Best LEGAL self defense weapon to carry?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Adam, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Caution and forbearance.
  2. Thomas

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    In my personal opinion a gun isn't the best "legal" weapon for many people... mainly becasue it is so difficult to manage a level of force application to using it. As soon as you pull a gun, you have two choices: shoot or not shoot. In many cases, you may not be justified in shooting someone. I prefer a cane or a stick because I have more personal control over the level of force I choose to use.

    Granted I do carry a pistol sometimes, especially in the countryside where animals are more of a hazard and occassionally if I have to be in an urban area where I want the extra protection, especially late night.

    Gaskell: I understand your concern and wish for the thread to focus on UK laws, but I think in the interest of a Martial ArtsPlanet, places other than the UK should be discussed as well within the context of the original post. (I think the original poster is from Denmark anyway!)
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    I'll add this about guns as well, if it hasn't already been stated. And this, I suspect, will be universal to all posters as it's more of a psychology thing:

    If you carry a gun, you best be prepared to use it. Period. If you are being attacked, and you are the one to break out a firearm, expect the encounter to increase in intensity. And that means there is a greater likelihood of injury. To YOU.

    Also, and I think this is fair, if you pull a gun in self-defense, you will prolly be the guy arrested. Yes, I know, you'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, but I at least have to mention it.
  4. Thomas

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    The US does have a lot of crime and there is a need for self defence skills in my opinion. However, based on some of the following stats, I don't know if I would believe that ther criminals in Norway "behave civilized." :rolleyes:

    Basic Crime stats:

    Rape epidemic exposed/sweden-norway-rape.html

    International Violent Crime Rate (table III)

    Norway Crime
  5. Stolenbjorn

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    AAARGH; you're not supposed to check it out for yourself :eek: That's the privelidge of people like me from minor countries that nobody have ever been to or heard about, that we can come up with rash claims withouth having to answer for them later :eek:

    Well, I guess that there's violence in Norway too, but I still think I have a point (will try not to be as bombastic from now on: )

    *In order to be safe in Norway, it's far more imperative to be able to know where not to be and when, to go out with friends, and to behave polite and nice than excelling in a MA or carrying a pistol.

    I've been out 1000 times on statistically dangerous friday and saturday nights, I've been sitting besides a drunken/high drug-criminal that was loading his Colt.45, approached by a drug addict thinking I was selling drugs, just not to him (and was therefore rather agitated), I've been thrown around by a drunken guy as a thanks for towing him ashore after he'd run out of petrol on the fjord -and I ALLWAYS GOT AWAY UNTOUCHED, because I behaved. I didn't escalate the situation, I behaved passive, took verbal abuse let them do their bit of collar-shaking, etc.

    Yes, I dare say that criminals in norway (excluding sex-crimers, -sorry to say; ethnical-street-gangs in Oslo and bank robbers on a job behave somewhat civilized. And why is that? Because nobody carry a piece, knife or other impliment of escalating a potentially dangerous situation here in Norway, and the criminal can afford to make a low intensity action without risking someone killing them.

    Finally, I have to adress one of the links you posted the one about immigrants to Sweden and Norway raping...

    I don't like posts that puts a stamp on minorities. I cannot speak for Sweden, but in Norway, we've been recieving people from quite violent areas, like Somalia, Rwanda, Irak and Afghanistan. I'm not making excuses for those that kill and rape, but we're talking about people that have lived in mad areas in mad times, where normal (after both cristian and muslim standards) don't apply. My job is to teach theese groups Norwegian, so I know a bit of what I'm talking about here. That some of theese snap is no wonder, and should make us critisize the immigration and health-authorities for not calibrating their psychososial framework rather than the ethnical groups.
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  6. Thomas

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    Nice post!

    I would say this is a truism across country borders. The reputation that the US gets for its violent crime (backed by statistics as well) should be looked at in context of its huge size. There are places in the US with horrible levels of crime and danger and there are places with very little. Where I live, there is very little violent crime in the towns and almost none in the countryside. Our numbers (and percentages) are much lower than say New York City.
  7. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    Try your fists
  8. Ninja*Rina

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    you could also try your mobile phone, if it has an aerial thingy sticking out the top, it would hurt alot if you got that in the eye.
    Try think about what you carry with you when your out, and try think of ways to use that as a weapon, especially if you arent very confident about just using your body, and your mind, although make sure any 'weapon' you have is easily accessible in a fight, like in your pocket or carrying it in your hands.

    Also, try going to this website to read your rights as to what your actually allowed to do in a fight.

    Courtesy of Mark Davies at the Blackbelt Academy.
  9. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    A deoderant can if its at hand can be good, so can pens, keys etc.
  10. Stolenbjorn

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    TOgether with a Lighter, it becomes very effective indeed :p
  11. Happyguit

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    Short stick, approximately 6 - 8 inches long, 1/2 inch diameter. Close-range weapon, used for blocks, strikes, locks, chokes, strangulations and throws

    We train with the yawara stick ( with keys attach to it )at our dojo...there is seven type of grip and it's very usefull when you know what to do with it. :D

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  12. Cudgel

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    FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  13. Bright shadow

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    The best legal weapon you can carry is your mind and body. Always have your wits about you and you'll be ok. And if your not, punch and kick like crazy or run away! :)
  14. Stolenbjorn

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    I bet you that if we two came together sometime (not very likely, though, as I live in Norway, and you live in Canada :cry: ) -we'd see that your yawara stick fighting and "my Fior di Battaglia"-daggerstuff resemble eachother very much. The length of "my" daggers are longer than your thingie, but what you say about blocks, strikes, locks, chokes, throws (and possebly breaks ;) ?) seems very similar. It'd been fun to see some pics of some of your techniques. A link to Fiores Daggersection is here:
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  15. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    thats probaly because yawara stick techniques are derived from using a tanto in its scabard.
  16. Stolenbjorn

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    What about a jojo?
  17. l3LUE-ghost

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    id say go with the cane, even if it wud look wierd. it is like the stick, which is used by all styles, and it is legal. plus there is that extra hook at the end, which will be good for grabbing the attacker. all ud have to do is find a story on why ur carryin the cane
  18. Kakita Aiguchi

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    'Cuz u like to look like a loony! :D

    Anyway, if you live in England or another rainy country where you can always carry an umbrella with you, take one of a suitable size and change the cane with an appropriate one.
    VoilĂ , now you have a perfect custom-made umbrella of death.
    Easy to use, always by hand, perfect concealment.
    Only drawback: if you actually USE it for self defense (pray that you'll never need to), the only part left intact after the fighting will be the cane. You'll need to buy a new umbrella for sure.
  19. l3LUE-ghost

    l3LUE-ghost New Member

    at least u get a new cane ;)

    but what about a kubotan keychain, they would be big so "u wudn't lose ur keys" are concealable, and would hit quite hard. not the biggest weapon, but it does add some power to ur hit
  20. wazzabi

    wazzabi sushi eater

    are those things legal? they can get pretty big, some of them are almost a foot long :eek:

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