Average male vs elite female judoka

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  1. Yanli

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    Still sarcastic and still have not proven my question to you on how it is wrong in a logical manner. You do realize what kind of character you have been demonstrating, but please, waste your time with sarcasm and useless arguments if you got nothing better to do lol.
  2. YouKnowWho

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    Why do you think that speed is more important than power? You can hit your opponent as many times as you can, but if your punch has no knock down power, your opponent will still stand in front of you.

    - Speed and reflect is skill.
    - power is ability.

    Both skill and ability are 50-50 equal important. But to end a fight, power is more important than speed.
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    I proved you wrong logically with my first post, combat sports have weight categories because size, strength and power matter in fights
    Anyone who has actually fought or sparred hard knows that.
  4. Graywalker

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    Ok..a useless discussion it is then.
  5. Yanli

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    I never once said speed is more important then power?
  6. David Harrison

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    I agree with your conclusion, but I don't really buy the attribute/technique or ability/skill dichotomy.

    Power is a skill. Muscle mass, the proportion of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres, and mass in general, will give a ceiling to the power you can output, but it is technique that actually chains the right muscles at the right time while engaging antagonist muscles as little as possible.

    I'm sure most people have seen a 10 stone person hit harder than a 16 stone person.
  7. YouKnowWho

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    - Skill 技 is something you learn in school with partner (timing, angle, opportunity, ...).
    - Ability 功 is something you develop at home by yourself (heavy bag work out, weight training, ...).

    For example,

    - How to apply a head lock is skill.
    - How to develop a strong head lock by hanging on tree/pole is ability.
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  8. David Harrison

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    Okay, the amount of crossover makes that distinction rather arbitrary to me, but I get what you mean.
  9. David Harrison

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    Just to reply to your edit:

    Punching is a skill, but the creation of power is an intrinsic part of that skill.

    Someone with no training might make small gains in power by punching a bag at home, but with coaching on good technique they will greatly increase their power. Lifting weights might make you strong, but you need to be taught technique to apply that strength as power. Power is neuromuscular, not simply mechanical. Generating power is a skill that is taught and practiced, not just a function of muscle mass.

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