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  1. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Friday 8th Sept
    Muay Thai 2 hours
    Cycled about 15 miles

    PEanut buter sandwich
    Bacon and Pasta salad
    Protein Shake
    Choc milk shake
    4 grilled hamburgers

    Need to get on my running next week, really slacked this week.
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  2. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Saturday 8th Sept
    Deadlifts 160kg 5x2
    One arm dumbell Rows 45kg 3x5
    Pull ups 10kg 3x5
  3. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Sunday 9th Sept


    Monday 10th Sept

    5 Mile run 35:16
    1 min plank, 1 min side plank
    1 hour 30 mins muay thai
    2 hours boxing
    Cycled about 15 miles.

    Smoked salmon sandwich
    2 grilled burgers in 2 slices of brown bread
    1 peanut butter sandwich
    4 scrambled eggs with 2 slices brown toast
    1 Glass of milk
    1 Protein shake
    stir fry with double portion of noodles
    1 bannana.

    Don't think I ate enough calories today need to try and eat more tommorow so I don't loose weight too fast.
  4. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Tuesday 11th Sept

    BW 80kg
    1 hour 30 mins Thai Boxing
    Taking a deload week from stregth trianing as I dont remember my last deload week and last week I struggled.

    1 Chicken Breast
    1 Chicken Wing
    1 Glass of Milk
    1 Protein Shake
    3 Fish Cakes
    2 smoked salmon sandwiches
    1 peanut butter sandwich
  5. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Have you tried using Cronometer or something like that to track your diet? I know you need the protein, but it looks like you go for days without eating any vegetables; surely that can't be a good long term diet?

  6. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    I'm taking a rest week too.
    Gives me good amount of time to sort out my diet but I find it so boring not lifting. Lucky the universe sprung one on me and now I have a sprained ankle.

    Why are you next goals then?
  7. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    12 September 2012
    3 Mile run 21:18
    3 Min Plank 1 Min Side Plank
    3x2 standing ab roll outs
    1 hour 30 mins Muay Thai
    Biked 16 Miles

    1 Chicken Sandwich
    1 Bacon Sandwich
    1 magnum Icecream and 1 peporoni pizza (1st cheat meal this week)
    4 eggs scrambled with 2 slices toast
    1 peanut butter sandwich
    2 paninis with mozzarella cheese and parma ham.
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  8. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    I used to use an app on my phone to track my diet, you're completely right I need more vegtables. The reason why is because I'm at home while on holiday from uni and my family rarely have any in the fridge, I have gotten lapse on it though and will buy some tommorow. I take a multi-vitamin but it's a cheap all in one type thing from asda so I'm not sure it's very good. I need the real thing.

    Last time I took a week off weight lifting it helped a lot and the weights shot up the week after, so I'm hoping the same will happen after this as I struggled last week with weights I can normally manage.

    My goals at the moment are to maintain strength, very slowly lose weight to get to 77kg and be able to run 5 miles with 6.5 minute miles, so in 32.5 mins ( I managed 34.18 mins a week ago).
  9. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Just checked my 5 mile run on google earth, does anyone know how accurate that is? I would of thought it would be a little low due to it not taking hills into account since it only has a top down view?

    It said my 5 mile run is 4.75 miles, so I'm a bit further away from 6.5 minute miles than I thought I was.
  10. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Not sure about Google Earth, but I used to use MapMyRun and that seemed pretty accurate from measuring distances in the car. I couldn't be absolutely precise but it was very close.

  11. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    I found this

    Seems even if it's a hilly run it makes very little difference to the distance as measured by these apps unless you're runing huge distances.
  12. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    That would make sense I reckon, think "sides of a triangle" in maths and unless you're doing a long mileage up a geet big steep hill it's not going to be that far out.

    I suppose the other thing to do would be to see if there's a runnig track near you that you could use? I used to go do a 400m lap on the local school's track then stop and do a pattern (I know that's not your thing but you see the idea), then another 400m lap and a pattern, etc etc. That meant 15x400m with a pattern in between each lap.

    If you have a school track or similar near you (surely be one at Uni?) you could use it for running measured distances and for interval training too.

    I have a plan from T-Nation or similar that was about weight loss using 400m runs which I might be able to dig out if that would be any use to you?

  13. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Thanks I appreciate it but I'm ok. I'm doing the longer runs to improve my areobic base not to lose weight, after I reach my goal I am planning on working on an anaerobic training block with sprints and 400m runs etc.

    What's a pattern by the way?
  14. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Same as a kata in karate, the pre-set sequences of movements most people don't see the point of :D

  15. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    13th September 2012
    Muay Thai 1 hour 30 mins
    Biked 15 miles

    1 Panini with hamand mozzerella
    1 Glass of milk
    Rice with tuna and tomatoes
    3 Scrambled eggs and tomatoes
    2 grilled quarter pounders with half a cucumber
    Chicken and chorizo paella
    1 Protein and Shake
    2 slices of chocolate cake (came home from training to find my mum had brought one, Ihave zero self controll if something is in front of me lik that :( )

    Need to keep my diet lean for the rest of the week after the cake.

    Was doing some research on what type of speed boxers do road work. A lot seem to go very slow,from what I've read it's rare for any of the weight classes to go faster than 7 min miles, most go at a plod for some reason. There are exceptions, I head a few of the lighter pros can do 6 min miles, I would be happy with being able to do 6.5 min miles for 5 miles or at least hittin 7 min miles regularly as I'm a super middleweight it's hard to get really good run times from a competitive running view point.
  16. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Here's the plan to get rid of the cake :D

    I know you said you don't need it for weight loss, I think I mis-sold it though, so thought I'd post it anyway in case it was helpful. Apologies for spamming up your thread. Worth a read though :)


  17. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Thanks, I remember reading that article when it frst came out, very useful, thanks for reminding me of it.

    I did get rid of the cake, just I did it via eating it :(

    Luckily for me as long as my diet is fairly clean weight seems to fall off me. Yay for being 21 I guess.
  18. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    I hate you.

    Mitch :D

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