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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Jordan, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Valued Member

    I own his big books of combat,but I was wondering if his DVDs are worth the money. Do they have more material then the books or are they simply the same info just in video form?
  2. aaron_mag

    aaron_mag New Member Supporter

    It is pretty much the same information (from what I understand).

    I have the DVDs and they are very good. But it all depends on how best you learn. I don't learn well from books. I wanted to improve my half-guard so I got Eddie Bravo's book. It was really hard for me to understand how all the stuff chained together.

    Then he came out with a DVD (and while I am not a fan of Bravo's personality) I was able to learn from that much better.

    BUT I've had others who have told me they learn from books better than DVDs. So if you learn well from a book you aren't going to get much new info from the DVD.
  3. wires

    wires Valued Member

    MMA Training DVD's - Bas Rutten - good boxing and MMA stuff

    I don't own the bas rutten dvd's, but I've seen some of them, and I really liked them. My favorite DVD series' is the Straight Blast Gym stuff. Roy Harris has some great stuff, too.
  4. MaxG

    MaxG Valued Member

    Own the Panther videos and the new Dvd's of Combat. Excellent quality. I'd recommend them to anyone.

    Plus the outtakes on the Combat ones are just plain hilarious :)

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