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  1. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Hope everything goes well mate, non-serious or not, and that you take all the time to rest that you need. (Whether you feel like it or not)

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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thanks @Travess :)
    Knowing me I'll try getting back to it too soon, so I can take that into account when I "feel" ready :D
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  3. aaradia

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    Hope your surgery goes smoothly and you recover quickly!
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  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    No exercises planned, but lots of walking around, as hoc short runs with the kids and the puppy.

    I feel the cold virus is over, but still on the edge with the pollen.

    1 mile casual walk with the kids and puppy.

    Feeling bleugh and itching to get back to something.
    So prior to getting back to something I did what I could with the available time/space

    5, 10, 10, 10
    2 foot Incline pushups
    10, 10, 10

    Sit-ups and plant hand to side (kimura from closed guard)
    10, 10
    Hips push up legs straight up (hips up to traingle)
    10, 10, 10
    Bridge left/right
    10, 10, 10.

    Was enough to get heart moving, nothing particularly taxing, but I felt my legs to a bit jelly after squats, so I guess they are either most taxed today, or least conditioned (probably the latter as running and squats have been severely lacking).

    Weight 91 kg : I shouldn't be surprised, diet has been unmonitored, alcohol has been regularly consumed and exercise minimal.
    Body fat 17% : I was surprised by this, I expected higher, but looks about right, I'd say more 18%

    Resting HR still high 50's/ low 60s
    Compared to last year when it was low 50s. The obvious comparison:
    1.5 stone lighter and regular cardio.

    Next stage, can't plan any routines to start soon, but the time off will give me time to reassess my focus.
    Things I can control: diet.
    Nothing drastic, just to monitor it and avoid snacking and alcohol (particularly beer).
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Eating chocolate eggs :D

    Went geocaching, walked about 1.8 miles with the family. Great fun and signed up for the premium account to do the more complex ones.

    Easter trail with the family, 1.5 mile walk around and a picnic


    BJJ 1 hour

    Was glad to get back after a week off, and knowing I won't be back for a few weeks.

    Takedown drill
    Single leg shoot and finish with inside trip.
    I suck at single/double legs, so it was good to drill it.

    Ground work drill;
    From them in closed guard, they stand to break, move to spider then one leg down, or if they pass on one leg; push to bring them over and catch the legs then push with the leg up to trip back.
    From here move to half, or sit back to ashi gurama.
    Worked Achilles lock.
    Second time I've drilled this, but felt I was able to get it on better.

    3 rounds of sparring; I learnt a lot from it. No subs finished but I was happy to pull off a few things I've been drilling recently.
    Pass inside with knee cut as they attempt sweep.
    pressure pass closed guard.
    Pass by submission threat (lapel covered push down choke.

    I watched a video recently on side control escape, pulled this off easily surprisingly straight forward, but need to work on the end position.
    Side control to reverse kesa game to knee control to mount I managed to pull off a few times, I will keep focus on this as I seem to be able to set this up often.

    Went away feeling great, plenty of things to work on and think about, plenty of techniques making improvements.

    Minor surgery which completed without complications. So 2 days doing nothing (easy said than done for most I guess?)
    Wife is being lovely as alwaysn looking after me and making sure I don't move :D

    They said 2 weeks before I can go back to BJJ. So I will see how I feel after that.
    The coach said the best way to approach was after that time come back when I feel it's ok and do the warm-up, if it doesn't feel good then stop, if the warm-up is ok then onto drilling and no sparring, until a few sessions have passed.

    Until then I'll do some reading and watching videos to keep my mind on it.

    The leaflet said not to lift anything more than 10lbs over the next week. I couldn't help but think "does that only apply to muggles" :D
  6. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Excellent - That's exactly what we wanted to hear (read)
    Ah, 2 stages of grief (grief over the reality that you may have lay off training) all rolled into one there - Denial AND bargaining.

    Take it easy mate.

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  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    Rest. Sat on my bum doing nothing.

    I found this very hard work mentally and physically! My butt hurts.

    Thought I should log something as I'm bored out of my skull.

