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    Friday's kung fu class as second of the month focused on stick form. Because it's Ramadan, it was quite a quiet class. I can't personally imagine how I would manage to conduct my normal day to day activities never mind training if I were fasting. It's the abstaining from water that I would find impossible.

    My ankles have been sore in the last week - much more so than recently - and I can't really relate it to any specific activities, which is a bit frustrating. I was careful in terms of warm up, opting to walk quickly rather than run and avoiding some of the exercises e.g. squat thrusts - not to aggravate them further. I focused on three areas - one was practice of the 16 step form where Sifu commented that I need to work on softening my movements more. I worked on the 24 step form with a couple of other class members. Sifu was pleased with progress on this. We also covered the first half of the stick form and this was the third time I have covered this but because it is once a month, it has not stuck yet. I did feel more confident that I am getting the hang of the moves. I need to buy my own stick so I can practice in the garden at home and I put Laoshi on notice that I would like to film him doing the form as he knows it really well.

    Today's TCC session had a full house again and I am enjoying working in the bigger group. We did 12 Dao Yin. I was focusing on getting my breathing correct. I got a book on this set of exercises and spent a couple of hours over the weekend reviewing the breathing patterns as the book sets out the how inhaling and exhaling is coordinated with the movements.

    On the 24 step form, we managed one full run through and I got a couple of additional movements. The instructor ran through opening and closing movements in some detail. The opening movements were ones I knew but she gave some subtle adjustments which felt very different. The closing movements were a mile away from the way they have been described to me before including applications. Very useful. Need to practice though to get them in my head properly. That's this week's homework. The instructor's feedback was that I was doing "OK" which I would agree with at this stage.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    All this business with the EU has been a huge issue over the last few days, but in any event, I went to Kung Fu last Friday. Laoshi took warm up so it was tougher than usual. I'm avoiding high impact exercises but exercising for the same length of time - so not quite as tough for me, but still carried one of the other women across the hall and did a couple of series of squats.

    We covered stance work where we are doing a simple routine of stepping through 3 basic stances (front, riding and back stances). I've been practising when I get the chance outside class. Then forms inc TCC 16 step form. I worked with a mother and daughter who have just joined. They were very keen to learn the details and work to a good standard. So we spent quite a it of time going through the details of the things they are learning. I was pleased to spend the time with them because they were keen to really understand what the standard is.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Last three weeks:

    TCC class: refining 24 step form. I am very close to having the whole pattern now. There is a bit to closing that I need to check with my instructor because it's a bit more complicated than it looks but all in all, I am pretty satisfied with my progress. Going forward, I now need to focus on refining each movement, slowing down further and working on more of the internal qualities my instructor has talked about. This will be the agenda up till Christmas. At our class this week, she walked us through the 42 step form. I've never even seen it before. Blimey.... this is a real step up in terms of complexity but I would love to have a go at it when I am more adept with the 24 step.

    Kung fu classes have focused on TCC (1st of the month), stick form and two general classes. We are now finished for the summer. In terms of development, I don't feel like I am going forward due to my on-going issues with my ankles. I am quite frustrated with my progress and am glad the summer break has come so I can think about my situation. I am also planning to do more work on basic flexibility and fitness as I can see that I have gone backwards whilst I have been waiting for my injury to clear. The physio I have had to date has cleared up the original injury but my Achilles tendons get sore quite easily. I have been recommended another local physio who has a martial arts background.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Back to training after the summer break. Both TCC and kung fu classes stopped at the end of July. I've taken the time to stay active and practice a bit but I prefer it when classes are running.

    I've finished with the physio I was doing for my Achilles tendon problems. I don't feel like the problem is resolved but I have gone as far as I can with this particular therapist.I am now going to work much harder on ankle and leg strength over the next few months.

    The area where I have made most progress is in my TCC. I have got an improvement in posture, which may not sound like much, but one of the things that I struggle with is the tension in my neck and shoulders. On Wednesday, my instructor said she could see I had improved on this. I've been trying to build my awareness of how my shoulders feel while I am doing a form.

