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  1. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    BJJ 1 hour

    Takedown setup
    Ashi waza (outside sweep) to harai goshi (sweeping hip)

    For some reason (probably lack of sleep) I could not pull of the harai goshi as fluid as normal.

    Ground work
    Attacking the turtle:
    Moving to open one side and hand cup in to setup guillotine move back the other side to lock in guillotine in side mount sort of position.

    Following this, as they defend the choke, bring the feet in to butterfly sweep into mount and finish the choke.
    Once again, my brain was at lower capacity and was slow to pick this up.

    Sparring, definitely tired or something, it was good sparring, but on reflection is was much more defensive than normal, not attempting any sub setups, or when I saw the opportunity, I was slow to attempt.


    Going with my previous formula, optimal HR/actually resting (52/59) X planned weight (142.5kg)
    Comes to about 130kg.

    Warm-up, then 130kg 5x3 was planned. I felt I was lagging, so only did 3x3.
    20kgx10 30kg 2x10
    Neck harness
    2.5kg 3x10

    2 min stretch
    2 min shadow box.

    A few rest days planned, if I still feel rough, I think I will drop the weights a bit more.
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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    On reflection of my recent progress, I really need to get a steady cardio plan back in. The frequent asthma issues causing a set back and puppy training not going so smoothly so I can't leave her at home long enough for an hour run.

    So skipping and treadmill running is to be factored in.

    I really hate treadmill running, but it must be done. I reviewed my training logs from this time previous years and it's about now my lungs are stable enough time start again.

    I'll start with 1 mile 3 times a week, and see if I don't go insane running without moving :D.

    Skipping should help my weak calf's which could do with better conditioning, they are always a bottleneck in my running.
    So 1 mile run followed by 2 min skip Mon, wed, Thu. Then increment time.

    So I don't overdo it, I'll keep it low HR, which for me is 140-150bpm running. Skipping I find harder to keep a low HR, so I'll gauge that as I go.

    Monday: run, skip, rest bench
    Tuesday: (run skip)* BJJ
    Wednesday: run, skip, (BJJ)*
    Thursday: run, skip, BJJ
    Friday: deadlift/squat

    *For days where my asthma is good and I have time in the day.

    I still haven't signed up for my usually 10k in May, which I think will give me a target once I do.
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  3. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Well like all good plans, there were set backs.

    Time constraints meant I was unable to get an the running in I planned, and a creeping illness which I shrugged off, but returned today.

    Usual warm-up, working sets 70kgx5, 80kgx5, 85kgx5, 90kgx3, 95kgx3

    Pushups 10, 12, 15
    Stretching 5 minutes.


    1.1 mile dog walk.

    Skipping 3x1 minutes (puppy does not like the skipping rope!)
    2 min shadow box
    2 min stretch

    BJJ 1 hour
    Drilling the same as last time:
    Ashi waza (outside sweep) to harai goshi (sweeping hip)
    It clicked a lot better this time.

    Ground work
    Turtle escape with a rear mount.
    Post to the side, kick through into guard.

    Sparring was great, a few intense rounds which I was fatigued by at the end.


    Rest (about a mile dog walking, but didn't record it)


    Midday nap, helped keep me refreshed.

    BJJ 1 hour

    Harai goshi drilling, worked a lot of kuzushi and setups, then onto the throw.

    Ground work
    Turtle escape from opponent in front with underhook.
    Post out with the leg, kick through and round to the back.

    Sparring rounds, great again, worked to the back and tried to setup triple threat, but couldn't quite get it.


    First run for 3 months.
    I had enough time for 1.95 miles, which is just as well as I'm sore.

    19 minutes, 157bpm AVG HR.

    Finished 3x3 min shadow boxing with 30s rest.
    Working on footwork and hands.

    10 minutes stretching.

    Feeling a bit sniffy now :(

    I will plan a deload for next week.
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  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    So this week was a deload, in fact I didn't do any lifting or running.

    Tuesday a longer dog walk (1.5 miles).
    Went to BJJ on Tuesday evening.
    Takedown Ouchi gari from attempted seonage.

    Ground work
    Closed guard (bottom position) to arm bar, using lapel to wrap and trap arm across.

    Some great sparring again.

    I felt run down before I started, but felt fine during, and enough energy to get through.

