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    ensure the structural integrity of the frame ....

    That means, before commiting to a power building regimen and before practicing complex routines, make sure the dynamics of body structure and balance are attended to. Making sure that everything follows optimal body dynamics. It is the source and relaxation is the key.

    In my opinion, the best preliminary exercise is to stand relaxed with head balanced on top of naturally curved spine (keep chin in and hollow back), balanced within the "egg-cup" of the pelvic girdle, which is placed equally above the knees ... that are slightly bent with the force pushing into the back of the ankles, which sink into the feet, which project equal distance to the belly button into the earth (an imagery thing). Let the arms hang naturally and let the shoulders hang.

    You may find similar descriptions everywhere else ... that's because it has benefit and it works. It's very simple and not flashy.
    Listen to the body and relax. Learning to relax requires attention, awareness and intuition. In Javanese it's called latihan (exercise) ngadheg (standing).

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    The efficiency of transfer of energy through a system consisting of multiple components is related to the ability of each component to effectively CONDUCT the force being transmitted i.e. each component must offer LOW RESISTANCE to the force being transmitted. The QUALITY OF CONNECTION between each component is of key importance if force is to be transferred efficiently.

    Integrity of a body consisting of multiple components is a function both of the properties of the materials which compose the structure and the quality of the bond between the various components. Geometry is also a key factor.

    Stress/tension generated in a structure consisting of multiple components transmitting a force from point A to B is a result of incorrect geometry giving rise to points of stress within the structure, ineffective bonding between components and resistance within one or more component resulting in the eventual failure of the one or more components and ultimately the failure of the integrity of the entire structure. A chain is only as strong as the individual links composing it.

    Damage caused by a force exerted on a structure can be limited by transmitting the said force to an external body which may act to absorb or dampen the force. The ability of the structure to act as a conductor, transmitting the force without resistance to the external body will result in minimum damage. Factors which are of importance are the geometry of the structure, the ability of the structure to efficiently transmit the force and finally the quality of the connection between the structure and the external body acting as the absorber.

    The force a moving structure is able to exert on another body is proportional to the friction (connection) between the drive mechanism and the medium providing resistance.
    A car provided with a rope can pull another vehicle only if the friction between the wheels and the earth is adequate. If the car is on muddy/slippery ground it will be ineffective in exerting a force on the other vehicle due to the conditions of the surface, the wheels simply spin. Increasing the horsepower of the engine will make no difference.

    The ability of a person to move correctly and transfer force effectively is determined by
    Correct Geometry/Posture, the result of which is correct body alignment and balance.

    The result of correct alignment and balance is the ability to absorb or transmit a force through the body with maximum efficiency.

    When a body is correctly aligned its entire components act in harmony with one another the result of which is zero tension in the body.

    The result of zero tension in the body is a feeling of relaxation which will result in a change of breathing pattern.

    The result of a change in breathing pattern will be a change in mental state.

    The result of a change in mental state is focus.

    The result of focus is beyond words :D

    With correct alignment, a focused mind and correct breathing a person will naturally develop rooting.
    Rooting is a term which simply means the person can absorb a force and transmit it into the ground. It also means that when they throw a punch it comes from the ground, in short they have developed a connection with the ground/earth. Developing a connection with the ground is real not imaginary. A person who cannot effectively root cannot transmit force efficiently no matter how strong they are.
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    Dont forget about a good old right hand to the chin guys :)
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    Narrue, thats an awesome post! Not a Silat person myself, but what you say is eaqualy important in Chinese IMA's.
  5. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Well done, I'm impressed ... with some provision.

    Good analogy, but think of it not necessarily as friction but as the force against the gravitational pull of the earth. It is more effective if one works with gravity rather than glue-ing sand-paper to the souls of your feet :D .

    Indeed, this is true!

    This is where we have a difference of opinion even though you might well be be right. IMO it is preferrable to have a good feel and be accomodating. Listen with our body and increase the area of our awareness. Sticking (nempel) enables one to hear/feel and neutralise force. This means we flow with and because of our opponent and not in spite of him. Do not remain a static post! The external situation dictates our response and how we flow.

    Hit the nail on the head Narrue! Rooting describes a relationship with gravity (ground/earth). It is a vertical force we draw upon, the relationship between extremes/ opposites. Everything in nature has a relationship one way or another between various states of extremes. Other extremes are Yin and Yang, Kosong dan Isi, hot and cold, love hate etc!

    Again, rooting happens while stepping and while we are moving ... not only while standing still.


    P.S. it is good to know the theory because it can lead to body-mind realisation. The practice as a daily part of life is most important ... practice doesn't happen at specified times only. It can and should happen anywhere, anytime. Happy training!
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    LOL... you beat me to it!
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    I actually agree with you 100%, only difference is that I would not call that skill rooting. I think what you are describing is rasa skills or listening hands which means the person makes a connection either physically or mentally with the opponent and concentrates on the person moving, adjusting posture and yielding in response to their opponent’s moves like a tree being moved by the wind.
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    The laws of Physics even apply to a good old right hand to the chin :p
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    :) Good post BTW...
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    Great minds think alike wali,good posts guys :)
  11. Rebo Paing

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    And a tree has roots!

    That is right, rasa skills (listening hands and listening body) comes as part of a whole package ... crucial is the understanding of the vertical in a kosong/isi dichotomy vis-a-vis the transmission of power/energy.

    As you've already said, rooting happens when all of the above happens. My only issue (in an otherwise flawless post :D ) is with the assertion that rooting enables one to receive force and channel it back into the ground ... in fact I don't think it is this at all! :) Rooting is about the issue of using the vertical, how we use gravity and our relationship with the earth, which is enhanced by a true understanding of ...

    Rooting and power etc are all intrinsic skills, meaning that we already have the possibilty, the inherent capabilty within each of us. We just need to know the method of how to release that which is inherent within all of us.

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  12. Narrue

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    On the subject of rooting I once seen this demonstration by a little old Chinese woman. She stood in a relaxed stance, feet shoulder with apart and she asked this big westerner to lift her off the ground. Obviously he had no problem lifting her up as she was as light as a feather. He placed her back on the ground. At this point I thought her demonstration had gone wrong but then she smiled and said now lift me up, the guy could not lift her off the ground… that’s rooting!
  13. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Interestingly the lady's weight has not magically increased. As long as the big westerner had the appropriate leverage he shouuld still be able to lift the little old chinese lady up.
    Her weight does not magically increase, nor does she magically create invisible bonds with the earth.

    Actually, uprooting a person (who insists on staying put in one place) is particularly easy ... as long as you push UP with whole body energy :D .
  14. Narrue

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    I know, thats what I thought......but I happened :confused:

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