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  1. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Jwt thanks for shareingyour test also. The fitness test arnt that bad in my opnion, ive passed all three tests Ive taken with flying colors and Im sure I could handle up on the bb test too. I havent had any problems with the technique being tested on except maybe the side kick and my side kick has always sucked.
    The class is pretty cool and theres not as many BB there as you might think, I guess theres about six actually. I think I will post some of the other technique and the way the class is set up its pretty neat actually.
  2. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    What are the criteria for passing the techniques?

    As in, what's the difference between a pass and a fail for a sidekick? Do you have to pass with both legs?
  3. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Which arts have this right, in your view?

    Did you mean there should be sparring in his school's BB test? Or actual "combat"?
  4. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Basicall yes, both legs from weak and strong side. Hope that makes sense. From what I can gather its pass or fail on each kick then a percentage is somehow figured you have to pass eighty five percent of the techniques and you have to pass the entire fitness or you fail the whole test. Also keep in mind this martial art was designed to accomodate elder,youth and women as well as full grown men.
  5. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Cool, but what is being tested? Form? Accuracy? To what extent?
  6. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    I say combat to encompass sparring, RBSD or other tests that have some aliveness or at least applicability (like 2 man kata in koryu arts that dean trains in) and not just individual techniques (as listed in the OP)

    i dont think its essential to the test itself, it could be assessed by the teacher watching any class and the test could be on Kata or the syllabus or just the teacher promoting at any time randomly without a test but i do think if youre going to hold any rank or awards (belts or medals) then you need to demonstrate the appropriate understanding of application
  7. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    I'd agree, especially if you're putting "combat" in the title.

    But I also think that some people enjoy the purely technical aspects of training, and if they want to do an art that doesn't involve sparring or much application then I don't have a problem with it. As long as they're not delusional about what they're learning.

    For example, if someone gets really into developing tricking kata and isn't interested in fighting, I'm not going to put them down for that.
  8. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Im not an instructor and havent had a very long winded discussion with him but i know balance and proper power generation are big factors.
  9. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    That's cool. I was just asking because, as many have said, seeing a list of techniques doesn't tell us much about the test.

    I know from experience that standing still can be very tough to pass if you're very exacting about form.
  10. Simon

    Simon Moved on. Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I'm less worried about a list of techniques and what others think about them.

    I am however concerned about how well you do the techniques you have.

    How you've developed martial attributes and a martial body.

    By way of comparison here is my Associate and Full Instructor syllabus.

    Associate Instructor

    This phase is about perpetual growth, being able to dissect technique, break down training methods and rebuild them.
    The student will now show the ability to grow as a martial artist utilizing the whole syllabus.
    Students must now diversify within the syllabus, expanding upon (and teaching) existing methods and techniques.

    Full Instructor

    A Full Instructor in the system must have reached a complete understanding of both themselves and the syllabus. They must be able to communicate the core syllabus and its principles of training. They must be able to relate the syllabus to other martial arts and display the ability to intermix skills.
    Strong martial attributes such as fitness, timing, speed, reflexes, sensitivity, power and focus are essential.

    It's said that a black belt is just the beginning, but by the time a student reaches black belt standard he/she really should have something about them.

    For me it's less about dealing with a straight jab, or a side kick, but being able to adapt and change according to what's thrown.

    It's one reason I don't have people line up in a row defending straight punches and side kicks.

    So in regard to your syllabus I would argue there's nothing wrong with it, as long as by the time you reach the standard to take the test you have the attributes to make it your own.
  11. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Awesome post thanks for shareing. My instructor dosent lecture much but he does say that the goal of our face to face time with him should be just as much about learning the methods by which to train and the principles of combat just as much as it is to learn technique. In fact part of the pre test requirements include a written test with about three to five questions reguarding things like for example what are the four ranges of combat list a technique for each range, what does timeing mean, what is broken rythym blla bla bla lols.
    There really tight lipped about instructor testing which means second degree BB, in fact I cant get my hands on a copy. There not talking about third degree either so Im clueless about that as well.
  12. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Doesn't your teacher observe you doing that in class as well? Why is that on the test and sparring isn't?
  13. FunnyBadger

    FunnyBadger I love food :)

    I have to say that the number of classes bit worries me slightly. I appreciate that a instructors want loyal and regular students and obviously you need to train to improve.

    What bothers me is that "you can't miss a class" can you please elaborate on that part. If someone missed one class for a valid reason, had all the skills and motivation required to pass the gradings but life got in the way as it often does would they be not allowed to grade or would they be asked to come along to the next one or what?

    Mandatory attendance to me sounds a bit dubious to me. It may be something that's fairly common but it's not a thing I have ever come across before. People will attend regularly if they like something and sometimes they have other commitments so can't attend. It seems to unfairly punish shift workers and people with a family.

    Please put me straight if I've gotten the wrong end of the stick.
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  14. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Well since you mentioned it heres the story, I myself have missed several classes this past two months which sets me two months behind for my blue belt test which I should be takeing this week btw. Im not getting a slide, last belt I was allowed two miss before I had to do any make up from here on out you gotta make up what ya lack. Just the way it is. They dont have to be consecutive though, I just have to have sixteen total training sessions in class to test so I can make up three miss two more and make up another miss again and still get to test if that makes sense.
  15. Simon

    Simon Moved on. Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Completely agree.

    I've just gone back to being a student and classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    So far I've missed 3 out of 4 Tuesdays and this week due to illness I wont get to either class.

    It's not that I lack commitment, but last Tuesday for example I got home at 8.30pm after taking my son to London for an operation.

    Classes start at 8.00pm.

    I have lost out, but as I pay by direct debit my instructor still gets his costs covered.
  16. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Actually I didnt wanna say it but Ivbe grumbled about it a little, that didnt go over very well though. I mean I get the point sisteen classes before you get a belt isnt bad, but work kicked my **** the past two months I couldnt do it.
  17. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I'm not sure the minimum number of classes thing is actually all that odd. A lot of classes expect a minimum time frame/time spent in sessions before you can think about progressing after all. Unless I'm misreading it? :dunno:
  18. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    We all were thinking it but you hard too ask lol
  19. bodyshot

    bodyshot Brown Belt Zanshin Karate

    Well kiddo heres my honest reply, we have old men and women in my class as well as very young men and women, sparring is done frequently but its not tested on, maybe that is strange Idk but at the same time we also have about six disabled kids in class with everything from downs to some kind of mental disability and Ive seen them take and pass a test legit bro.
  20. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    And that's fair enough. But I had an 80-year-old woman in my eskrima class. She sparred. We didn't go berserk on her. But you said earlier that sparring "only" measures timing, range, etc. But those are the fundamental building blocks of understanding a style. If someone CAN participate in that exercise, even in some modified form, I think a teacher owes it to them to have them do so.

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