    Wednesday felt run down/sniffy again, avoided lifting or running, a 1 mile dog walk in the day
    Thursday was worse, chest felt bad, so I begrudgingly didn't go to BJJ.
    I probably could have managed, but I'd be more ill, trying to think of the long term.

    No more training until Tuesday when I go back to BJJ.
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    so a birthday weekend for the wife with a day off on Monday.
    Unfortunately for my wife she came down with a virus on Sunday, but being the trooper she is, and her birthday, we still managed to get to the cinema.

    Tuesday 12 March
    Back to work and back to the routine.
    I didn't get to do the long run I planned due to work constraints :(

    Felt a bit chesty and rhinitis still lingering, but I felt good enough based on my asthma scale to train.
    As with most days, I reviewed some videos of drills similar to what I did last week, and I was looking at arm drag entry. I used to drill arm drag a lot in wrestling and MMA, so thought I would try it out.

    BJJ 1 hour

    Take down drill

    Kouchi gari to Ouchi gari (inside to inside sweep)
    With some time off I felt achey and cardio fatigued quickly, but the technique was going well.

    Ground work
    Cross collar strangle from guard.
    grip break with both hands, one under their arm and over top of my hand.
    Break and use legs to get hand up, then keep sleeve grip and hold behind head whilst the other hand overhook and feed under to cross collar grip.
    Other hand released and help tighten grip, then feed the thumb (or fingers) and finish.

    I noticed with my respiration not feeling great, my usual time I would wait for tap needed to be extended as I went light headed quicker than normal. So fortunately I realised this before sparring.

    4 rounds of sparring.
    Pulled the arm drag off a few times to back mount or side mount, much harder with the Gi, especially if they have made grips.
    Worked a back take from side control on a few, but was unable to finish from position.
    Was quite happy with my defence in guard, and able to pass a few times. Managed to pull of a pendulum, kimura and scissor sweep from guard.
    today I'll review some videos of the drills and will probably check through triple threat back take videos as I never seem to finish from that position.
  6. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    I planned a run, and despite the strong wind and showers I was going to run :D

    First decent run since December
    4.03 miles, 41'58", 158bpm AVG HR, running index 49.
    HR was high for that pace, but as expected without running a while.
    Followed by
    5 minutes skipping
    5 minutes Shadow boxing
    10 minutes stretching.


    I felt pretty sore from yesterday's run, a brisk walk 25min with the dog in the day helped.


    Takedown drill;
    Kouchi gari to Ouchi gari (inside to inside sweep), or seonage setup to Ouchi gari.

    It was a busy class, so quite hard to find mat space where we weren't throwing into other people.

    Ground work drill:
    From guard, cross collar and wrist control. opponent stands up, hips up, knees into chest and release grip to ankles to trip back. Get up to the side and circle round into mount.
    Following this, if the post on elbow and arm out to prevent the mount, grab and knee over the head and under into arm bar. If they roll over, follow with them and finish in jujigatame.

    Specific sparring guard.
    I felt that my focus on guard pass/sweep block pass from guard is paying off.

    Sparring from knees ( I think 6x5 min rounds)
    I lost track but it was about 30 mins and I was completely gassed by the end.
    Some great sparring and met another judo guy who was BJJ white, had a strong north south, and some slick sweeps.

    I'll look for some videos with similar drills today to refresh my head.
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  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu



    Breaking in my new mizuno wave sky that my wife bought.
    I can retire my others after 377 miles.

    2.95miles 29'53" running index 51, 155bpm AVG HR; much improvement already, which usually happens when I get back into it.
    With the wind I expected a tough run, but wasn't too bad.
    I felt sore from the last run and BJJ but no problems with my legs running.

    No lifting the week, I'll ease that back in with the running.

    Resting HR is still very high, I'm not sure why, a weekend of rest should help.
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  8. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Still haven't managed to brave a windy run yet... :oops:

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  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Considering I haven't been lifting much, I think it doubles up as resistance training :D

    There were a couple of branches (small) that fell down in front of me, which made me reconsider doing it again in the wind.
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  10. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Yeah, I'm willing to risk the wind speed being in the mid-teens, but when it's in it's 20's (which it has been around these parts) that's when things start flying out of trees at you, and the whole experience becomes less enjoyable.

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  11. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu



    2 mile run that I planned for yesterday.

    BJJ 1 hour

    Takedown drill
    Pull round to Ouchi gari, timing the sweep as their foot comes into position.

