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  1. jamie1976

    jamie1976 Valued Member

    i want to put a pic of me as my avatar how do i resize it so its small enough to use on here? :confused:
  2. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    You can use various things like Photoshop, Paintshop etc to resize

    Edit: Also there is a buit in windows program that can do it but I can't remember wich
  3. Sgt_Major

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    If you're stuck with it, pm me and I'll give you my email address to send the pic to and I'll resize it for you.
  4. Moosey

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    Then open your image and...

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  5. xen

    xen insanity by design

    this is a handy little piece of freeware which does just what it says on the tin

    avatar sizer

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