Batman's conditioning programme

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    You didn't know?

    They've all been using since the '70s.

    Prime example, the Flash.:eek: Sure didn't look like that in the '60s! Won't be be mistaken for Sebastian Coe.More like Boyer Coe.
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    Batman never kills anyone.

    He spars with Lady Shiva.
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    The program missed the two and a half grams (atleast) a week too.
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    Sadly Batman does Keysi... making the fact he doesn't get immediately killed by low level henchmen the most unbelievable narrative element of a story about a rich orphan who takes to the streets in fancy dress to battle a nefarious network of outlandish, super villains.
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    Batman mastered over 300 martial arts, which probably includes KFM to be fair.

    It's the movie fights that were quite dissapointing.
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    Read that article before, the first few were startling. However I do kinda remember reading some parts in my collection of Batman comics and going..."hmmmm, that dont look right, ah well"

    You should read the cracked article about how racist Disney was...really shocking stuff.

    In regards to KGBeast, he lived through that but was later killed with a double gun shot wound to the head (quite recently)

    The last one was an unfinished collaboration between Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Jim Lee is an amazing artist and seeing him do the JLA was awesome...personally I think Frank Miller has lost it a little.

    Batman was always open to outright crippling people though, such as the harshness that he is. Bone/spine/hip breaking stuff.
    He's killed Ra's a couple of times, only cos he can then kick him into a Lazarus pit.

    I dont think Jason Todd nor Tim Drake has killed anyone yet...Dick Grayson apparently killed Blockbuster (but with the New 52, Bludhaven apparently never happened)
    Wonder Woman killed a guy by snapping his neck (he was mind controlling Supes)
    and Supes killed General Zod and Co.. but Zod has since come back etc so I dunno if that actually counts...phantom zone etc blah blah.

    Green Lanterns all have the ability to kill now and the writers didn't really hold back on that (Sinestro Wars)
  8. Hannibal

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    He can put his tongue on the roof of his mouth and neutralize it


    He can point his toes in different directions

  9. El Medico

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    I did. Seen all those films too.From a historical/cultural view Disney's company is unfortunately not that shocking,"merely" shameful -and embarrassing. I've seen worse in American cinema and cartoons. Of course a lot of the things I saw as a kid have been shelved now. Bugs Bunny was no liberal,believe me. That article's incorrect on one point,"Song of the South" had been out for home viewing for years,tho' maybe it's not now.

    I've seen Shirley Temple (no kidding!) films,and there's stuff in those they cut out nowadays.

    Summation-As a long time student/observer of history and human behavior this is my favorite line-

    "People.People make me sick." -Troy Donahue as Parrish in "Parrish".

    Here's a non-movie line-

    "I really used to believe white people couldn't do Gung Fu."-one of El Medico's teachers (of non European descent).

    Gung Hay Fat Choy,everybody!
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    I love how he runs 20 miles at a 4:50 pace and says he's going to cut thirty seconds off that next time he runs. The world record for marathons is 4:42, and when you're in that range, you don't cut 30 seconds in a year, not to mention a week.
  13. Kuma

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    He was originally planning on cutting 30 minutes, but decided to let the Kenyans keep winning.
  14. Kagete

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    Gods don't count either.
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    I bet Thor would disagree, as that would seriously reduce his body count.

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    Gods don't count for mortals.
  17. Kuma

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    Is this formal comic book law?

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