    More logging to follow but I am doing this from my phone which is slow going!
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    I have spent the last few weeks asking myself what is important to me, probably fuelled by middle-aged angst. This is a wider question about how best to spend the free time I have. I've been trying to work out how my MA training fits into this. After a fair amount of soul searching, I have concluded:
    - I need to maintain my health and fitness through exercise. My retirement age is now 67 so I have to keep myself capable of working and earning for longer than I anticipated when I started working;
    - I have got a lot of gains over the last 6 years by training in kung fu and TCC, not least in building my understanding of my body and how to align my mental and physical energies.
    - I recognise the value of feeling challenged by my training, out of my comfort zone. I don't enjoy this so much;
    - I have likely gone as far as I can for the time being in terms of grades, but need to make sure I continue to develop my MA skills;
    -so I need to focus on setting my own agenda over the next 6 months.

    More to follow.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    After a week of preparing for and having tests at hospital (all ok), am now in a position to focus more on training. Carrying on with the theme of objective setting, here's a bit more detail. Technique training for the next 6 months:
    - get someone to film me doing my 6 key kung fu forms to benchmark my current standard in each and set targets for improvement;
    - improve my understanding of each of the postures, applications and transitions in 24 step tcc form;
    - learn the remaining sections of the kung fu fan form number 1.
    - and stick form.
    TCC tomorrow.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Weds 21 Sept: Tcc class - warm up including mindful stretching which I am starting to get the hang of. Lots of work to open shoulders and hips.

    12 Dao yin which I know well and am working to get the most out of each exercise. Each exercise has a bird or animal theme and aims to stimulate points in the body - lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen. My instructor is getting us to focus on the main action of each exercise.

    On 24 step form, my instructor commented that I am now close to knowing the whole pattern which is good given the detail she goes into on each posture. We do this to the music which means the pace is very slow. The postures are called in Chinese and I found it a bit easier to figure out what I was supposed to be doing when this week and my closing postures were better too.

    Just did a five minutes on revising fan form 1 postures. My progress here is ok but there are some details I will need to check if I can get to class early next week.

    Friday 23 -kung fu - 25 mins warm up including some kicking exercises and stretches.
    Stance practice - stepping
    Forms - 20ish mins of practice. Laoshi's performance of one of the junior forms was another level up. I got so distracted watching him out of the corner of my eye that I lost my train on what I was doing. He's all about demonstrating applications. Very good.
    We did 15mins tai chi with sifu. I got some good corrections on grasping the sparrow's tail.
    Finished with pushing hands.

    Sunday 25 September: Went to park to exercise. Warm up inc stretching followed by 12dao yin and 24 step form. Good session. I am enjoying my solo practice and find it useful to work at my own pace, working on learning points from class and corrections.

    I have also started doing eccentric heel drops daily to help with my ankles. 30 in total. 15 on each leg to the count of 10.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Wednesday 28 Sept: TCC class progress on 24 form good. We went back over waving hands like clouds and the orientation of both kicks. I am still having to work more on posture. I fluffed the closing moves but could see where I went wrong so have incorporated the changes since when practising. Still not making much progress on fan form number 2, but we are not doing enough time on this in class for me to feel disappointed about this.

    Friday 30 Sept: Kung fu class - both were good classes were good. Agreed with sifu that I am deferring any further gradings until I know whether my ankle problems can be addressed through stretching and strengthening. So 3 months of daily exercises and then maybe March.

    Sunday 2 Oct: Session in local park. Warm up and stretch 15 mins.
    12 Dao yin 15 mins
    24 step form practice
    Kung fu form practice
    15 mins

    Wednesday 5 Oct TCC: Worked on opening and closing moves. As the closing moves in particular have been a bit of a mystery to me, this was a really good session. We went through the transfer of weight from one leg to the other and the coordination of movements to do it right. Have been practising this since in order to make sure it sticks. I am finding that the slowness of the form means that the level of detail for each posture and transition is much greater and there is no hiding place if you get it wrong.

    Friday 7 kung fu: TCC class. Good class where there was a wider group who only come for this class. We spent a lot of time on the 16 step form. I got a good correction on coordination of hands and feet for completing the form.

    Sunday 9th: 45 mins in park on 12 Dao yin, 24 step form and kung fu forms.

