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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Tai Sabaki, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Tai Sabaki

    Tai Sabaki Valued Member

    Having very little experience in real life confrontations myself, i was wondering if anyone have applied low kicks and if so which ones and how effective they were. My opinion is that a side kick to the knee could be devestating if on target but could be miss as with a front kick to the knee, this could also miss target. A more reliable one would be a round house kick to the side of the knee, Any thoughts. Also any tips for impact drills on low kicks to improve power/accuracy.
  2. donb

    donb restless spirit

    roundhouse kick to the thigh would be easier.......and practice a lot of reps....

    if you practice medium to close range fighting, you will realize that it is more practical to limit arms from waist up and limit kicks from the waist down; there's no point in trying to kick the face when your hands can get there faster and, in the same token, trying to reach down with your arms to block a kick when all you have to do is raise your leg so that the thicker part (upper part) of your shin can block
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  3. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    In a self defence situation the best kick would be several punches to the face.
  4. chof

    chof Valued Member

    a muay thai kick, to the inner thigh, or just under the knee, angle in sidekick to knee and inner knee, depends which way the opponent is leaning, rounhouses, downward etc...
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    If you really wanted to kick. Footballers kick to the head and groin after completing the above.
  6. Tai Sabaki

    Tai Sabaki Valued Member

    low kicks again

    Thanks guys!
    I also belive hands are more effectve than legs and would never attempt anything above the waist but i do believe they have their use, hypothetical situation :- you have just landed a punch to the face and the opponent is reeling backward and covering up, maybe here a good low kick would immobolise him and stop the conflict???

    Any other thoughts on low kick
  7. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Roundhouse, front kick to gain room and the knee are all usable in a self defence situation, maybe even a sidekick in the scenario you've outlined.
  8. chof

    chof Valued Member

    of course it would, listen, very simple, the legs are the foundation holding up weight, attack them ,everything falls, be careful, kicking people on the street, you can get charged with a felony, get proficient at leg kicking and you will never have a punch near you, especialy against an average joe *******
  9. jwalk

    jwalk New Member

    Front leg fast kick, cram the shin. Or like you listed; side kick or roundhouse. Practice, practice, practice.

    And to mimic some of the above, these may be best accomplished after softening the face.
  10. Isshinryukungfu

    Isshinryukungfu New Member

    Punishing Kicks

    Low kicks are excellent in any fight situation. If you practice them and get decently fast with them, they can break a knee, or even the shin of an attacker. Most people that I have sparred with kick with the instep, especially when they do low kicks but if you learn to kick with your shin (toughen them up with practice) you can break bones easily. As stated above, if you take away a person's foundation, they are going down.

    Another of my favorite techniques is either 1) the heel kick to the knee ( often while pulling out of a two hand grab to the chest) or 2) the stomp to the attackers instep ( a bone which can be easily broken and cause major pain)

    One great advantage to low kicks is that many people don't expect them or see them coming. Many of the people who fight use boxing which uses jabs to keep the opponent at bay and they (if have little to no background with MA) will think that all kicks are going to be like the ones used in Hollywood which are pronounced spinning kicks to the face. With low kicks you have a longer distance than an arm, and most people have never taken hard hits to there legs. Many of the people who like to fight ( at least that I have seen) are the V shaped guys who have huge pecs, biceps, triceps, and deltoids but lil', itty-bitty legs. It don't take too much to break those things.
  11. RoninCelt

    RoninCelt Valued Member

    Lots of good stuff already, so I'll just ramble for a minute. :) I use a steady diet of low kicks in my instruction. Yeah, striking high is good, too, unless there's no opening. Then, his high concentration will mean less lower body awareness, and: a good toe kick to the shin (on the street, I assume we're all wearing shoes), especially repeated to the same spot; a shin to the inner thigh or knee, a front roundhouse to the inner shin of an exposed (maybe forward) leg, or a soccer type kick to the ankle-to-upper shin area can all be painful, can result in take downs, and can break bones and hyper extend joints.

