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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Kainn K, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Kainn K

    Kainn K New Member

    I'm planning on starting Kickboxing, but what exercises should I be doing? I can't find a class, and I don't want to go to my first day and not be able to touch my toes.:D Any special pushups or stretches you can describe online that won't get me hurt?
  2. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member


    Anything that gets you in better shape is a good thing. I'd say focus on cardio.
  3. Kainn K

    Kainn K New Member

    While you were replying, I checked out the boxing board. Someone was saying to use hand wraps and do wrist curls and knuckle presses. What exactly are these? I know hand wraps from my other topic, but how EXACTLY would you do the two wrist strengthening exercises? I can only guess, and I don't want to jack up my wrists doing them wrong.
  4. Skinneh

    Skinneh Skinny Theif Ninja Spy

    Sofar in my classes, ( on my 4th week now ) most of the people still cant touch their toes. In the 3 weeks I have noticed major flexibilaty changes in my legs. Stretches I could barely do, I can do quite well, although I have along way to go still. It will come with time :D
  5. Timmy!

    Timmy! A Hypno-Toad In Disguise

    Don't worry about your flexibility! I had never been able to touch my toes in my life when I started thai boxing a few months ago, now I can touch them with ease. Of course, different people will experience improvements over varying periods of time. Now to work on those splits... :)

    Seriously though, cardio training is probably the best thing you can do and find yourself a class as soon as you can so you can get going!

    Good luck!
  6. Kainn K

    Kainn K New Member

    I'm not sure HOW to find a school. There are none in my phone book, and I can't find any online. Anyone have any good directories or know of a school in Arizona?
  7. Kainn K

    Kainn K New Member

    Okay, I found a school. It teaches Beginning Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Now, which of these should I go for? I was leaning towards the beginning kickboxing, but will I show up and be in the middle of a training course? Or do I need to wait for the year to start again? I just got an 80 pound bag, as well. Any tips for maximizing results?
  8. Timmy!

    Timmy! A Hypno-Toad In Disguise

    Now personally I'd say muay thai but then again I'm biased :D

    I'd say either would probably be good. Perhaps see if you can go and watch a class first.

    As far as turning up in the middle of a course, some schools do have beginners classes that run for a few weeks, but these are usually just introductory and you'd be moved into another class as the next cohort of beginners started. However, many (mine included) will take new beginners at any time and just let you get into it at your own pace. Either way, the best thing to do if to find out, so get it touch with the school and ask some questions.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  9. RJ_Bushido

    RJ_Bushido New Member

    All Cardio Exercise is good, but when i started class i could barley run, i was so unfit! don't worry too much, the classes won't be long getting you fit.
    My flexability is excellent, but the person i started with (a male) didn't have and still doesn't have much flexability but he's a much better fighter than me.
  10. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    same as boxing but a lot of stretching for the lower body
  11. Radok

    Radok Love myself better than U

    Muay Thai is much better than American Kickboxing. To get in shape, just do one set of as many pushups as you can every day, (try to increase by five a week.) And work on splits.
  12. RJ_Bushido

    RJ_Bushido New Member

    can i ask you Radok why you think Muay Thai is better than Kickboxing, i am just curious?
  13. Radok

    Radok Love myself better than U

    It has elbows and knees, and sometimes headbutts, and allows work in the clinch, which makes it more effective than kickboxing, which only allows mid to long range techniques.

    Now when I replied before, I had to cut it short because the school bell rang. Let me finish here.

    Along with the splits, you sould work on putting your hands on the floor, with feet one shoulder width apart. These two stretches will give you flexible groin and hamstring muscles, which are the most important for flexability in kicking.
    Also, try to run every day, and if you are a fairly active person, work your way up to 30 minutes a day. After that, rather than increase the time, work on increasing the speed. You should also do body weight squats.

    So altogether, Here is the list for each day: Pushups, squats, running, stretching, and maybe some plyometric jumps. (dont do plyos every day, though.)

    This rountine will get you in better general shape wso that the Martial Arts will be easier when you start.

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