    Wednesday 12th: Tcc class: Instructor commented that I was continuing to make good progress in terms of my posture. I am less tense in my upper body and my movements continue to improve as a result. I can see this is true as I feel the improvement myself and attribute this to practice and attention to detail.

    Thursday 13th - swam 30 lengths - doing a mix of crawl, breaststroke and backstroke. Always feel good after a swim.

    Friday 14th: Kung fu class I can't remember all the details but we had another good class. We have been doing quite a lot on applications and self defence.

    Wednesday 19th: Last Tcc class for a month as my instructor will be away travelling. My instructor commented that I had got the 24step form pattern. I am pleased to have got this recognition of my progress.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    20-27 Oct - we were away in Barcelona. I did 3 short sessions during the week - dao yin, tcc form and kung fu forms. This was counterbalanced by large quantities of cake and chocolate I ate.

    29 Oct-9 Nov I was ill with an inner ear problem.

    Friday 11 Nov Kung fu class: Warm up 25-30 mins.
    Forms practice - 8 in total followed by 16 step and 24 step tcc forms. I lost my way in my current form and had to be reminded by sifu. I think part of the problem is that the floor at the hall we use was recently polished so was a bit slippy in my wushu shoes. Usually they squeak a bit, but not this time. A sign of a cleaner floor. In all probably 20 mins.
    Followed by self defence practice. I know these quite well but still good to go over them. We did some simple releases when grabbed by the wrist, one hand, two hands and two hands at the throat. Then we practiced releases if you are grabbed from behind. Three different ones depending on whether and how your arms are pinned.

    I revised a set of throws and takedowns which I did at my last grading with someone who has to learn them. There are 5 and I think I can do four of them well with a bit more work to do on the fifth.
    Finished with sparring which was a nit meh ss I am so out of practice.

    Sunday 13th - I took younger son and friend to the local park. I did the following:
    Warm up - stretching, leg raises, squats lunges 15 mins -ish
    Dao yin 15 mins
    24 step tcc form
    Kung fu form - shaolin fist and palm? I think that's what it is called
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Been logging some basic info about my training over the last 6 weeks just to keep the continuity but plenty of scope for improvement. I will set out some new training goals soon.

    Weds 16 Nov: My TCC started again after a long break.

    Warm up and stretch
    12 Dao yin
    24 step form
    Fan form number 1

    Points of note: Legs very tight around the top of my calves. Been feeling this for a while. Need to stretch more.
    Corrections on stepping- you can put your foot down for brushing the knee, but it needs to hover for parting the horse's mane and not touch the ground.

    On fan form, my timing was off in the faster sections so I need to practice with the music. I think that if I got a couple of sessions to focus on this I would know the whole pattern.

    Friday 18th Nov kung fu class. Focus on forms and self defence.

    Missed tcc on 23 Nov because of work pressures. Annoyed.

    Friday 25 November: Kung fu class. It was the last session before the grading. So there was a lot of focus on getting those going ready. I got to go through all forms, including tai chi. I feel more connected to each one right now and am enjoying working through them. Worked with someone who was preparing for a senior grade. We fine tuned his form and practiced a series of throws and take downs.

    Wednesday 30 Nov: Tcc: Only did half the class, again because I have been so busy. Instructor spent a bit of time on pushing hands and the circular motion underpinning it. We did a basic drill to get us shifting weight from front to back legs and turning at the waist.24 step form followed with corrections on snake creeps down, focusing on how the waist turns. Similar to single whip.

    Friday 2 Dec kung fu class - TCC focus. We did lots on applications, working out how postures would translate when defending against different attacks with counters.

    Very good session with scope for me to practice with my sons at home.

    Wednesday TCC class was my last one of the year. We had quite a long discussion about a large TCC event planned for next July. I am hoping to go. There will be a demonstration of the 24 form which our instructor wants us to be well prepared for. It seems like a good target to me. Corrections on the 24 form tackled the closing section. Our instructor is working through corrections each week till she is happy with the standard we are achieving as a group. This approach works for me as there's a limit to how much detail I can take in given the standard she is working at.

