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Discussion in 'Silat' started by taoizt, Sep 25, 2007.

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    This is Guru Turpijn (Setia Hati Madium) and his students, demo from the Netherlands in the 70's. His style is not the same as Setia Hati practiced now, but nevertheless, you can see the quality of the players (you can see Guru Turpijn at 00:17 and at 5:32). There is another video link of him as well on the same page.

    He was a feared and admired player in Holland during the 70's till 90's.
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    Hi Taoizt,

    Had already encountered this old video's. Really from the good old days, it makes me wonder what happened to all those fellows from the previous generation. My teacher has some old video from Olah Raga probably from the same period (need to get copies) Contrary to the present day Olah Raga one could actually see there were pesilat2 in competition and not just any MA....

    Are you going to Roermond next sunday?

    SY, Pekir
  3. Rebo Paing

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    Hello Mas Pekir, Some of them are still around. My father (Madiun, circa 1940 - 50's) generally works his kebun these days ... but occassionally succumbs to the temptation to teach me a lesson ... or two.

  4. Pekir

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    Hi Mas krisno,

    Luckily those elders are still around, I was referring to their students. Some talented guys have disappeared from the face of the earth. Like some of my co-students did....

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  6. ICT

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    Taoizt & Moridin2,

    Thank you for posting these old school video's! Man I love this stuff and do I ever remember training on those hardwood gym floors!

    Thanks again and if anyone else has any golden oldies then please post them.

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
  7. taoizt

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    You're welcome. Sadly there are not a lot of older movies available on youtube (yet). There is more on kungfu then on silat. If you look closer at the movements of Guru Turpijn you see a little bit of the degree of finesse in his movements. Slowly moving and then suddenly speeding up and afterward slowing down again. (also seen in the movie 1 on youtube at 6:50) There's still a lot to learn.....

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