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    There's a few things I wanted to ask. I apologize if this thread has been made before. First of all I'm willing to give my 100% to learning and possibly getting good at tae kwon do. Can someone tell me how long it takes the average person to do kicks like the 540 hook kick? I'm having trouble even doing a spin kick. Also I want to know what stretches are the most beneficial? And if possible is there any workout I can do which is specifically geared towards martial artists? Thanks a lot.
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    First, welcome

    Second you have posted this in the ninjutsu forum!

    perhaps a mod can move it!

    Third - it is all down to practice...that's it!
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    I literally just looked for something saying new thread. My bad guys. Thanks for the help though.
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    Moved to the TKD forum for you. :)
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    hello and welcome. Are you currently studying tkd.
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    Don't worry about the 540 kick yet. You need to learn to walk before you run. IMHO this is the sequence of kicks you need to master before 540, spinning kick. jumping spinning, turning jumping behind round house kick, bolley kick and now the 540. I am a 2 Dan WTF black belt and I can do bolley kick with both legs and currently working on 540. I am also in my late 40s but I did started when I was 15 and took some time off in between due to career and family. Take your time to master each kick and it will come naturally. welcome to the club!!!


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