    Friday 9 Dec we had a workshop on Buddha's fist and snake style from our sifu's instructor. I missed an earlier session in October, but here a film of the demonstration and the session itself to give an idea of the style and approach to training.

    I thought it was very well structured and gave me enough to take away and work on myself. Some elements of the training have been incorporated into our classes by our Sifu.

    Friday 16 Dec last kung fu class before Christmas was genuinely a family class between me and my sons and another member who brings his three sons. The focus was on forms and some self defence. Nice way to finish the year.

    I am back to work tomorrow and over the last couple of weeks my active recuperation has included exercise most days - long walks 6-8 miles, a couple of bike rides since Santa brought me a bike for the first time in 25 years. Great fun and hard work up the hills as it is single speed. I did Dao yin,tcc and some kung fu practice both at home and in the park.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Friday 6 Jan: 1st kung fu class of the new year. TCC focus. Warm up 20 mins, followed by form practice - hand drill, 4 step, 8 step. Then drills practising block and counters really slowly. I found it hard to go slowly and work smoothly. I wasn't the only one and I have been practising since with my older son. We did uprooting too and that was better for me. I still need to get more power from my legs. After class, I got a couple of minutes practice at pushing hands with a guy who has a lot of experience, partly because I said to him about my on-going struggle with slowing down which is more obvious to me in unscripted play situations where I have to work out what to do for myself rather than in the forms where I feel I am making progress. So the practice was good and makes me feel like I definitely need to direct more time to this part of my training.

    I have since received a couple of articles from my tai chi instructor on this theme and on stillness in movement and standing in tcc postures as part of training.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    I have been finding it hard to carve out time to update my log. I was inspired by the new MAP design to get going again. I am doing quite a lot of training so have been frustrated about not getting myself organised to post about it. Here are some reflections on where I am on my training.

    I am still going to kung fu class and tcc class once a week although there is a gap for summer break. For a while I was feeling quite stuck and was thinking about stopping but on balance I came to the conclusion that I get sufficient benefit from the regular activity to make it worthwhile carrying on. As it is I've been feeling more positive about it in the last month or so and am can see myself progressing.

    I have been learning more Buddha's fist style as we have had further sessions at our Friday class.

    I am learning a stick form and want to get to grips with the pattern over the summer so I can refine it with feedback when classes start again in September.

    I have been doing more fitness training and have just started weight training again. I was doing circuits of 5-6 sets of 10 for a selection of 5-7 exercises at home in the evening after work.

    When I read back over my log, I can see that one of my issues is to do with finding a routine I can stick to. We've now set up weights and punchbag at home so that will help a lot. My partner has done weights for years so is able to advise on routine which I can change up every 3-4 weeks. Alongside this, I need to develop a stretching routine as that is the real gap in my training. It's not that I don't stretch at all. Just that I would find it easier to do more often if I had a routine that I could work through without too much thought. Anyway, we will see how this goes.

    My Tai chi is going well. I feel that I am progressing with the 24 form but still have a way to go. I have made good progress on the fan form and my teacher has suggested that I would be good enough to join her and another class member to do a competition in the autumn.
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Started new weight training routine on Sunday. I have two different sets of exercises to do which I can do so I train every day or take a day off depending how I feel:

    Day one - legs and arms

    4-5 sets back wall kicks
    5 sets of squats - add more weight
    Lunges with empty bar 4 sets
    Bicep curls 4 sets of 10 add weights to last two sets
    Dumbell curls 4 sets 10 in and out alternating
    Bench press close grip 4 sets
    Tricep dips

    Day two
    Bench press 4 sets
    Flies 4 sets with dumbells
    4 sets with bent over rows
    Dumbell rows 4 sets
    Alternate each
    Deadlifts 3 sets
    Shoulder press 4 sets front /back - switch each session
    Dumbell laterals 4 sets

    Day one schedule - Sunday 6th and Wednesday 9th, Saturday 12th,
    Day 2 schedule - Monday 7th and Thursday 10th, Monday 14th

    I'll make a note of the weights in due course.

    Tcc class on Wednesday 9th: My instructor focused on fan form and we had a good session. She says I need to focus on slowing down my movements to make them more precise and on reducing the tension in some of my movements. I tend to be more tense when I am trying to get it right.