    Been watching various drill tutorials, particularly ones I would like to refine that I was relatively successful with:

    Pressure pass from closed guard outside.
    Side control escape to guard.
    Ezekiel choke from low mount and half guard.

    Watching BJJ fanatics video on BJJ for over 40, plenty of content to keep my mind active without getting too frustrated.
  8. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    I am glad the minor surgery went well. And as frustrating as it is, take the time to heal properly before jumping back in
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  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Back to something as I have done zero planned activities.

    Watched a ton of instructional videos, which made me think of constructing a flow diagram with a small set of guard pass, sweeps, transition that I'm ok with and can build on.

    Quite often I found my brain getting over worked and just stopped as I think it would be counter productive.

    On weekend of 27/28th I kept rested with a little bit if walking with the dog.
    29th-3rd May, wife took the kids to school so walking was minimal, a bit walking the dog in the day for 10mins.
    Birthday weekend I watched endgame so feet up for 3 hours :D

    The rest of the weekend was minimal activity.
    Tuesday feeling much better, back in my feet and a longer walk with the dog.
    Wednesday, back on the weights.
    I think slow movements and non leg centric was the best start.
    Working back into it slowly.

    Bench press
    20kgx10, 40kgx5, 40kgx10, 50kgx5, 50kgx10
    60kg 3x5

    Row 40kg 2x5
    Curl 20kg 2x10
    Neck harness 2.5kg 3x10

    5 minutes light shadow boxing, minimal foot work.
    5 mins stretching
    Bridges 2x10
    Legs up from back 2x14


    No exercises, felt a bit of DOMS from yesterday as expected.

    Wife asked if I was going back to BJJ as I seemed better.
    I thought yeah I could go, but double checked myself and still not recovered enough to risk it. So thought it best to wait another week.


    No access to weights so some calisthenics:
    Pushups 10, 15, 16

    Legs up from on my neck
    10, 14, 20

    12, 14, 22


    Stretching 5 minutes

    Was good to feel the heart pumping, felt I could go a lot more, but ease back in gradually.
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  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    lost track of the logging. Feeling out of sorts without a proper routine which I plan to resume this week.

    Started measuring HRV using a new heart strap.

    Monday 13th

    1 mile walk with 20kg vest -20 mins 100bpm HR

    a few minutes break then 1 mile walk without vest.

    Evening I did some more calisthenics
    Pushups 10
    Elevated pushups 4x10

    On back legs up
    Lunges with my daughter on my back

    5 minutes stretching.

    Tuesday 14th

    1 mile walk with 20kg vest

    1.7 mile run 17 mins

    5 minutes skipping (30s on 30s rest).

    Forgot how out of skipping I was, got into it after a couple of rounds.

    Wednesday 15th

    1.3 mile walk with weighted vest.
    20 minutes of this was carrying 2 watering cans as I watered the allotment.


    BJJ planned, so nothing in the day.

    Work problems so could not get to BJJ. Absolutely gutted, but I'll be fresh for Tuesday.


    Felt tired and had a nap in the day, my HR was the lowest it's been for a long time (48bpm)

    Kids TKD class was cancelled, so they were gutted :(


    DIY got a fair workout from that, probably 4 hours of moving stuff and hammering, screwing.

    HRV was showing signs of high stress, but I had stuff scheduled, so rest postponed.


    1 mile walk.

    Watching my diet, cut out snacks, I will start using my fitness Pal again to keep track.

    Today was the 10k I have been running since it opened, first year I didn't do it.
    Felt pretty rubbish about not being about to do it. :(

    Think I will finally sign up to a half marathon next year as the Reading half date is on a better day.
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  11. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    HRV 53 (good)

    probably should note that this is way under average for my age, in fact it's about average for a 70 year old, that's not the sole factor to determine my performance, but it is expectantly low

    Dog walk whilst wife did allotment work/watering.

    Stayed up very late to watch the last Game of Thrones.


    HRV showed good (for me) 53

    Feel surprisingly good despite the lack of sleep.

    So a gentle dog walk and watering the allotment, about 40 minutes activity.

