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    I hope your wife recovers quickly.

    And congrats for getting the stripe! :)
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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    1 hour BJJ
    I wasn't sure about going today as asthma playing up again, but last time I could go midday as school holidays coming up for 2 weeks.

    Drilled more escapes from side control, including reverse triangle.
    Sparring I quickly realised asthma was not my friend today. Oh well get to work on my techniques? Well kind of. A lot to think about at the end of it and feeling pretty exhausted now.
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  3. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    So I didn't do much after the last session.
    Asthma wasn't great.

    I made enough space in the gym for a workout
    Pull-ups 3,3,5,5,3
    Bench 20kgx10
    60kg 3x5

    Dumbbell curl 28kg 10,12,10

    I didn't train the week of 20th. I had a cough from asthma and run down, so I wouldn't go to training even though it was just asthma. Negative covid tests every day. Extra asthma medication it was fine by Wednesday before Christmas, but still not risking going anywhere before Christmas with my immune system run down.
    At this point I knew a few people who I was not in physical contact with, who had covid and would be spending Christmas alone.

    Saw some family over Christmas. It's been a weird one, as we lost 3 family members over this year, and this time of year highlights it as we put together Christmas presents and think over and over that we must have missed some.
    My granddad has severe dementia which came on over the last year and with my Grandma passing earlier in the year we got him into a home specialised for him.

    Still have not been allowed to visit, hopefully next year and I guess we'll have to wait to after the Omicron wave :(

    Builders finished the door into the garage and i moved all the gym equipment back. Tidied up and got things in place so I can get in and out and the space is useable.

    5 minutes with the grapple dummy.

    Low bar back squat
    20kgx5, 10
    40kg x8
    60kg 5,5,6

    Hip bridge with resistance band 30s on 30s off x3

    Stretching 20 minutes.

    I got a physio massage gun for Christmas, had a go with it, very noisy and seems to do the job. Probably best to do not just after the kids have gone to bed.

    Watched omoplata setups, I never get these in sparring, so I think I need to schedule a few weeks to focus when I go back to class.
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  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    I didn't set recording on my watch, but setup the bag and did 3x3 min rounds.
    Just a bit of everything.
    I still need to clear up the gym a bit more so I can work footwork with the bag.

    60kg 5,10,10,10,5
    Push-ups 3x10
    1 hour break then

    Curls dumbbell 28kg (2x14kg)

    Neck harness
    2.5 kg 3x20

    I may get another lift session in by the end of the year, but as @Nachi posted yearly report I dug mine out also.
    You can see when the drop when I went back to training, so stopped recording BJJ, and also having work on the gym for 2 months.

    But not bad as I reflect on the lockdown for the first 4/5 months of the year, it seems I did more in that time, well certainly recorded more.

    I hope to go running more next year, but maybe this will be in part more treadmill running as long as I keep my weight down enough to use it.
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Well it's been a month, about the length before I update again :D

    December 31st

    60kgx5, 60kgx10, 80kg 5x5
    Lunges 20kg

    1st Jan Monday.
    5km walk with the family

    2nd Jan 2 mile walk
    3rd Jan lots of walking and some running. Took the kids to a local forest on their bikes and I was running with the dog.
    I didn't track any, probably ran a slow mile and walked 2 mile.

    I signed up for a virtual run/race. You can complete in parts and walking counts, but I configured it to only track running.
    It's a Great wall of China run, 161 miles. It's something to give me focus so I can get back into running.

    4th Jan. Tuesday. Back to BJJ!
    1 hour in the evening
    Drill was working from closed guard to clamp guard or to the side for setup to back take.

    At this point I had been studying Stephan Keating's omoplata instructional so welcome the chance to practice clamp guard setup.
    After over 2 weeks off it was a bit hard work but felt better than when I left.

    Ordered a shorter barbell, as the 7foot standard Olympic takes up a lot of space, which can be tricky with 2 people in the gym.

    6foot Oly barbell with the middle the same, essential half a foot off each collar.
    This makes a big difference in the space we have.
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  6. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Breaking in the new barbell!

