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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Langenschwert, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I liked the overlay from the manuals to the visuals, with a good selection of 'alternative scenario's' which is kind of representative of what goes through a fencers mind, a lot of training goes into choice response exercises. It allows a viewer to gain the insight that Longsword most definetly isn't 'bludgeoning the other guy till he stops moving' , but a systemic art with a series of calculated responses.

    Things I didn't like.

    SHOVING THE POINT INTO THE GROUND! Even the most arrogant swordsman if halfway as well trained as the 'bad guy' wouldn't do something as dumb as that. It really is a bad trope, but meh- 'dramatics'

    Also felt that when the actually fought they could have used a bit more footwork. Even in the little HEMA I've done there is gauging for angle, distance and position along with body and blade feints to draw a reaction. The preparatory work I felt was a tiny bit too short.
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    God yeah...look after your sword young man.
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    True, more preparatory footwork would be done in a real situation, but for a video for the layman, I think it was wise to leave it out. I'm a sword guy and I don't want to watch people playing with range for 20 seconds before each technique. Perhaps to do it once, and then commence with the sequence of techniques. Footwork is critical, but boy is it boring to watch. ;)

    I didn't like the sword into the ground thing, but I'm assuming that was to show the other guy was a bit of a disrespectful jerk.

    Still, it's one of the better HEMA videos out there. I'm sure there are even better ones on the horizon. :)

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