Battle cry screaming "kiai" in training?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by mewtwo55555, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Goddamn I love the butt scoot. Goddamn.
  2. LemonSloth

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    It's even more satisfying if you say it in a pirate accent.

    Go on. Try it. You'll thank me :p.
  3. raaeoh

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    You really should. Lol.
  4. philosoraptor

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    I'm having fun with a Scottish accent. Bewt scewt.
  5. Moi

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    I use one in foreplay. Never had a second date though :(
  6. JonWal

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    Thats pretty much how it got explained to me when I first began training Wado Ryu. I remember being very self conscious about it at the beginning.

    As the years have gone on and my training has progressed it feels almost a natural thing when putting in maximum effort into a punching technique. Kicks not so much.
  7. JonWal

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    When I say it like that I sound like a liverpool scouser! :)
  8. LemonSloth

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    Shouting kiai or butt scooting?!
  9. JonWal

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    Damn I just You Tube'd the Butt Scoot, think Im going to get sacked now...
  10. Dan93

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    Theres different types of Kiai. On a thrusting movement i.e. Yoko Geri I have always been taught it as a longer more prenounced shout from the diaphram as apposed to a snapping attack which uses a very short burst.

    It is not intended as a intimidation tactic but used to contract the body at the moment of impact to add to the technique. At least to my understanding and what I have been taught.
  11. Dunc

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    In addition to the points made about the benefits of breathing and mental attitude: A sudden, unexpected noise can confuse/startle you opponent for a moment - best when used infrequently

    It's quite easy to add kiai onto any technique (it's not really a physical movement) and it can be helpful to cover up a change

    The kind of noises help, but the idea is to use noise, amongst other things to eat into your opponent's brain "processing power" at a critical moment

    Hope this makes sense
  12. Moi

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    Do I have to pick just one?

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