    The 6 foot barbell is 5kg lighter. 300kg weight rating, which is fine as I haven't ever gone above 200kg lifts.

    So starting of with squat based workout
    Wednesday 5th
    15kg x10, 35kgx10, 55kg x 10,10,5,10,5

    55kg 3x10

    Certainly felt some quad fatigue by the end, took a 2.3 mile walk after.

    Chin ups 3,5,6,6,5,3

    15kgx10, 55kgx5, 55kg 5x10 55kgx20kg

    Curls 28kg dumbbells 12, 15, 18.



    Back to running, but I know my asthma will get triggered on this weather, so sticking to treadmill for now.

    2.7 miles
    Had a go with zwift, so the this was a virtual run around New York :D

    10'48" min/mi AVG
    142 BPM AVG HR

    Treadmill 1.4 miles 16 mins 145 BPM AVG HR
    11'36" min/mi avg
  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 10th
    Lunch BJJ 1 hour

    Drill omoplata from guard, and common response to their escape attempt.

    Manage to get my first omoplata in sparring and also plenty of omoplata sweeps. So I'll work on this more over the next 2 months.

    Tuesday 1 hour BJJ
    Drill side control arm peel to mount with eziekiel.

    Didn't pull off any omoplata but managed a few sweeps.

    Chin ups
    Curls 28kg 3x15

    15kg x10, 55kgx5, 55kg 3x10, 60kg 2x10, 55kgx5, 15kgx20
    Push-ups 5x10
    Neck harness 2.5kg 20,20,15
  8. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thursday 3.3 mile run on the treadmill, whilst watching Season 4 of Cobra Kai
    36 mins 10'25" min/mi avg
    139 BPM avg HR

    15kg x10, 35kg x10, 55kg 3x10, 7, 5
    Deadlift 55kg 10, 10, 12

    bridge holds with resistance band 3x 30s with 1 min break.
    2x10 situps
    2x10 leg raises.
  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 1 hour BJJ
    Drill side control to triangle
    Side control to shotgun arm bar

    Tuesday 1 hour BJJ
    Omoplata sweep as they stand in closed guard.
  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Wednesday 19th

    Lunch 3.31 mile run 9'47" min/mi 152 HR BPM

    2 mile walk

    Pull ups
    Curls 28kg 15,15,15

    Thursday 20th
    15kgx10, 55kgx5, x10
    65kg 3x10
    55kg x10, X5

    Neck harness 2.5kg 3x15
    Push-ups 5x10

    2 mile walk


    15kg X5, 25kgx10, 55kg 5x5

    Deadlift 55kg 3x5

    Hip bridge with resistance band 3x 30s with 30s rest.

    5 min stretch

    Sunday a lot of digging to get the allotment prepped for spring (2 hours digging and weeding)


    Felt pretty good a bit sore but last week was certainly up on the intensity and volume, so thought this week might be interesting to see how my body reacts.

    1 hour BJJ
    Drill side control paper cutter choke. Some nice variations on this I wasn't aware of before.
    Got to train with an old friend who I used to do MMA with, so some good hard sparring.

    Tuesday felt a bit more delicate, hips sore and grip felt fatigued.

    1 hour BJJ
    Closed guard standing break- something I definitely need to work on.
    Did specific sparring from closed guard then rounds of sparring. Definitely felt fatigued, so ended up on defense a lot more. Always good to get that defense and escape practise in!
    Times like this when I'm fatigued I find it a good opportunity where my game is weakest, and not surprising as a 90+kg person my bottom/defence game is definitely weakest :p:D
    I rely too much on butterfly sweep to knee side pass.

    So I sticking with current 2 months for closed guard and omoplata setup practise, along with half guard and defense/escape focus.

    I find with my closed guard needing work, if they posture I'll let them stand and go for omoplata sweep, but timing means I sometimes ends up with half and side control as they pass, breaking their posture and clamp setup for omoplata triangle in finding a lot of effort, so I need to be more efficient on timing this, it's fine with less experienced, but similar weight blue belts is tough, so this will be 2 month focus, or maybe 3 depending on how i feel on review in April.