    Saturday 12th - an hour's training on the banks of the Thames. Warm up, Dao yin, 24 form and more fan practice. My first go at the 24step form was not good. I was not well rooted and my stepping and balance were both affected. A second time was better but I think I am still having to concentrate too much on the pattern of the form. Slow practice of fan form to fine tune each of the sections.
  14. Brigid

    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Progress since last post.

    Day one - legs and arms

    4-5 sets back wall kicks
    5 sets of squats - 30lb
    Lunges with empty bar 4 sets
    Bicep curls 4 sets of 10 @ 20lb
    Dumbell curls 4 sets 10 in and out - 10lb alternating
    Bench press close grip 4 sets @20lb
    Tricep dips 4 sets of 10

    Day two
    Bench press 4 sets 30lb
    Flies 4 sets with dumbells @ 10lb
    4 sets with bent over rows 20lb
    Dumbell rows 4 sets 15lb
    Alternate each
    Deadlifts 3 sets 60, 70, 80lb
    Shoulder press 4 sets front /back - switch each session 20lb
    Dumbell laterals 4 sets - no weights

    W/c 14 Aug - 4 sessions
    W/c 21 Aug - 4 sessions
    W/c 28 Aug - 3 sessions
    W/c 4 Sept - 3 sessions
    W/c 11 Sept - 3 sessions

    Reflection: Pleased to have maintained a reasonable routine. I have suffered fewer back, shoulder and neck problems. I am getting stronger and am lifting current weights easier. Time to change up.

    Technique progress:

    Fan form - good corrections which have taken early sections up a level. Still need to master sections 5 and 6.

    Stick form- I learned the pattern for our basic stick form. All good. Now need to finesse my movements and demonstrate clearly the applications.
    24 step tcc - variable performance. Sometimes I feel that I have really made some good progress and sometimes I can't seem to balance well enough and make stupid mistakes.
    Other: More weights has meant less Dao yin. . I feel I could do with more Dao yin.
    My TCC practice has prompted me to reconsider my kung fu forms and what more I can bring to them, whether I can add further precision to my movement.
    Classes: Both my kung fu classes were really good.

    What's next?
    A new set of weights exercises:

    Day one legs
    Squats 4 sets
    Lunges 4 sets
    Leg extensions start at bottom for quads 4 sets
    Leg extensions top 4 sets quads inner straight legs at top
    Hamstring curls both legs 4 sets
    Calf raises 3 sets 15 reps feet straight , turn in turn out

    Day two shoulders
    Front shoulder press 4 sets
    Lats 4 sets
    Upright rows 4 sets
    Back shoulder press 4 sets
    Shrugs 4 sets for traps

    Day three arms
    Bicep curls 4 sets
    Dumbell curls out 4 sets
    Dumbell curls 4 sets in
    21s - barbell wide for seven, middle for seven, close for seven - 3 sets

    Day four - Chest and triceps
    Bench press 4-5 sets
    Flies 4sets
    Close grip bench press 4 sets
    Dumbell triceps 4sets
    Tricep dips

    I'll add the weights next post and more on techniques too.
  15. Brigid

    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    Have added weights info:

    Day one legs
    Squats 4 sets x30lb
    Lunges 4 sets with bar only
    Leg extensions start at bottom for quads 4 sets x20lb
    Leg extensions top 4 sets quads inner straight legs at top x 20lb
    Hamstring curls both legs 4 sets x 20lb
    Calf raises 3 sets 15 reps feet straight , turn in turn out

    Day two shoulders
    Front shoulder press 4 sets x20lb
    Lats 4 sets - bars only
    Upright rows 4 sets x20lb
    Back shoulder press 4 sets x 20lb
    Shrugs 4 sets for traps 10lb dumbells

    Day three arms
    Bicep curls 4 sets 20lb
    Dumbell curls out 4 sets 10lb each
    Dumbell curls 4 sets in 10lb each
    21s - barbell wide for seven, middle for seven, close for seven - 3 sets - 20lb