    Ground work.
    Balloon sweep over into mount
    This was very new to me and I got it eventually, but rolling over to mount felt alien to start.

    Sparring, a good few rounds of hard sparring.
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  12. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    A brisk 1 mile walk with the puppy

    Followed by 5 mile run in 50mins AVG HR 158bpm running index 52.

    Changed my form a bit, engaging the calf at the end of the stride so I work them a bit more, also gave a pace boost.


    1 mile walk

    no training as I took my daughter to an extra lesson in preparation for her grading on Saturday.


    1.5 mile walk with the dog
    Followed by 4 mile run in 38 mins running index 51 AVG HR 161bpm

    Been using my new running shoes mizuno wave sky. It's so good to have shoes that have padding again :D
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  13. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Changing shoes regularly makes a huge difference! I had been suffering from problems with my achilles tendon for years, to the point I was thinking I might have to quit MA. I changed my everyday trainers to zero drop Inov8 a year or two ago, with the idea of stretching the tendon and strengthening the lower leg for the barefoot movement at class. This worked out brilliantly, I really think it saved my TKD training.

    I wanted to get back to running (used to be 10k 3 to 5 times a week, though never fast), but wanted to keep zero drop and need cushioning for my aged joints, so picked up some Altra Paradigm shoes. These too are proving to be great; I'm taking it easy by doing the C25K program, and they're really comfortable, dealing with my over-pronation, letting my toes splay and working my lower leg in a way that feels right. My foot strike definitely changes to front/mid foot when I run wearing them, and there's enough padding for the tarmac sections I have to do.

    I'll see if I can get back to 10 minute miles over 3 - 4 miles and catch up with you a bit :D
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  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I noticed that in TKD also, bare foot on hard floor didn't agree with my feet.

    Being on the heavier side I think I need to change them more often than the recommended 300-500 miles, my last few felt less padded at 250+ miles.

    I look forward to seeing your pace drop :D
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  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    been a bit slack on the logging recently, work has been full on.


    Took my daughter to her 3 hour grading which she passed to red belt. :D

    Mostly a recovery day.

    Afternoon was a 1.5 mile walk with the dog and kids whilst my wife was working on the allotment.
    We joined her after and I got to work with making a bench and digging.

    I felt it the next day on my glute and hamstrings.


    Warm-up to 70kg 3x5, 2x6
    Curl 20kg 2x10
    Pushups 2x10

    Avoided the neck work as my traps/neck has been sore.

    Only time to walk the dog, planned run missed :(

    BJJ 1 hour

    Standing up from in the closed guard.
    Holding on a cross arm grip, then keeping the closer grip, posture up and hand behind to break the ankle grip; push legs to the side for outside pass.
    Followed up with grip on lapel, same side knee/hip pushes in, break the ankle grip then release lapel and circle hand over to pass outside.

    Specific sparring from closed guard.
    I tried out different sweeps and passes. I need to work in my outside passes.
    Worked on my sweeps, pendulum seems to work best with me, I cannot seem to time scissor so will, need to work on that.

    Normal sparring, longer than normal, I lost count of how many people, but must have been about 30 mins.
    I feel that I pull off ezekiel choke most of all submissions, so when the opportunity came up (which it did a few times) I didn't apply, but setup and attempt to chain to another submission, or use it to help pass half guard.

    I was very worn out by the end.


    1 mile brisk walk, followed by 3.2 mile run (planned a 5 but that's all I had time for :( )
    3.21 miles
    8'59" min/mi
    AVG HR 166bpm
    Max HR 178bpm

    Given the time constraint I went for increased pace, which was no problems on the lungs, but my legs were fatigued from yesterday.

    Trying to figure out the logistics of racing in May with the puppy, too long to be left and can't bring her with all the people around, so there is high chance I won't do it this year :(


    1.5 mile brisk walk.

    BJJ 1 hour

    I think the session ended up being 90 mins

    Started with flow roll, I think a lot find this difficult, especially at White belt, in not sure my partner was quite into it as he didn't attempt any escapes from my top positions, so I let him go on top position.

    Drilled whichever Takedown we wanted to practise. I went with tai otoshi body drop as I hadn't practised it in a while.

    Specific sparring:
    Sparring from guard
    Half guard
    Side control
    Back control

    I definitely need work on back escapes and side control. I often find when I make the space on side I don't have enough energy to get to guard, but I imagine that's a technique issue rather than cardio.