    Wednesday 2 mile walk, didn't have time to lift, but as my grip was very fatigued I thought the rest was probably a good choice.

    1.5 mile run 151 AVG HR. 10'11" min/mi pace.

    Light workout
    Curls 28kg 3x10

    2 mile walk

    4.04 mile run (run not found;))
    10'20" min/mi 136 AVG HR (big change on HR)
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  11. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Friday evening my son was ready to go to martial arts club, usually very keen and enthusiastic, but he did not look well and was curled up on the sofa. Said he has a headache.
    Temperature was high.

    I did lateral flow test, it was negative, but just to be safe we all stayed in.
    Checked again Saturday, test was positive.
    I feel unsurprised that it came round to us, I heard of so many others in school with it.
    So every day since then we all test, and it has shown negative for all of us, expect my son as we didn't see the point on using the tests.
    My wife has bad symptoms, unwell most of the weekend. Daughter is fine, no symptoms and negative tests, she is keeping out of our way.

    I have a headache and slight temperature, still the tests say negative.

    So no exercise and no going anywhere this week.
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    I hope neither of you would develop any serious symptoms. Get well soon :(
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  13. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I think I'll over the worst.
    Headache almost cleared up, I felt well enough to fit in a workout

    Pull-ups 3,5,5,6,6,5,5
    Curl 28kg 3x12

    I didn't do much else as I thought I'd test the water.
    a few hours later drilled on the dummy for 20 minutes about 8 minutes on each week a break
    Closed guard entry to omoplata from over hook.
    Added variation with triangle attempts.
    Closed guard omoplata sweep from cross grip
    Failed butterfly to omoplata.
    Ended with a few minutes working variations from closed guard whilst setting up omoplata.

    Felt tired an hour after finish.
    40 mins walk.
    Son seems to be on the mend, much better today.
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  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Son is getting better but still testing positive.

    30 minutes BJJ practice on the dummy.
    10 minutes on omoplata setup from closed guard, butterfly guard.

    10 minutes on half guard sweeps/reversal from bad position

    5 minutes mount escapes

    5 minutes arm bar, triangle and omoplata setups from closed guard. Trying to string the 3 together for combination attack.

    12 minute run 1.29 miles 9'51" min/mi avg 135 AVG HR.

    So far feel ok. I may try another one and if all goes well with negative tests back to BJJ next week.
  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Saturday felt ok, my son test was positive still so we didn't go out.
    I was still negative on the throat and back of the nose test.

    Sunday, I had ordered some more tests (short ones) as I was not convinced that the long nose and throat ones were reporting accurately.

    I paid for these as the ones delivered by gov had gone back to the long ones, and doing these with children is difficult.

    So my son tested positive again on the short test. I received my delivery of 10 short tests.
    I tested and instantly it came back positive!
    My son had a light line on his after 10 minutes, but I was surprised how quick it came back and how strong the line was.
    Not entirely surprised as a week with various symptoms, I expected to set it at the start of last week.
    As I suspected the long test was maybe an issue i did one of these again and this time it did come back positive after a few minutes, but the line was barely visible.

    The rest of my family tested, wife and daughter show negative, wife has symptoms, daughter has no symptoms.

    Based on the gov advice I have to isolate the rest of this week, and 2 negative tests before Friday you end isolation.

    I will definitely avoid and gym work and will obviously not be back to BJJ until at least next week (if symptoms are gone and negative tests shows for days).

    Today I feel worse than the last few days, except the headache isn't as bad as it was last Monday/Tuesday.
  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday I tested negative for the first time.

    Didn't feel up for anything, tired, fatigued, still have a headache that comes and goes.
    Tuesday negative still, went for 30 minute casual walk with the dog. She was happy I could take her out again.
    10 minutes gentle drill on the BJJ dummy, omoplata setups, this was tiring

    Wednesday more walking feel sore and achey still, I feel like it will be a week or more before i can go back to training.
    Peak flow is still lower than normal.

