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    I will be moving to Cardiff in August and will be starting a martial art when I get there. I did some Shotokan Karate when I was younger but soon got fed up with prancing up and down a dojo all the time so I don't think I'll bother with that again. I am into Eastern philosophy, Buddhism and Taosim, so am looking for something that will compliment this, something that is mental as well as physical. I'm thinking aikido fits the bill? From what I've read I understand that it takes years to be able to put real aikido to use in a real situation, is this correct? I also want to do something involving strikes and that is instantly effective. There is pretty much every style of martial arts available in Cardiff and the surrounding area so I can do whatever I want. Krav Maga looks pretty brutal but effective, good combination with aikido? There is aikido te, is this what I'm looking for? Any suggestions will be much appreciated especially for specific schools as there is quite a selection to choose from. Manseikan aikido in Cardiff say that they concentrate on mind development, anyone know about them?
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    If there are schools that offer a free class before you sign up that would be good to try first before committing your monies to them.
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    Ehhh...there is a lot to be said for having a good teacher that you mesh with well, having said that striking is inherent in making Aikido a martial reality after training aikido for 5 years I trained striking twice. So like 10 minutes, yeah I never got to a point where I was supposed to be making my technique martial but striking is typically not stressed especially in a beginner class. Yes it does have a lot of the philosophical components depending on the school, as for how long it takes well it really just depends on how hard you train.... if you want both the striking/martial aspects and the philosophical aspects I suggest you try a traditional martial art like Okinawan karate, Hung Gar, or a MARTIAL Tai chi school
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    So this is my first post on MAP, and I apologize if someone has already asked this question (I haven't seen it anywhere), but what am I to expect on my first night of class?

    I'm hoping to start a Combat Hapkido class in a couple of months (I can't right this moment due to my work and school schedule interfering), but have never done any sort of MA before.
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    Is it possible to learn tai chi with some books and video?
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    I would say no, I would strongly advice finding a teacher, learning from books and video alone one tends to not learn things correctly and might miss important pointers. Plus in a class it's always more fun as well.

    Using books and videos next to being taugth however can be a good thing to do (especially once you started and got some basics and understanding in).

    Reading up via books to decide if you want to do it however is a good thing next to just visiting a school and joining in for 1 lesson to see if it works for you.
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    Thanks Gigeran,

    But in my country (Bangladesh). there is no any teacher for tai chi as well as i know.. But i want to learn it... Because it's touches my heart...
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    These location is no more there. Because live near the first position.....

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Everyone’s views are different, so opinions are not the same.
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    That's right, there is no such thing as best martial arts. Any form is the best if you can master it. Even the easiest of self defence technique can be used to attack someone, if you can improvise!
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    I have studied shotokan and others in the 38 yrs that I have been training in the martial arts. I have found shotokan to be veryngood and effective but, I prefer Kung Fu San Soo more. The attacks that have come at me were defused in less than 3 seconds with what I had learned in Kung Fu San Soo.

    I wish you will with your style. "Take what is good from any art and make it your own"
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    Simply do some research then I suggest to attend a training location and meet the people and see if (not only the style) but the energy of the place and people suits you.
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    I wanna know how you classify martial arts?
    I mean by which feature?
    Or better to ask,How would you choose a martial art to learn?
    Just say oh this is pretty?
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    The easiest way to choose is to find out what's in your local area, then go along and try a few classes to see what you like. Most decent schools will offer at least one free trial lesson to let you see what the class is like and whether you want to sign up.

    If you ask around on the forum, someone might be able to recommend good classes in your area too.

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Hi all. Looking to get started in MA, and dunno where to! I did a google search of some local places, and was thinking about stopping around and seeing what everything is all about but I kinda live in the middle of nowhere. :p Everything is about 30-40 minutes away from each other and away from me. I'm also terribly out of shape and am not sure if I should maybe hit the gym a little before getting started.

    I'm 25, 145 LB's, and 6'1. I haven't played sports in probably 15 years, and am not really very active. Last summer I did P90X for 30 days before our air conditioner broke and I called it quits for two weeks until we got it turned back on and at that point I didn't want to start all over. I can only imagine I wouldn't really be able to keep up in any sort of MA class at this point.
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    Don't get fit to get fit, it's like saying "I must clean the house before the new cleaner comes"
    Go to a class, do what you can and set goals, if the coach says 100 situps and you do 10, then aim for 15 next time , approach every excersise like this , train it 3/4 times a week with supplementary running/swimming etc and you will notice massive changes in a matter of weeks :)
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    Don't wait to get fit before starting MA, start MA to get fit, otherwise you will never start. What sort of intensity are you looking for? There is a huge range of intensity in Martial arts, from Aikido to Muay Thai.
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    I didn't think that MA would include other activities! I figured it would be exclusively MA knowledge training, and less "Do 100 situps" sort of things. I have no idea what sort of intensity I'm looking for either, as I imagine that isn't necessarily something that you could give precise numbers for since everyone is different. All I know is, I'm long and not flexible! :p I am a full time student, and work part time at my university. 2 days a week I start class at 9 and don't finish until 6:30, and in between those 2 days I'm unavailable. Which gives me 6 days a week to train in whatever regards I can. Am not particularly looking to do any sort of 'professional' fighting, mostly looking to get in shape and be able to defend myself. I've been in situations before where people have gotten in my face and I've backed down because I knew I couldn't do anything. I would much rather be in a situation where I would back down with confidence. I'm not sure if any of that makes sense, and I probably sound entirely too arrogant.

    Help me I don't know things! :p
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