Beginner in Muay Thai.Any good workouts?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RemmyBonjaski, Mar 18, 2011.


Which MA you think is best?

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  1. Muay Thai?

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  2. MMA?

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  3. Kung Fu?

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  4. Capoeira?

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  1. RemmyBonjaski

    RemmyBonjaski Valued Member

    Hey guys,
    I ve been to an interclub yesterday....damn...they are real fights except that you wear full protection gears.
    All fighters from my gym did very well..i hope i ll do the same with my first fight in September...they ll match me with an opponent with same experience.There will be 5 months since i`ve started and still a lot to learn but i m confident and i think i ll do well.

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