    Then onto sparring, lots of sparring.
    I lost count of how long again, but it felt longer than Tuesday, and I was running on empty by the end.

    At the end I got 2 extra stripes, so I'm on 3 now :)
    Very pleased with that.

    I have a selection of bruises, some of which my wife was questioning on my neck as they looked like something else.
    Seems fairly common, but I probably need to watch that cross collar strangle if it's being applied for too long.

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  16. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    As well you should be - Not that stripes and belts are the be all and end all, but acknowledgement and recognition from your 'betters', based on continued improvement/effort shown sure is nice.

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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    thanks :) I try to roll with the training these days and not "aim" for grades, but I'm certainly pleased to achieve.

    My bruises have changed over the last few days, my bicep has one big black and purple bruise the size of a golf ball. I never remember getting these but they certainly hang around.
    My right shin is one big bruise which made running on Friday tender.


    My puppy isn't doing great with being left, so running on my own is often missed out.
    As she's a lot older I thought I would ease her into some running.

    About a 2 mile route, with 0.5 mile walk to start, then we would run at a gentle pace for 3-5 mins, walk 3 mins.
    I added a couple of very short sprints in there because I know she loves to tear around the garden at high speed.

    She did really well, kept the pace, only a few sniff distractions.

    I only recorded part of the run.

    1.76mi 23min 13'17" AVG HR 143bpm

    At most I only plan to do another like this once a week.


    Digging in the allotment and carrying soil. Felt like a good workout.
  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    Full of cold, which made entertaining not so easy.


    Still full of cold. Went for a very brief walk.


    Getting much better, but I have to write down that I should not train, otherwise I will, despite it being in my best interest and that of others.

    So no training tonight :(

    Went for a 2.7 mile walk in the day all wrapped up, scarf hat big. People make comments that is not that cold. But I'm asthmatic with a cold, so shrug those comments off and be glad not to get a chest infection :)
  19. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    on the mend, in recovery mode; nothing more that a brisk 2.3 mile walk with the dog


    Not 100% but well enough to train at BJJ

    More drilling this class, and a lot less sparring, which probably was for the best for me.
    drilled for rounds entry from closed guard to:
    armbar, triangle, kimura

    from passing guard: jumping over their body from one side to the other with grip on legs

    Attempt pass, into half guard with their knee sheild up.
    hook under knee shield to pin other leg and shin slice across to side control.
    From there work on rolling them over to the side, then to bow arrow choke.
    Sparring. Was definitely feeling not 100% mentally and physically, but it was good to roll. Cardio tank was half of normal, and brain didn't engage quick enough for the opportunities that arose.
    Still got some good rolls with a variety of people :)


    Feel a bit rough again, so nothing intense.
    3.2 mile walk with the dog. She enjoyed it thoroughly :)
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  20. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Some allotment work, carrying bark bags, digging and planting. Enough to break a sweat.

    2 mile walk with 20kg weighted vest.

    2.6 mile walk


    Drilled some guard pass manoeuvres.
    Moving outside the guard, left to right planting the hand in the middle.

    Drill from spider to de la Riva, to cross guard, then sweep backwards, to side control.
    The same setup then butterfly hook to sweep into back control.
    This was a bit too compres for me, but good to drill the concept.

    Finished with a fun few sparring rounds.

    Still not 100% or even 60% so I felt my fuel tank drain quickly in sparring so I worked in defence and survival in bad positions.


    2 mile dog walk.
    a day nap which was needed and helped with recovery from the cold.


    2 mile walk

    Drilled a few open guard entries including switch side drill from Tuesday.

    Half guard pass drill with them under hooking. Pass on the inside knee slice, step over and far elbow blocked the hip to finish in side control.

    Drilled a closed guard outside pressure pass which I've been studying the past few weeks via video.
    Underhook one side with collar grab, head onto the mat other side of head. Hips up and walk towards your head side.
    As the legs flatten, then transfer head and other arm over, keep turning until leg open, then pass outside to side control.

    A few hard sparring rounds, again worked on survival/defence, but feeling better.


    3.5 mile walk.

    Some time off work with kids so no training for the next week.
    I have a surgery planned, nothing serious, but that means I can train a week on Tuesday and then probably next a couple of weeks off BJJ and anything else.
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