Bagua hand strengthening exercises - asymmetric heavy objects

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by leftwingtaoist, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. leftwingtaoist

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    This is an example of asymmetric heavy objects dynamic hand and arm strengthening exercises. Classic bagua uses heavy oversized weapons, such as heavy swords or axes or poles. I prefer to use chairs, scooters and shovels. They are easier to find and are more likely to be at hand in a real fight.

    The principle that all these weapons help you learn is the same. How to handle dynamic asymmetric forces with momentum.

    These exercises develop your whole body, but particularly your arms and back. Start with smaller lighter objects. It is the asymmetric property of these objects that is important. Start by lifting them then move to rotating them. Do the exercises standing, then progress to walking.

    Make sure that core muscles are engaged at all times. Your knees should be unlocked and your back straight with pelvis slightly tucked in.

    Have fun.

    [ame=""]MVI_4565.AVI - YouTube[/ame]
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  2. puma

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    Why is this in the "Internal Martial Arts" section?
  3. Hatamoto

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    Because bagua is an internal art?
  4. puma

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    So what does picking a chair up have to do with anything?
  5. greytowhite

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    It's a matter of using the chair effectively and within the body mechanics requirements of the art. A chair is a great and readily available makeshift weapon but its weight distribution may make it difficult to brandish, particularly one-handed. As you can see he is shifting between hands quickly whilst holding the chair. If there were an attacker and this were the closest thing at hand in his home familiarity with the item would help.
  6. cheng oi

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    my little weak computer fingers, -- bagua is for health - It would circulate stagnant blood & Chi if nothing else while strengthening the bones & revitalizing the marrow - just pretend like you're 160 years old
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  7. Simon

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    Stagnant blood?

    Blood is pumped around the body and cells are constantly regenerated.

    Where is "stagnant blood" stored and how is it circulated and differently from "normal blood" by Bagua?
  8. El Medico

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    I believe LWT plainly stated the purpose of his method-

    It's for strength and skill development for usage.

    Whatever do you mean about acting like 160?

    The presentation of Pa Kua being about health rather than proper PK training simply having health benefits is fairly recent.

    Welcome to MAP,cheng oi. What/whose Pa Kua and T'ai Chi do you practice?
  9. cheng oi

    cheng oi American Nightmare

    I guess you would have to study a lot of Qigong to understand - I used to be really healthy - that is not the case anymore -- when we are really healthy we forget how out of shape people can get - Dr. yang Jwing Ming teaches a lot about qigong
  10. cheng oi

    cheng oi American Nightmare

    about 160 - I guess you would have to hit bottom to understand

    & I do many different systems of Bagua & Taiji - for health --- my teacher is a Chinaman --- Life is just not going to be long enough to do this - my life won't be long enough to learn even 1 of the eight palms
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  11. cheng oi

    cheng oi American Nightmare

    Study Qigong
  12. Simon

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    What has this got to do with stagnant blood?

    Training, movement, exercise in addition with sleep and nutrition makes you fit and healthy, not the movement of stagnant blood.

    As you study Bagua maybe you can explain what you mean by stagnant blood.
  13. Simon

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    Sorry we cross posted.

    Study Qigong isn't an explanation.

    I have done a little qigong and my instructor teaches it.

    I'm sure he would also disagree with the term "stagnant blood".

    I'm at one of London's top hospitals on Thursday and will meet some of their surgeons and plastic surgeons. Maybe I'll ask them.
  14. Hannibal

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    You have to prove qi exists first

    Good luck with that

    There are some many claims put out that are frankly nonsense - ridiculous statements such stagnant blood being pretty high amongst them. Show the science or evidence that shows this is a phenomena. And before you commence this remember the wise MAP maxim that the plural of "anecdote" is not "evidence"
  15. cheng oi

    cheng oi American Nightmare

    Stagnant Chi - breathing - oxygen - carbon dioxide - go to a truck stop & look what happens to truckers bodies - when their ankles & calves & knees swell up to about three feet girth & turn purple

    I'm sorry I cannot give you all the answers I do not know because I am new - I am currently studying qigong - from dr.yang jwing ming & also ken cohen speaks a pretty good dialect of english language

    Bagua is a complete all encompassing system - but if you want to fight - I do not know - I am just fighting for my life right now - as far as health goes - especially if you are elderly - but bagua may be a little difficult for a lot of people to understand - because most people just see circle walking - which is somewhat difficult - & the forms a somewhat complicated as well -
    if i was elderly - I would start with qigong standing & then move on to Yang style Tai Chi - but for a beginner even tai chi may seem too difficult when in fact it is only qigong in motion - same as bagua -
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  16. Simon

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    That's hardly "stagnant blood".

    Blood circulates, simple as that.
  17. Hannibal

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    All of which you DON'T see is anyone who is even remotely active - so why is it "chi/qi/ki" exercises that are a remedy rather than just getting off your ass and breaking a sweat every now and then?

    If you strangulated any blood delivery vessel it has complications - nothing mysterious about that. In the same way a strangulated intestine causes poop to back up. This is nothing to do with a nebulous life force and everything to do with basic biology.

    Sorry no cigar
  18. cheng oi

    cheng oi American Nightmare

    I'm sorry - I disagree - not so simple - & as far as getting up & breaking a sweat - please consider the elderly & poor in health - meth / heroin addicts - malnutrition - smokers etc .

    some people just need a new beginning - it's not always about fighting

    I don't know what to tell you besides study qigong - I am only a student - just beginning - I'm sorry I cannot be of more assistance at this time
  19. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I believe the 'qi' in qigong means 'breath', so I don't there is any need to prove that it exists!

    (Not that I would recommend qigong to anyone, I'm simply pointing out what it means: 'breath skill'.)

    No quibbles from me over any of this, though. ;)
  20. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Yet you've made a claim that Bagua can help with stagnant blood.

    This I'm afraid is nonsense.

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