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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by hongkongfuey, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Not read the whole thread sorry, and don't want to interrupt a perfectly good row, but has anyone mentioned that some thoughts have a certain sound, that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs?
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    Why is it people can't just rely and a good old hard punch?
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    You must admit it is even better if you YELL cop that you motha!!!!!

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    Well round by me it often is someones mother :eek:
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    As long as those motions are hitting an opponent, applying a nasty joint lock, using a lighter, applying a choke hold or hitting an opponent REALLY hard, then it's possible. Otherwise you're not going to achieve anything through shouting or waving at an opponent ;)
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    Well you might make them feel awkward enough that they decide to just leave you alone, but it's not the most reliable move :p
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    Clearly you have no understanding as to how the human body produces sound. Lets see. We force air from our lungs out of our mouths which when passing over the vocal chords which if done correctly causes them to vibrate. That sound is further tuned using the tongue and lips to shape the mouth to produce the desired sound.
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    Different strokes for different folks. Everyone will have their likes and dislikes and strengths and weaknesses. Yes check ou the schools first and see what will interest you before going all out. If you are not excited about certain styles like kung then you can get hurt if you are not concentrating 100% in class and going thru the motions as kung fu stresses breathing. (even karate too)
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    why do the interesting nuts come out while i'm away???
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    Erm read this with a mixture of horror and amusement.

    Whilst I agree that breathing can effect heart rate, mental state and various other things the rest of this post is fundamentally wrong and ignorant of the basic processes of biology.

    You cannot "switch off" your unconscious breathing mechanism. This is inaccurate and untrue. - trauma, pathological disease and drugs can. If I recall correctly breathing is controlled by the medulla oblongatta and is situated in the so called "Brain Stem" along with heart rate, swallowing and basic functions of life. These cannot be switched off.

    Many of the other claims here are highly questionable -

    Damp air will chill the bones ??????? I am sorry this is untrue. It could aggravate existing medical conditions bronchitus etc but it wont 'chill the bones". Go ask your local GP.

    Bear in mind that chinese medicine is essentially a range of complex and medievil theories that when scientifically tested have not performed well compared against modern medicine. Even acupuncture was shown in several recent studies to be no more effective than a placebo.

    Interesting Point
    Chairman Mao Encouraged the use of traditional chinese medicine for the chinese people. He wanted chinese people to have chinese medicine - not 'Western medicine'. Effectiveness was less important than political correctness (Mao killed millions of his own people) but for himself and senior party it was Western medicine. Says it all really!!!!
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    It was probably a cost cutting measure. Western medicine is more expensive than traditional Chinese medicine in China. Considering the placebo effect is a powerful thing and in many cases just as effective as actual active ingredients. It does make sense to take advantage of that effect when you have more patients than you can otherwise afford to treat.

    Another interesting point is that while western science has claimed to have discredited such traditional forms of healing. Western science is still looking at the ingredients used and observing their effects. Which would suggest many of these potions have some merit to them.

    It's also important to note that quite often western medicine seeks to alleviate the symptoms and not actually tackle the cause. Doctors in China practising traditional Chinese medicine claim to be treating the cause of the ailment rather than the symptoms.

    In both systems of medicine quite often the patients own body is actually healing it's self without any direct help from the treatment.
  13. Krav Maga Brist

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    Having worked within the NHS for 20+ years I would disagree with this.

    Western medicine is indeed expensive - partly as a result of increasingly complex and expensive procedures/medication and technology and partly because it has become a victim of its own success.

    In other words - people live longer. Many who would have died earlier live a a debilitated life sometimes for a further decade or more - the costs, staff and resources required can go exceed £200 000 for an elderly person. I am not criticising this - just outlining the size of the issue.

    Having audited clinical outcomes (including acupuncture) I can tell you that the efficacy of Western medicine remains unchallenged by traditional chinese medicine.

    T.C.M can be an aid to some ailments in the same way as other alternative therapies. If as you suggest Western medicine was motivated only by cost cutting - we would see a significant rise in the use of alternative medicines. Whilst their effects may not be statistically significant - they are cost effective - if one discounts whether they actually cure anything.

    The significant issue is not East versus West "science" or method but efficacy of treatment.

    The same advantages can be gained via yoga, relaxation exercises, meditation even a relaxing bath in many cases. Typically the results (alleviation) are attributed to the patients expectation of the treatment- not the treatment its self - or the theories behind it.

    From a pragmatic perspective - if you believe T.C.M will alleviate your minor pain/illness it may well do. If its a minor ailment and if you can afford it - there is no harm done. However if you are really ill and intend on relying on Chinese medicine - i would have great concern at the likely outcome.

    Whether we like it or not, the reality is that western medicine, with its many flaws is the safest, most proven approach to health care around. I for one am glad of it.

    Finally - the scientific model is predicated on testing a hypothesis to see if it works. Testing a drug/substance/process is not indicative of a belief taht something is a given cure. Sometimes, its the processing of ruling a variable out, investigating effect or simply something of interest to an individual or organisation.
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    Having experienced NHS treatment my faith in the NHS isn't exactly unshaken.
  15. Krav Maga Brist

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    totally agree

    Yes - I agree. Went in for minor surgery recently. Staff rude, Dr spoke over me as if I was not there and poor explanation of procedure. On the whole - customer service was not great.

    However it worked and I have recovered. 70 years ago I would probably have eventually been unable to walk for lack of a simple medical intervention. Would accupuncture/chinese medicine have worked - no.

    Its not perfect but does work.
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    So how do we link the NHS with the Beginning Martial Arts thread? I suggest we all do our level best not to get hit. ;)
  17. Kira

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    Great Information

    I'm new to martial arts so I'll be taking my time to digest the information. I'm looking for a martial art that will be right for me and my daughter.

    Keep up the good work

    Kira x
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    hi, just switched from bodybuilding to muay thai. could somebody point me in the direction of a decent weights routine suited to this? many thanks. neil
  19. Yohan

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    You should check out the health and fitness section of our recommendations on weightlifting styles. I recommend you begin by reading the FAQ's. If you have any further questions, please feel free to start a thread and the staff or members will address your questions in a timely manner.

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    I agree with his statement about the martial arts.

    For me all the martial arts world has strengths and weaknesses. Importantly ourselves that determine which martial art suitable for us :cool:

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