    Maybe in the next day or 2 in try a 20 mins slow run.
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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Still feeling run down, tired and a headache comes and goes, but I felt well enough for a small run to test my recovery. I have been waking 2+ miles every day without any issues

    Thursday treadmill run

    1.27 miles 12 mins AVG HR 147bpm 9'58" min/mi

    Friday I feel much more sore than I expected. It felt more like I'd been for an hour's run, so today I rest. Peak flow dropped a bit.
    Saturday or Sunday I'll plan for another run or light lifting.
  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Back on it, but haven't updated since recovery.

    21st Feb 3.25 mile run 30mins 156 AVG HR BPM

    Felt pretty good.

    Monday - long walk with the family.

    Monday night 1 hour 15mins BJJ (1st time back for 3 weeks).

    Advanced class, so we started with takedown drill. Variation in Sumi gaeshi.
    Barely did this in my judo days 25+ years ago, so it was good to get focus on this and get back to it.

    Ground drill- lasso guard sweep, and lasso to omoplata.

    Managed to pull some more omoplata sweep in sparring, couldn't quite get any sub with it, but I'll still focus on it for another month.
    I didn't feel too fatigued from sparring, I was expecting a lot worse.

    Morning 3.31 mile run 31'42" 153 BPM AVG HR

    Afternoon bench
    15kg x10, 55kg X5, 3x10, X5, 15kg x10

    Lateral raise 3x10 8kg

    A couple a days away with the family.

    Pull ups
    Db curl 28kg 3x12
    Crunches 3x10
    Leg raises 3x5

    Sunday. Tag team treadmill with by son. 5 mins each for 20mins swapping between punch bag and treadmill.

    5mins .45mi
    5mins bag
    5mins .49mi
    5min bag

    Kids were been to school, so daily walks were easier to fit in. 1.8 to 2.2 miles a day.
    BJJ 1 hour
    Drill setup paper cutter choke from kimura.
    Followed by back take from kimura.

    I felt this more, maybe as first round was with a brown belt.
    Last round was a white belt a lot bigger than me, so it really felt like a battle to control the round. After first sub I tried a few other things and a really sloppy arm bar attempt ended being on the bottom guard with heavy guy doing the classic head down drive into the closed guard.
    Couldn't quite get the angles the setup anything and a failed elevator sweep ended getting passed. By the end I was exhausted.

    The next day I could feel the aftermath.


    A few 10min drills on the dummy to work through some items.
    Midday 2.65 mi 25'27" 155bpm AVG HR.


    Chinups 5,5,7,8,7,5,5
    dB curl 28kg 3x12


    Didn't have much time, but squeezed in 2 short runs and a few drills on the dummy.

    1.56mi. 14'43"

    1.12mi 10'11"

    Evening 2.6 mi walk.
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  19. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 7th 1 hour BJJ

    Scissor sweep and variation. I rarely use this so it was good to practice.
    Had a new blue at the gym, so sparring ended on the intense side. Grips of death!
    Came away with a few bruises on my arms which until today so haven't healed.

    Thursday evening 1 BJJ
    First time doing 2 classes a week since covid.

    Drill kimura from half guard.
    Had one of those "I hurt my shoulder so let's take it easy when sparring" people, followed by 100% intensity sparring. :rolleyes:
    I'm always ready to go 100, but I find this a bit of a daft.

    Was pretty knackered by the end.
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  20. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I felt last week hard going so I didn't do any other workout between BJJ.

    Monday 14th 1 hour BJJ
    Kimura from half guard, and with a counter roll.

    Tuesday 1 hour BJJ
    Same drill as Monday.
    Felt ok after these 2, so back to other workouts.

    Wednesday treadmill
    3.22mi 35mins 148 Bpm AVG HR

    Thursday lift
    Bench 15kgx10, 55kgx10, 60kg 2x10, 55kgx10, 15kgx10

    Last sets superset with dB curl 28kg 12, 15, 18

    Lat fly 3x10 5kg

    15 mins stretching


    Treadmill 3.17 mi 33' 156bpm AVG HR.

    10 mins stretch

    Saturday 3 hours digging/turning soil. I didn't record it, but certainly feel it now!
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