    Afternoon nap :D


    HRV 55
    Slept well, min HR 50bpm
    Day walk was 1.8 miles, which included 30 minutes of carrying 2 watering cans to water the allotment, a nice bit of shoulder conditioning :D

    Best bit was evening BJJ session.
    1 hour of glorious sweaty hugs.

    Takedown drill
    Guard pull to de la Riva, then sweep forward to pass to side control.

    Drilled with a guy traveling for work from another BJJ club.
    Something I really like in the BJJ community I didn't see so much in other clubs here, the common appearances of people from other clubs during their travels. It's great to drill and roll with people from other clubs.

    20 minutes sparring
    First time back for 4 weeks, my body felt good, but I set myself limits so I didn't over do it:
    No harder than 50% give or take
    Work on positions, transitions, escapes, defence, and avoid any submission attempts unless they are easily presented.

    Was happy with how it went.
    Went home feeling positive wondering what would hurt tomorrow.
    (Also wondering what strange bruises that appear on me which raise questions of origin).


    HRV 52, which the app said was a 10 (go hard or go home :D)

    2.1 mile dog walk/run
    Kept the running low, mostly training on how to behave for a run, 4 mins running at 11min/mi she wanted to go much faster!
    5-10 min walking between

    After she got home and settled I added my own overdue run

    3 miles 29'55" duration 167bpm AVG HR 9'58" min/mi

    HR was understandably high due to my lack of running recently. Legs felt ok with it.

    Feeling a little sore from yesterday, and the bruises have made their appearance, luckily nothing on my neck for questioning.


    Forgot to check HRV, in general felt ok apart from an early wake up.

    Usually walk and water, I didn't record it, but the usually distance is 1.8 miles.

    Evening BJJ!
    I thought my wife would be home late, so didn't expect/plan to get there

    Takedown drill: double leg shoot
    From standing lapel/sleeve grip:
    Pull down then up and over to knock balance back into heels.
    Lead leg between theirs, knee to floor
    Follow hands to back of the legs, takedown to half guard.

    Ground drill
    Triangle defence/escape
    Push their hips down and bring your hips under theirs whilst posture up.
    Can be done with a hop, or walk up.

    Work other hand in to break guard
    If the triangle is on tight,frame arm across hip and wedge down, other hand to the knee by the ear.
    Pull to the ground, posture across and pull arm in to outside pass, or if they Armbar attempt, pass inside when the feet uncross.

    10 mins Positional sparring, starting from high guard with one arm in.
    I didn't escape, but it was good practise :D

    Sparring from knees 30 minutes.
    I tried to keep to my previous rule.
    Always hard to go 50% when the other is going 100% :D
    got called to spar by a higher belt which was great, got some really good tips as I was getting smeshed. Funny how you can learn so much in a couple of minutes with the right answers :)

    Also picked up my new club GI :cool:
    To the "backup pile" with the other one ;)


    HRV 46 which came up as not good (yellow on the scale)
    So no workout planned, just light activity.

    Feeling much more sore today.

    I had the usual walk and water task for the day, which I'd class as light activity.

    Possible long weekend of some gardening/allotment work, hopefully I'll get some extra nap times in as my sleep has been "interrupted" often this week.
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  12. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    Sleep was good, HRV showing 50 (good)
    Family is ill, daughter has a horrible cold.

    My usual walk and watertm
    1.45 mile walk with 20kg vest.

    43mins 105 HR AVG
    25 minutes of watering the allotment.


    HRV 48 (not good/yellow)

    Still had a task to dismantle and remove the kids Wendy house, not used for years and a collection of garden toys.

    We were up very late making an incredibly hard puzzle, crawling around became sore after a few hours.


    HRV 56 (good/green)

    Planned rest day.
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  13. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday continued... Into Tuesday
    The day went well, then what seemed out of nowhere I became very ill, and was up until 2am being very sick.
    Then it passed and all felt safe to go to sleep.

    3:30am my son wakes with a nose bleed (not uncommon for him at the moment) so I managed to get up to help him, by 5am it had stopped and he went to sleep, 5:30am, puppy needs the toilet :D
    I had to laugh.
    Got back to sleep then woke again at 6am, noticed blood all over my foot, must have come from my son and I didn't notice in the mayhem.

