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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Yama Tombo, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Yama Tombo

    Yama Tombo Valued Member

    How do you develop the ability to sense opponents or people around you when your eyes are closed?
  2. Zamfoo

    Zamfoo Valued Member

    From my understanding it's not exactly "developed" it's more of a refinement of natural skills. As for practice I would direct you to Kurohana's article on Sensitivity wonderful article with drills to practice with at the bottom. Hope it helps
  3. Supa Nova

    Supa Nova Banned Banned

    linky link please
  4. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Why do you need a link? Would it hurt you to go look thru the articles and read them? You might find something else that interests you.
  5. MattKing

    MattKing New Member

    everyone seems a bit stressed on the replies of must be that time of the month (im sooo get in trouble for that remark).. From what i read on the "sensitivity training" that was a thread a little while back it seemed pretty useful stuff... unfortunately for me i am inbetween clubs at the mo and have no-one to train with so its kinda hard to do any of the exercises! i guess ill have to wait!
  6. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Not stressed, just trying to weed out the wannabe's and posers from those that truly want to learn and putting a subtle plug in to read the Articles section of MAP. Want to practice sensitivity training alone? Try this... Darken a room a bit, but leave a window open (Better yet, do this outdoors at night). Close your eyes and listen. Truly listen. Listen for the traffic and crickets and animals and the neighbors. Identify one sound and focus on it. After you have done that, focus on another one and remove the first one from your mind. Do this for 10 minutes or so a night. This helps you to focus your mind, not your hearing, which is the first step in developing sensitivity. After a week or so of this, take walk in a crowd. Find the most crowded place you can and take a wal. Better yet, carry a bag in your hands and try not to bump into anyone or let anyone bump into you.
  7. Crazymonk

    Crazymonk Banned Banned

    Well, my sensei made the students put on blindfolds last week. He is supposed to punch(not actual punches) the students and they're supposed to learn how to detect movements blindfolded. I thought that was pretty cool. I wasnt there training, but it sounds fun.
  8. jherazob

    jherazob New Member

    Heh, i'll start on those very soon (not today as it's gym day so i'm pretty spent and somehow i don't think it'd work so well with the person tired), as this is one of the things that interests me the most about ninjutsu, i also read your other articles and your preparation shows, thanks for sharing it :)
  9. K_Coffin

    K_Coffin New Member

    That is an excellent idea there Kurohana. I think I'll be starting that pretty soon. It sounds pretty relaxing too. And I can always use more relaxing.
  10. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    You should actually try this regardless of whether you're tired or not. Yes, it will help relax you , but taking into consideration that the idea is to focus, being tired means you have to concentrate more (and that is the whole idea!).
    As for blindfolded exercises, I always prefer the one where your partner grabs you and you do a controlled take down. First step in "feeling" your opponents intent. Then do the punching exercise. First, just move out of the way, no matter where the punch is (5 feet away, 1/2 an inch away). You'll get better, trust me...
  11. g0tSeP

    g0tSeP New Member

    thats pretty interesting haha nice to see an insight on this
  12. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    You should check the photos section in users galleries. Take a look at my file. There are only three pics. But I show the first photo to a lot of people, and the general consensus is that it is either a ghost or an aura.
    I know little about both, perhaps you can enlighten me to what you think it is?

    but I know for sure it is not a halo;)
  13. dark_blade15

    dark_blade15 New Member

    for how much time are we supposed to focus on a sound before changing to another one?
  14. Anvilfire

    Anvilfire Valued Member

    My son and I played with this the other night with me easing up on him.He said it was freaky feeling my presence but not hearing me. I have been able to walk behind my wife in the dark and her never knowing I was there. :D
  15. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Well, I think I recommended 10 minutes. However, if your sense of time isn't that good and you don't want to interrupt the atmosphere with a timer, I suggest this:
    Concentrate on the one sound until it is the only thing you hear. Once that has happened, analyze the sound. Is it loud, soft, harsh, clicking, humming, where is it coming from etc.. once you've done that your 10 minutes should be up and you can go to the next sound. In the beginning, only try it for a 10 or 15 minutes total. Any longer, the mind wanders and you lose the benefit of the exercise.
  16. dark_blade15

    dark_blade15 New Member

    so that means in the begining i should only concentrate on a sound for about 3 to 4 minutes right?

    thanks for ur time in advance :)

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