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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FortuneFaded, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Howdy all

    Recently had a look at my lifestyle and I realised I do alot of things where I'm bent over and could possibly be putting strain on my back, no jokes please about been bent over :p

    For example: My job, I work in a saw mill and stack alot of wood, always bending over, squatting, twisting and turning. When I excerise, I do plenty of squats, bent over rows, deadlifts etc and I also play American football as an offensive linemen, more bending over! On top of this, I'm still medically obese (16.2 stone, 6ft male, 20yrs old) which means i'm 8 times more likely to harm my back!

    I'm wanting to see what I can do to a) Strengthen my back, inluding my cores muscles (As I know you need a good core to help stablise) b) Stretches for before and after work to ease my lower back pain, c) Preventive measures I can take at work, i.e any gear I could wear to aid in manual lifting.

    Many Thanks
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    I slipped a disc running five years ago, and hurt my spine as a result. When i looked back i realised that i was straining my back all the time because of the things i was doing - just like you are! it was an accident waiting to happen. You're young so you can still repair the damage you've done but, mate, do it quickly! The very best thing i can suggest is that you try alexander technique. it might not be cheap but it'll teach you how to use your back properly; it also helps your martial art as it teaches free movement and awareness of your body etc. best of luck!
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    Back pain is nothing to joke about beleive me, it can ruin your life.

    I am recovering from back pain after injuring myself with power lifting moves, mainly squats and deadlifts.

    Both of theses exercises can be very dangerous if you use to much weight and your form are really bad.

    I would get some x rays at a chiro office and see what i can do from there, some people are more prone to develop athritis at a young age, one of my friends started at 26 years old, in the spin, he used to work very hard lifting stuff all the time, now he is considered disabled. For him it was a mix of genetics and hard work.

    I was more lucky then him i twisted my pelvic while doing squats, and it took me so long to find a good chiro to treat me after getting two bad ones i went on a rampage and tried all other therapy that did not work. The x rays came back ok a part from a calcium depot on one of my verberae in the neck everything is fine, feeling very lucky here that i only have this after six years of pain.

    A good chiro can make sure your posture is good and adjuste your spin to get rid of the subluxation, if your upperbody is not properly aligned it will reflect on the lower body.

    I am 35 years old and finally seeing the light after so long, now i can start doing regular things again, i am not 100% but getting there.

    Be careful and take care of your back, this should be your number one goal, not lifting squats or deadlifting.
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