  13. rex00

    rex00 Banned Banned

    Looks good i didn't bother staying to watch it because last time i wnet to a demo a monk came and gave us an hour long speech in korean then it was translated to us in english :bang: .
  14. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Wasn't that in Norwich 2004 or 2003 or something? I didn't go to it as I weren't doing Kuk Sool then but I heard about it or something similar anyway.
  15. kswgreenman

    kswgreenman New Member

    Yes, in 2004. It wasn't as bad as all that (IIRC the translation was paragraph by paragraph, not one long speech followed by one long trans.), but it was pretty odd, sentiment-wise, and long to the extent that we had to leave to catch the last train back before we'd seen any Kuk Sool at all :(
  16. rex00

    rex00 Banned Banned

    Yes it was in Norwich and was paragrpah by paragraph then they repeated a paragraph again because they made a mistake. The horrible thing was they left just enough silence inbetween each one to make you think they had stopped before he started talking again.

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