Best and Worst Uniforms/Gi's in MA?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by MarcoPolo, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. adouglasmhor

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    I don't think I need to say any more do I.
  2. matbla

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    thanks for the help on glove
    please keepit coming
    i want a blended gi heavy weight not all cotton
    from matt blake
  3. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    i like this topic and this web site
    please keep the hlep coming
    by the way i am learning disabled that is why i am
    asking for help on glove and gi
    from matt blake,,, i am not going to talk more on handicap o.k.
  4. MALibrarian

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    Best and worst

    In my Tang Soo Do school the black belts wear black pants and a white, wrap around dobok top trimmed with black (a.k.a. the Century "master's" jacket).


    It looks classy, but it's extremely difficult to prevent the white portion of the jacket from becoming dingy (due to the black fabric bleeding out over time and dirt from the mat being ground into it), and because of the black trim, one cannot bleach the jacket. I have learned Oxy-Clean-Jitsu. So it looks great, but isn't the most practical uniform (I'd prefer all black).

    In the really bad category, I submit the following:


    It's a closeout... I think because M.C. Hammer is suing for copyright infringement...
  5. savateuse

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    Seems to me the best uniforms are those that fit properly, are suitable for the art, and are clean! :cool:

    The worst are those that don't fit, aren't suitable for their purpose, and/or aren't clean! :eek:

    In my cupboard, I have a Kuk Sool Uniform, Sombo jacket, Judo gi, and Savate integrale... I wouldn't wear the judo gi in a savate competition or the savate integrale at a sombo event, but that doesn't mean they are bad uniforms...
  6. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    it is a nice white with black trim gi
    but i am only to wear all white gi
    is the fabric different for other gi
    if so whatis it and does it come all white
    this one in photo does it come in white if
    it is a different kind of fabric
    from matt blake

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  7. Topher

    Topher allo!

    Just ask your instructor. Most clubs will uaully always get their supplies from the same place. They should offer specific gi's if you ask. Heavy/light weight etc. Just ask.

    The Dobok in the picture is probably just a normal uniform with a black trim.
  8. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    what do you thank this gi is without black trim
    and where do i get it from matt blake

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  9. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Umm..without the black trim, it is just a plain 'ol white gi top :cool:
  10. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    The black belts would wear those tops plus black pants in my former Tae Kwon Do school.

    It looked really cool!
  11. Shokku

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    My favorite gi is the kendo uniform, the hakama and keikogi - both in black. It looks awesome.

    My second is the Kung Fu gi. All black looks awesome, but white looks better, especially with a black shirt under it with the jacket open. I know, I'm such a loser. ^_^

    Third would be the white Karate gi with the black trim. Looks nice.

    The uniform I can't stand is the Muay Thai shorts. o_O They're just so... amusing.
  12. Pugil

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    Muay Thai shorts

    Oh I don't know... they function well, and look fine on a little Thai Boxer from Thailand... they just don't look quite so fetching on some large pot-bellied Westerner. ;)

  13. Sankaku-jime

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    fancy Gi's are for Sissies
  14. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    what weight is this gi
    without the black
    and where do i get one with out black trim
    from matt blake

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  15. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    I would venture to speculate that this particular gi in the photo you posted is a heavyweight, 12-14oz. It would still be the same weight w/o the black trim :cool:

    You can buy any heavyweight gi top on the net ;)
  16. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    i have one
    that is a Century Korean
    Trim Heavyweight top
    its probably about 12oz
    and you can get one
    from www.centuryma
    they also have heavyweight
    gi's in a couple other colors
    and styles
    without the black
    from inteq9

    PS: Please type in normal sentences.
  17. TraditionalTKD

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    "With my right foot, I can kick your face. With my left foot I can kick your nose. With my fingers, I can poke your eyes out."

    That would be from "They Still Call Me Bruce" (1987)
  18. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    thanks all for replying here on this person topic
    from matt blake
  19. samurai69

    samurai69 New Member

    On topic, i have to say i like the hapkido style Gi top black stiching with aikido hakama

    also blue hakama look kinda cool with white gi top

    purley from a looks point of view :)



  20. matbla

    matbla Banned Banned

    where do you get one of these gi
    i thank form adidas not sure
    from matt blake

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