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  1. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    I was just wondering, what are the pros and cons of a Regular Bass guitar, and a Fretless Bass guitar
  2. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    no body knows?
  3. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Fretless basses generally have a warmer midrange tonality to them and make you make damn sure your fretting's dead on. Regular basses sound a bit harder and are easier to play :D My old band's bass player was also a classically-trained cellist; she always used a fretless bass - that thing was a bitch to work into the mix when we played live, it always sounded too "soft" but she couldn't bring herself to play with frets
    I like to noodle around on them now and then just to see if I'm anywhere near as good as I like to think I am. I don't know if they're still around, but a few years back French guitar makers Vigier released a fretless guitar in two models - one with a graphite fretboard (I think it was, at least. It was definitely metallic) and one with rosewood. Everytime I've got some spare cash I always mean to try and track one down, but never do
  4. slipthejab

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    One has fret's... one doesn't? :confused:

    at any rate nothing to fret over. :D

    sorry... couldn't resist.

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