Best JKD in Merseyside ? ? ? ?

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by IanK, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. IanK

    IanK Valued Member

    Anyone have any details on good instructors/clubs round the merseyside area please?

    Thanks a lot

  2. shizuilong

    shizuilong Valued Member

    a quick google search comes up with i'm not too sure about what the teaching is like. looks like the instructor claims to be a Lvl 1 Instructor under Larry Hartsell....if this is legit i'd recommend it highly. Larry Hartsell is an inspiration and if your interesting in the grappling side of things....the Sifu here should know his stuff.

  3. IanK

    IanK Valued Member

    Thanks bro.
  4. mick shore

    mick shore Valued Member


    Sifu alex jameson is a representative of sifu jerry poteet and sifu steve golden.He does not represent the teachings of the junfan jkd grappling assocciation or sifu larry hartsell.All certified instructors can be found on the official website of sifu hartsell ,Alex sticks to junfan jkd .The jkd grappling assocciation teaches jun fan jkd,jkd concepts,integrated grappling and kali and boxing as its main areas.The nearest reccommendation for jkd grappling assocciation teachers in your area are sifu chris brown in manchester or sifu carl lewis in wrexham who have a wealth of experience under sifu larry. If you cant get there try alex,s class .Regards sifu mick shore, full instructor-jkd grappling assocciation uk
  5. insearch

    insearch New Member

    Hi Larry was indeed an inspiration to us all. The only people given permssion to teach Larry's system besides Rick Young include myself (Chris Brown) Oldham, Carl Lewis Wrexham and Larry's top reperesenattive Mike Shore Doncaster. The level one that Alex got is the very beggining level that any student can obtain after a short while with Larry. Alex was never authorised to teach Larry's system.
    Also he states he was invited to the first nucleus meeting which is not true. I was invited under Larry Hartsell, but Larry did not want to be part of the nucleus at that time out of respect for Dan inosanto so I sold Alex my ticket. He was never actually invited.
    The rest I cant comment on but i just thought you should know the facts.
  6. kongwell

    kongwell Valued Member

    Hi, I am student at the merseyside jeet kune do and i was the guy who did the site for the school also! Alex does have instructorship under larry and jerry but he has mainly gone with Steve Golden. He is a really good teacher and will teach you the purified way of street fighting and will get close to bruce lee's methods as possible.

    However the last post stated that Alex wasn't invited to the nucleus, can i ask who you are please?

  7. insearch

    insearch New Member

    No Alex is classed as level 1 under Larry and was not authorised by The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association to teach Sifu Larry's method. I know I was there when he got it.
    As for him being under the other instructors, obviously I cant comment, my only issue is with what has been said with regards to teaching Sifu Larry's method.
    Both Mike Shore and myself have worked over 12 - 13 years plus with Sifu Larry and Mike was Sifu Larry's Uk rep when Sifu passed away. I represented Larry for about 10 years. All these are checkable facts.
    As for being invited to the initial nucleus as I said that is not true. I was invited under Larry but refused to go and so sold my ticket to Alex, that can be checked by talking to Alex.
    Whether he was invited back to the nucleus under another instructor, obviously I cant comment on.
    Yes my name is Chris Brown, I teach in Oldham, Greater Manchester. I had the privilage of training and representing sifu Larry for about a decade. In that time sifu Larry and his wife became great friends with my family, with both Larry and Debra being the god parents to my child. Mike can verify, as he is still the main representative of Larry's method, who was authorised to teach Larry's system.
    Mike took on the full responsibility of representing Larry and his method and was instrumental in keeping those teachings alive in this country. Both me and Mike have worked hard to keep Larry's teachings alive and that continues to this day. Its a shame that others try to take credit, when people like Mike worked so hard with Larry.
    Most of those who use Larry's name did not even bother to turn up on the seminars when Larry was over and that includes Alex.
    I have no bad feelings over this but lets at least be accurate about the facts.
    The only authorised people to teach were, Mike Shore (Head instructor) Doncastor, Carl Lewis wrexham, Rick Young scotland and me.
    This is not to diss anyone just to make sure the facts are correct.
    Christopher Brown.
  8. kongwell

    kongwell Valued Member

    hey its not me saying all this you know, i just wanted to see your point of view on your comment you made. Alex doesn't teach larry's system as he is under a different instructor. Alex's teachings are really affective on the street as i have found out through the years, so im not gonna be put off that way. However i am going to take on board what you have said and try and get some answers my end.

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