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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by togakure_ninpo, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member

    hello. I managed to find a site that sells what appears to be an authentic shinobi shozoku. it's made by a guy in japan. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this. has anyone seen this site before?
  2. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Looks like good stuff. The design of the bottoms is very similiar to my first pair. However, I would be leery of doing busy the way he wants to. After all, who the heck is "Scott"? Do you know him? I don't. No last name or locatioin. And the person who set up the site, who are they?
    Besides, seems a little expensive to me. Get a regular black gi. Cheaper and works just as well.
  3. xplasma

    xplasma Banned Banned

    looks cool, but the payement is very shady. "Transfer money to our account then we will send you package" and No paypal. Why not paypal is practically free. Afraid that if you don't deliver people will be able to with draw payment?

    " US in Pennsilvania " First of all, is it spelled Pennsylvania. Second, his only insurance is some guy?

    Hey, guys i can a offer for you, I will make you all a Shinobi Shozoku, just wired $20 to my account! you don't even need paypal. Worry about trusting me? Look at this:

    send me a pm if we want to give me $!

  4. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member


    I see what you mean. it does seem very strange. does anyone know of any other sites that sell a shinobi shozoku? I already waisted 20$ on the holloween costume that sells. for twenty dollars I guess you can't go wrong, but it's not authentic. wasn't the shozoku dark blue? and wasn't there 7 hidden pockets? I counted only 1 pocket. I own a black gi, but want something traditional. I'm actually tempted to concider making my own. It'd be a nice project for me, and it would be very rewarding to make my own. Someone wouldn't happen to know where I could get diagrams for the specifications of it? thanks.
  5. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Okay. Traditional shinobi shozoku. There isn't/wasn't one. The "black" gi is a Hollywood/Kabuki/Entertainment invention. Traditionally, the ninja wore what was needed to blend in. Yes, a night time outfit was more likely to be dark blue than black, but also grey or brown. Hidden pockets? Japanese clothingdid not have pockets. The folds of the clothing were used as we would pockets. Shuriken/shaken were tucked into the folds, not stashed in a pocket. If you want to make one, that would be a great project. Personally, buy a good heavy weight Judo Gi. Or something similiar. It will last a lot longer.
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  6. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member


    I don't want it for practice. I just want to as a sort of trophy. just something to show off. I own a 14 oz. black gi, which I use for practice. (I love my gi so much. it's so much better then the 6 oz. white one I used in karate *sighs* ).
  7. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    I can understand that. Then your best bet is to make one of your own. Would mean much more, don't you think?
  8. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member


    yeah. it definitly would mean a lot more if I made it myself. I'm actually thinking about making a white one. (kinda like my picture, which is of Sensei Tanemura Shoto btw). I live in the mountians, and there is snow about 8 months out of the year, so it would be good for camoflauge.
  9. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    I check the thrift stores all the time for gi s.You will find lots of them.From $1.80-$3.00. like the salvation army etc.It is a hobby of mine going to thrift stores.I got my friend a pair of doc martins 2 weeks ago for $3.50.Anyhow, even if you can not find a black or dark blue if you want you can allways dye them.You can find the dye at the food store.One product is called rit.Just throw the gi in the washing machine with the dye and turn it on and their you have it a new black gi.p s dont tell everyone where your thrift stores are.good luck
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  10. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    Also if you want pockets you can just get some army pants with cargo pockets from army surplus and dye them can cut the cargo pocket out and sew it inside your gi.
  11. XDemnEysKyoX

    XDemnEysKyoX New Member

    Im a little late on posting, but I wouldn't take a chance, although they look great, chances are he could be pulling your leg. Well, I agree with making your own, Im working on one right now, but Im just having fun with it, trying to make it look cool hehe.
  12. Kalifallen

    Kalifallen looking for partner has two ninja outfits. I think the price range is $60-100. It is a tight one not a baggy one like the one from the site. Still, if you want a good ninja outfit it is going to cost you. Also, check my journal I have two Internet store sites written down. Check the other one too I think. They sell utility belts and stuff.
  13. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member

    one of those outfits is from the Rick Tew Martial Science. *sighs* I'm going to stear clear of that organization, and their products. also, on your website, you have the Bujinkan listed as teaching Togakure Ryu. The Bujinkan teaches a collection of 9 ryu.

    I think I'm just going to make my own. I'v decided on dark grey as a color.
  14. SilentNightfall

    SilentNightfall Eien no Ninja

    How funny this is... After searching for so long for an actual provider of a shozoku like this one (one that custom fits them and are not just in Japanese sizes), one shows up on this forum. Hmm... Perhaps someday I will waste $120 and hope that the guy is legit. For now, I don't have the money to gamble with. The fact that the shozoku comes in dark blue is very appealing as you can't very well dye black. Oh, and for the history aspect, the shozoku pictured on the site does have historical ties from what I have dug up in the past. If having to blend in at night, something like the shozoku would have been appropriate not only for its dark color, but because the whole outfit distorts the human frame making it less noticeable so that the Ninja would be overlooked. This is why the Iga-Bakama (Tattsuke Hakama) is wide at the top and then slims down below the knee. Well, I will certainly write back someday after I spend $120 and hope to receive my shozoku. ::Chuckled:: I'm such a sucker...
  15. Togakure

    Togakure New Member

    Where is your store X?
  16. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member

    and it begins

    just to keep you all updated - I have begun on my shinobi shozoku. I'v chosen smoky grey. I think it'll blend in really well with the forest and rural areas. I live in the mountians, so it'll most likely just be for forest use. this may sound weird, but wearing something like that really gets me into an inspired training mood. maybe I'm crazy, but it helps.
  17. Togakure

    Togakure New Member

    If it helps then why not use it? who cares what anyone thinks, and im glad thats how you think too :)
  18. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member

    maybe it's just because I grew up to movies like 3 Ninjas, Bevery Hills Ninja, and all those cheesy early 80's movies, but the shozoku, even if not really that useful or traditional, still holds meaning for me.

    on a side note - I watched the movie 3 Ninjas about a week ago for the first time in years. it's really not that bad of a movie. it's a childrens movie, and the taijutsu looks more like tae kwon do, but oh well. at least it portraits ninjutsu in a positive manner.
  19. the__raven

    the__raven New Member

    questions and stuff

    I hit this site also. It's exactly what i've been looking for. has anyone seen another site offering anything like this? would i be able to use a normal Hakama and get about the same results? does anyone know where i can find a Iga-Bakama? i'm about 6"1 145-150 pds so does anyone know which size hakama will fit me? the sizing confuses me thanks .
  20. SilentNightfall

    SilentNightfall Eien no Ninja

    Raven, the only site I ever found selling an Iga-Bakama was Japanese and only sold black and red. Two problems... One, you'd have to dye the red Iga-Bakama to make it worth-while as black is definitely not a good color for stealth work, if that is what you plan on wearing it for. Two, the sizes are all Japanese so us guys who are 6'1" are all out of luck. I heard a regular Hakama can work if done up right, however. Not sure about the sizing for Hakama, however. Truly, I'm still interested as to whether the site mentioned is legitimate. They have not only the Iga-Bakama, but they also sell true "Ninja-to," not the straight-blade, Hollywood swords. If you decide to try to order from them, let us all know how it works, 'kay?

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