    There are many more possibilities, but it's past my bedtime. :rolleyes:
  12. bulkathos72

    bulkathos72 Valued Member

    hmm I think a fast snap kick to the man jewels would be effective.
  13. flashlock

    flashlock Banned Banned

    What distrubs me about your question is that you're looking for some kind of miracle blow to end the conflict with one or two strikes to vulnerable areas. The side-kick to the knee you mentioned, for example, works only against a kamikaze charge toward you and is cited as such in WWII H2H combat manuals; I know JKD practioners use it for that purpose as well. But to blast a guy facing you in a boxer's stance--never happens (look into what Bas Rattan has to say about it).

    I have found the best kicks to be the simple front snap / football kick to the groin, and the sneaky oblique stomp. Paul Vunak also has some good DVDs on low-line, street-ready kicking.

    If you really want to kick well for the street, you might as well be doing Muy Thai.

    Personally, I think focusing on striking before grappling is illogical. In general, grapplers will be able, in most cases, to close the distance and negate the striking range without too much difficulty, even "eating" a few shots to do so. Then you're on the ground and all those decades mastering strikes are not going to help you.
  14. Tai Sabaki

    Tai Sabaki Valued Member

    I'm not looking for a miracle blow, just thought that maybe for example someone had used a roundhouse kick (muay thai style) to the side of the knee in real life and it worked for them, or a stomp, side kick, anything but just after somones else's real life experience with low kicks because i don't have this experience.

    Thanks for the advice
  15. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    My best friend from Uni days was walking back to his flat, ****ed as a little beetle.

    A bloke turned up in front of him, waved a knife at him and shouted, "Give me your wallet!"

    My mate swayed and staggered for a moment whilst he registered what the hell was going on.

    Then he treated his assailant to a boot in the nuts.

    As my friend was incapable of more than a stagger, he just carried on staggering home.

    Striking is the key skill to develop for SD. Grappling is definitely desireable, but see my sig for limitations.

    Don't take my word for it, nor flashlock's. Read the most respected SD author's in the UK, people like Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine etc etc and then make up your mind.

  16. toughern

    toughern Valued Member

    Depending on Position

    Surely it will depend on your position to the opponent what kind of kick you use. One can never train for all these positions and circumstances that you could find yourself in, neverless thinking up different/awkward positions, distances and training with different partners should be done. Then in the real situation it will come together.

    regards toughern
  17. Banco

    Banco New Member

    If you've ever played soccer you'll know there's a reason soccer players wear shin pads. If you kick someone in the shins with shoes it's very painful and they will limp for awhile. You can just kick them in the shins in a similar way to how a soccer ball is kicked you don't need roundhouse kicks etc. They are effective in the clinch and they are also useful as a first strike (then you can follow it up with punches).
  18. L3vity

    L3vity Resident poet

    Side stomp or side kick to any part of the knee. To the front, they won't be walking for a while. To the back, they will fall over. To the side? Do it correctly and they will never walk normally again.

    Or...GROIN KICK!
  19. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Know a guy that had head kicked someone in a fight. They went down fast, and no one after it wanted to take the fight further. They are not as dangerous to the kicker as people think. As long as you can do them most folk won't have a clue what the hell happened.
  20. Emil

    Emil Valued Member

    Generally speaking, don't kick, unless you're going for the balls.

    This is why. It just simply is not that easy. Bones are very hard to break, firstly. Secondly, most are very hard to land because of timing and accuracy. Using your shin to kick is beneficial in that you wont break your own foot, but come on, break your opponents leg with a shin kick? Unless you are kicking somebody with osteogenesis imperfecta, not likely. Thirdly, using kicks to unbalance people tend to work exclusively on guys that are smaller than yourself, uness of course they are already unbalanced.

    Both are problematic, yet work in the class environment. The stomp kick is problematic again because of timing and accuracy, and the force being exerted by your attacker. If he is pusing you, it is very hard to kick like his. The problem with attacking the instep is the fac that most attackers wear shoes.

    Agreed that kicks have a longer range, and if one is profficient enough, go for it. But dont expect such startling results as you have outlined.

    Most guys don't realy look like this either, I've found........


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