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Discussion in 'Silat' started by bela diri, Jul 9, 2006.

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    fire cobra

    cool thanks for the tips i do try to use side of shin on opponent but with some of the ular kicks its difficult thanks mate.

    bela diri
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    welcome! i always attack very low down the inside of partners shin when using ular glen :)
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    hi all ,
    In silat melayu we use Gamat oil - this is an extract from the sea cucumber that lives off the island of Langkawi - I have never come across anything like it in my life - the sea cucumber is part animal part plant , and has an energy unlike anything else.
    It is widely used in Malaysia for all sorts of things including post operative recuperation.

    For conditioning we use a wood called raja Kayu, mixed with other ingredients and rubbed into the bones , the theory is slightly different to kung fu or cimande conditioning though - we do not want to connect bone to bone , but to cover our own protruding or vulnerable bones with a layer of muscle as this is more flexible and recovers much more quickly than bone.
    There are a number of exercises to effect this and the end result is quite astounding.
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    Well that clip was horrible but it’s not the result of conditioning, more to do with angles of impact.
    By conditioning is the result to increase bone density and is that possible or is it to null the sensitivity of the skin so it does not register pain?
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    Depends on the opinion of the instructor.... Personally, in Cimande its the bone density
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    despite the main idea of 'hindar'/'elak', some conditioning is needed for silat.

    believe me, being able to simply move out of opponent's attack and suddenly appear behind me can only be achieved when your opponent is way under your skill level.

    also, punching and kicking has its own negative effects too. Try asking a more senior practicioner of the art to block your punch or kick, I guarantee you WILL feel some pain.

    besides a good practice should ends with everyone feeling sore and pain and bruise all over :D That's when dit da jow and kayu putih oil come into play, to make sure that those injuries heal properly.
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    Mmmm, nope. Sea cucumbers are animals of the class Holothuroidea, not part plant.
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    Thanks tellner .. you learn something new everyday.
    have you ever tried gamat oil yourself ?
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    I've tried to find it but nobody seems to be importing it into the US. If you know a source I'd be very grateful.
  13. Gajah Silat

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    Pure form is called 'ayer gamat', when mixed with coconut oil & other stuff it's known as 'minyak gamat'. Lots made on Langkawi...apparently!

    Know anyone going to Malaysia soon?

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