    I cleaned it up and realised it was from me! At some point (probably when rushing in) I had smashed my toe and my nail was hanging off.

    Bandaged up and all good.

    Appetite was good so are a lot,
    also managed to get some sleep in the day.

    Felt good enough for training in the evening with my self set caveat of no hard sparring :D

    BJJ -1 hour

    Takedown drill:
    from standard grip;
    lift up, shoot for double, legs either side and take to the side.

    ground work:
    butterfly guard sweep to mount with
    under hook.
    Much needed as I don't ever use butterfly, or moreso I try a few times and fail.

    3 rounds sparring, worked for positions mostly and defense against higher belts.
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  14. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    I was gonna say, with a night/morning like that, you were probably tempting fate by going to BJJ - But sometimes you are just safer/better off, taking a step back, and allowing yourself to just do what you love.

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  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    HRV 44 (score of 5, not good)

    Despite my HRV score I felt good and had opportunity to go to midday BJJ
    1 hour BJJ

    Whilst drilling I felt very fatigued so worked it light

    Butterfly sweep with over and underhook
    Drilled transition from side control one side to the other when they underhook.
    Sparring was light, picked a partner who had injuries and wanted to take it easy. A good light roll, probably a step about flow rolling.


    HRV 46 (lower end of good)
    Based on this I got back in the gym, but kept it low volume, lower intensity than I'm used to:

    60kgx5, 62.5x5, 65x5, 60x5, 55x5

    60kg 3x5
    Neck harness 2.5kg 3x10
    Calf raises 20kg 3x15

    10 mins stretching.

    Didn't go to BJJ in the evening due to kids bed time issues.
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  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    oops left off :

    10 mins Yang Taichi in the morning.

    Walk/run with the dog at lunch.

    2.53 miles 31 mins 145bpm AVG HR
    keeping this infrequent and under 3 miles, but quite clearly she could manage more!

    For the last short length of the park (0.1) I let her have a little sprint to see how fast she would comfortably go.

    The pace started at 4'45" min/mi and ended 5'31" min/mi
    the dog (Hopper) pretty much ran circles around me doing this :D:eek:
    I ended that sprint with a good ab workout laughing my socks off.

    about 1 mile walk on each day.
    10 min light stretching both days
    HRV 51 (good)

    1.2 mile walk


    HRV 56 (good)

    Walk/run with dog
    Less running and slower paced.
    2.8 miles 39 mins 133bpm AVG HR.

    BJJ 1 hour

    Takedown high double finishing taking to the side.
    I've been drilling the low double more, so I made me pause a few times not to drive the knee to the mat. I'm glad to practice this one which I used to do more in Sanda and MMA.

    Ground work
    Passing the butterfly
    Posting on the collar, and grabbing the trouser, then outside shin push into the outside thigh to flatten into side control.

    After spending many sessions drilling butterfly, it was good to see some defense to it.

    Specific sparring from butterfly; pass or sweep.
    I started in butterfly and pulled the sweat off every time, I guess all the drilling paid off, on the flip side I passed the butterfly every time :D

    I feel I need to work this into free sparring.

    3 rounds sparring,
    I couldn't get entry to pull off butterfly, so tried different sweeps.
    Fatigue came on quick, I think the run in the day drained me somewhat.
    I couldn't finish the Sao Paulo pass on anyone, I got part way round and my grip just fell apart.

    I was more successful with pass by submission threat and also managed to finish an arm traingle which I've never done before;
    In half guard, threatened kimura, to ude garame then wait for the pull back and wrapped the arm over, passed to mount as they were fighting and varied the position until it sunk in.
    I have got the position a few times but never quite got it right, so I'll work on it more.

    Last round took a knock to the eye whilst defending ezekiel, later realised I had a small brusie which became a nice black eye today: just as well I'm working from home :)

    More BJJ
    Drilled butterfly variation as they collar grip, break and stuff across, then head under and over hook, sweep outside.

    some good rounds, still feeling fatigued, but I feel that it forced me to work technically which I'm happy to do.

    Aching a lot at the moment and with the black eye I think I should take my wife's advice and not train tomorrow.

