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  1. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 1 hour Bjj
    Working escapes from side control.
    Afternoon 15 mins run

    Morning barbell row, curls, shoulder press
    Evening 1 hour Bjj
    Escapes from side control. Definitely need to practice this more.
    Can pull it off sometimes, but a lighter brown belt completely shut down my escapes even though it felt like perfect setup.

    Bench press, shoulder press, curl, pushups

    Evening 90 mins BJJ. 1543 calories burnt.
    Single leg X entry from butterfly sweep and 2 sweeps. Great to drill this as I've been working on this entry a lot.

    Thursday 10 minutes lifting
    Shoulder press, squat, curl.
    Evening 30 minutes stretching.

    Friday 15 minutes run.

    Weight down to ~83kg, 13st2lbs.
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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 1 hour BJJ 951calories AVG HR 130bpm
    Drilled far side arm bar from side control, and using far arm for straight arm lock.
    3 rounds of sparring

    Afternoon 12min treadmill run. 1 mile. 197cal AVG HR 144bpm

    Tuesday morning lifting, 10 mins
    Evening BJJ 1 hour 964cal HR AVG 133bpm

    Drilled closed guard cross choke with lapel.
    Positional sparring from 50/50 and back control, followed by 2 rounds of sparring.

    Wednesday morning 15 minutes lifting
    Evening 90 mins BJJ 1594 cal AVG HR 145bpm.

    From standing, pulling to single leg X, then X guard. 2 different sweeps from X guard.
    This got my HR up, with my partner we added various resistance.

    5 rounds of sparring. We had a group getting ready for competition, so sparring has been more intense, and those competing really have upped their game which is great to see. As their skill levels go up, the rest of us training also up the level.
    At the end of this we did a rope climb which goes up to 10 foot (rough guess). Hands only climb, so you cannot use legs to grip. I managed to just get up to the target point.

    Thursday morning 40 minutes bench and other lifting. 30 minutes stretching

    Afternoon 20 minutes treadmill
    My watch crashed twice trying to record, so no idea on the stats, but was about my usual pace.

    Weight 13st, 82.5kg, bf ~13%
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  3. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Pretty much been following the same routine.

    BJJ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    Run and morning small lift on Monday, Thursday, Friday
    Bigger lift morning Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Weekend no planned workout, usually walking 1 hour a day.

    Weight still hanging around 13st 2lb, depending on the day.

    Had my flu vaccination last Thursday, so I took out Fridays workout ready for the usual fatigue. Back to normal by Saturday/Sunday.
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  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Week after flu vaccination, no problems, back to the same routine.

    This week things didn't go to plan, son was off school so I couldn't train Monday. Other half was away so no evening training.
    I managed to get 1 lunch BJJ session in this week, and worked in extra treadmill running which was all I had time for.
    Lifting routine stayed the same.

    Today I had COVID vaccination (booster I guess it's the same thing).
    Next week I can only get in 2bjj sessions so I'll add extra cardio again in Tuesday.

    Weight has stayed much the same despite eating more and burning less through training. I suspect I'll get the usual 1 week weight change delay which usually happens.
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