    Day four - Chest and triceps
    Bench press 4-5 sets 30lbx3 sets, then 40lb
    Flies 4sets 10 lb each dumbell
    Close grip bench press 4 sets 30lb
    Dumbell triceps 4sets 10lb each
    Tricep dips

    W/c 17 Sept 4 sessions
    W/c 24 Sept 2 sessions - I was ill in the second half of the week.
    W/c 1 October 4 sessions
    W/c 8 Oct 4 sessions
    W/c 15 3 sessions then away from 19-26

    MA training
    Attended two classes a week, except 11 Oct TCC, when instructor was away. A group of us met for a practice session. I also missed a kung fu class where Sifu Agbangee was doing a session on Buddha's fist as I was away .

    I have now firmly got the first four sections of the fan form and am on to learning the 5th section. We are working towards a demonstration at Christmas so there's a lot of work to do on this.

    Because I have yet to do my black sash, much of my training on forms is revising and refining rather than learning something new.

    I have been doing lots of self defence in class including knife and stick attacks - all new for me. We have also been working through a series of basic attacks and trying to work out as many defenses as possible.
  16. Brigid

    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    I didn’t realise that it’s been over a year since I logged my training till a couple of weeks ago when I repossessed my iPad from one of my sons. I’ve been training fairly consistently over that time:
    Kung fu lesson on Fridays
    TCC lesson on Wednesdays
    Weight training 3-4 times a week, aiming to cover arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back over the sessions.
    Form practice during the week

    What’s new?

    I’ve been starting learn buddha’s fist on a more regular basis. I am enjoying learning the new techniques and the training covers a lot of strength and flexibility training.
    I’ve asked my TCC instructor for one to one coaching recently. So I am getting an extra half an hour with her, which is going to be really valuable. She has incredible experience and has great attention to the detail. I did half an hour with her today, starting the 24 form from scratch and going over the opening 3 movements was as much as I could take in in terms of new information.

    Health wise, I have been well. The weight training helps a lot as it continues to make me physically much more robust.
    In terms of my spirit, I have had a period of depression, which is unusual for me. And I have improved over the last couple of months, but some of my more difficult feelings remain unresolved. I am planning to use my training to address these issues in part. Also planning to get some counselling through work.
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    Nice to have you back on here!
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    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    I have now had two one to one TCC training sessions in the last three weeks. Not very long, but I don’t find it easy to take in too much detail so it’s better like that. I am relearning the 24 form from scratch and can see better what I need to improve. The main things I am focusing on are really completing each posture correctly - getting a sense that l am properly aligned in the way the form was designed. I can feel the difference already when I get it right. I also need to work on my stepping which is uneven. One of the issues I need to work on is that my right leg is not as strong as my left leg and tends to be a cause of balance problems. I am practising throughout the day when I get the chance.

    I’ve used video of my forms so I can assess my performance a couple of times in the last two months. The techniques are there but my expression is a bit stiff still so it calls for more stretching, maybe a yoga class or something. I got filmed doing my fan form and was pretty pleased with how it went, but it would all need to be lower if I were to go for competition in the next couple of years.

    Weights and lessons as usual.
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    Yoga’s definitely good - recommended!
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  20. Brigid

    Brigid Kung Fu Mother

    I had my last two classes before Christmas break. I look forward to getting a break from work but don’t relish having a month away from class. But it’s not like I don’t have things to work on.

    My instructor wasn’t able to fit in a half hour one to one this week, and in class we focused on Qi gong and fan. We did two sets of Qi gong. The second of these is my favourite and works well - 12 dao yin. As a way of building energy and focus, it is really effective. On fan, I have been reviewing video I have to identify where I need to improve. Trying to complete all the movements in time with the music is a challenge in terms of my accuracy as I tend to move on too quickly without completely finishing to the full extent. With tai chi, I will be working on my stepping to make it more even and improving my alignment on the postures where my right hand leads (like parting the horses mane). I feel stronger where my left hand leads.

    We did lots of fitness at Kung fu class and lots of technical work on forms and kicking. Did lots of kicks I haven’t done for ages and found my standards have slipped in some areas, particularly on spinning kicks and axe kicks. But all in all a good class. The mix of people attending has improved and I am enjoying my training.
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