    I know that I'll train until I'm injured or ill. Part of it I think is because I wasn't able to go to a class for 7 years, and part of me always feels I should get as much done as I can in case I'm unable to for a long time again. I think that will take some time to sink in properly.

    so I write it down here and I'm likely to do it:

    Recovery : maybe some light lifting and/or walk

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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    so Thursday I did nothing, a dog walk, which was about 1 mile ish.


    walk/run with the dog
    3.25mi 39:02 duration 11:59min/mi avg pace
    this was mostly walking with 2x 0.6 mile runs.

    Walk and some allotment work



    Walk with the dog and a short 0.5mile run 1.87mi 25:33min 13:40min/mi

    followed by a proper run 4.05mi 37:12 duration 9:11min/mi pace 167avg HR BPM

    1 mile splits
    1 -09:54
    2 - 08:50
    3 - 09:43
    4 - 08:33

    felt pretty good, didn't push it and thought I could go out again and do more.
    Hamstrings felt a bit crampy after I got back, so spent 10 mins stretching focused on legs.
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  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    A bit achey and tired, so I managed to fit in some nap time.

    I felt charged enough for:
    BJJ 1 hour

    Takedown drill.

    Ippon seonage
    It's been a long time since I did this throw, but it was my most used in Judo days.

    A few nice extra bits which helped refine it, and a variation going to the other side of the standard grip.

    Ground work.
    Sweep from under half guard, collar grab on the high side and end sleeve grab on the lower side. Stuffing their hand under the leg, then roll back and over when they drive forward.

    Sparring was great, didn't fatigue as much as last week. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't get the butterfly sweeps in, but I worked on ankle pick against a wide combat base, gift wrap to back take, and again on the Sao Paulo pressure passes, which I feel I used far too much energy up on.

    At the end I was gifted with an extra stripe to fully charged white belt :D
    (4th stripe)

    Very pleased with it and I felt like everything was coming together nicely on the rolls.


    another BJJ session

    Ground work, spider to de la riva, pass the far hand through the legs to the other hand, collar grab, pull to the ground and push to side control.

    More good rolls, my chin started bleeding (was a bit sore today) so TCP on it and I'll keep an eye on it.

    It looks like a graze, if it doesn't improve I may need to miss tomorrow's training :(

    I've been working on my own work flow/mind map, plenty of good examples around, I may start a thread in it.
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  19. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu



    Packed for a weekend away

    A weekend of long walks, exploring in the forest, enjoying some father's Day treats, archery with my daughter, bug watching with my son, and relaxing, laughing and enjoying the wife's company. A truly lovely weekend.


    HRV was not good (49)
    not unexpected as I had a late evening and lots of beer, so the consequences have come to fruition.

    So no runs planned apart from run walk with the fluffy hound.

    I am splitting the commands up, so normal walk to heel, steady run to heel, and run ahead (lead the pack, dictate the pace).

    2.24 mi 27 mins

    For 0.5 mile internal it was about 10 min/mi
    When I let her lead and she dictated the pace it was about 6min/mi for 0.2 miles (peaked at 5'21" min/mi) with no sign of flagging, yet I stopped her so as not to over do it.
    I did 2 lots of 0.5 mile steady and 2x dog pace under 0.2 miles. The rest was a causal walk.
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  20. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    A nap in the day to get my body a bit more recovered, and a dog walk and water the allotment before it started raining :confused::D

    Evening BJJ session 1 hour

    Drop seonage, glad to drill this, I've seen it done many times, I used to do seonage frequently in judo. Interesting to drill the mechanics, not as big a throw, but the torque makes you spin fast on the throw.

    Ground work drill
    Suicide baseball bat choke.
    From under half guard, set up the hand position and let them take your back, twist and elbows in.
    I might try this in sparring, but not this session as everyone will be expecting it ;)

    Rounds of sparring, my asthma or something is not good, felt wasted pretty quick, had to tap to a mount as I struggled to breath and I could feel asthma kick in :(

    Wednesday more BJJ
    Ground work drill side control, spin round to arm bar controlling the far arm.
    It's been a while since I've tried any jujigatame, so it was good to drill this.
    Almost pulled it off in sparring, need to work on finish it.
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