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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Spookey, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Spookey

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    Dear All,

    I am wondering if the ATF is represented on this forum? Actually, I am looking to here independent student and instructor's experiences with this organization.

    Currently, I am looking for an organization from which to draw instructing ideas, technical support, and a structure to allow my students a better source of networking!

    The ATF has struck my eye and I cant remember having ever heard of it's mention on the forum.

  2. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    you mean theres the ATF and the ATA? heh, I thought ATF meant something else...
  3. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP


    like the Brearu of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.
  4. Goat

    Goat Valued Member


    I've never really heard of the ATF unless it is a new branch of the ATA which was founded in 1984 by Grand Master H. U. Lee. Master Cesar Ozuna helped form the STF or Songahm Taekwondo Federation which is the South American branch of the ATA. There is also the ATFI or American Taekwon-Do Federation International which is a recognized national association of the International Taekwon-Do Federation in the United States. The International Taekwon-Do Federation is headed by Master Choi Jung Hwa, 8th Degree Black Belt and son of General Choi Hong Hi, Founding Father of Taekwon-Do. (which we all know as the ITF)

    Unless you are referring to American Tae Kwon Do (no federation or association) as introduced by Great Grand Master Jhoon Rhee with students such as Pat Burleson, Allen Steen and Chuck Norris than yes there is some representation here as I am a practitioner of American Tae Kwon Do.

    Could you explain more about what the ATF is and who founded it?
  5. Spookey

    Spookey Valued Member

    It Isnt Songham...

    Dear All,

    It is a rather small although verifiably international organization headed by Chung Do Kwan 9th Dan Chung, Yun Sun


    Dear Goat,

    Choi Jung Hwa was recently honored with the 9th degree as awarded by unanimous vote of the most senior instructors of the ITF-Canada!

    He accepted the rank, but refused the title of Grandmaster as he stated that there was only one...Choi Hong Hi!

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  6. Goat

    Goat Valued Member

    Thanks spookey.
  7. Tkdfanman

    Tkdfanman New Member



    Yes organization is rather small.

    I started in 2011 or so and recently went back after hiatus. So glad to be back in tkd

    My current rank in the organization is 1st recommended black belt.

    I must say 1st Dan is one that I am looking forward to. I always found the black with color stripe funky and have a plain black belt I use when I practice on my own

    Black belt is the beginning and first Dan is the first promotion into that beginning and has been the only testing I am excited for.

    No idea when I will test as that is up to my instructor

    All I know is a I work hard and love my school, I believe I get exactly what I want out of taekwondo. Self defense first and meditation(forms) second. My school is more a fighting school. We love continuous sparring and punches. Forms are a form of meditation for me and I derive great pleasure throughout the week from them
  8. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Nicely necroed :D

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your training and welcome to MAP :)

  9. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    If you're gonna necro a 10 year old thread then it has to be done with style. :)
  10. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Welcome to MAP! Sounds like have the right fit with your TKD so more power to you! I have only had 2 TKD lessons ever (while school shopping), but I see it a lot, and there are some neat things about it for sure. Sounds like your school is a good one for you.
  11. Tkdfanman

    Tkdfanman New Member


    I think we're like any other organization to an extent, you're mileage may vary. I like my specific school for all the punching and continuous sparring.

    I personally stick to the basics since the basics will win the day in self defense

    I'll be doing 360 side kick for board break for 1st Dan and probably palm strike as those always make me happy.

    Some day I'll learn something 540 just because
  12. raaeoh

    raaeoh never tell me the odds

    I'm gonna use that spell in the future. I doubt it will work ad well for me. Lol.

    When I restarted after a 15 year pit stop it was a atf school. I learned that a certified school does not make a good school.

    Enough about me. map. Looks like you have a good fit with your choice of schools.
  13. Tkdfanman

    Tkdfanman New Member

    This school particularly

    The head instructor and the second are ex military guys, one airborne

    They got younger and middle aged guys that like to spar harder and there is a more self defense/ fighters mindset which benefits what I want. I want self defense and I enjoy forms as meditation.

    We also have our share of folks who are not as interested in the rough and tough and do it for their health, as a hobby, etc. whatever your reasons for doing tkd you can find a school

    Some are bad, no doubt there is a bad school or maybe more than one in our organization. Everyone has them unfortunately. I don't tend to judge the other schools when I meet them at competition since I have a school I am happy at.

    If I had to move to a new place, I would certainly shop around for a school where I could develop in the way I have and way I want to continue.

    Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy one of the affiliate schools. Unfortunately there's no promises, you can buy a certification just like a belt.

    In fact I bought a nicer black belt for when I practice on my own as we do the whole black belt with colored stripes while building to the first Dan. I'm fine with the testing I just wish I had the option to keep using the black belt the whole way through, on an organizational level. It seems like the different black belts before 1st Dan are there for the folks that just need a new belt. I don't understand the rush, once you hit the 1st Dan you have to wait and the wait only grows. I've never been about the belt, I never ask when I'm going to test, the head instructor lets me know. He cancelled the most recent testing for instructors because he said they weren't ready and he's done it for a regular testing also.

    One other main point about the school and its staff is its not run for profit or much of one. Keeps the lights on and new equipment and nothing wrong with a little bit of money for the effort. All the staff have careers, they charge a lower monthly rate no higher than $80, he charges me $40. There have been folks of lower income or kids of lower income families and when times are tough he either charges them less much less over all and if they can't pay one month here or there then he tells them not to worry. So long as the student in question is of good morals, works hard and helps those around them. All the positive thing taekwondo and martial arts aims to develop or further grow in its students.

    Best I can tell is he wants to see that the students are working. I don't think he looks for perfect everything or anything, just work and growth. They nit pick my forms for me because of their value to me as meditation so I put more attention into it and they expect it from me. Around blue or purple belt I really started making the decision that j wanted to do this for defense, we do point sparring for tournaments and the judging is fairly amateur in my experience, that's worked both ways for me.(though if you work hard to be good at sport sparring it typically shows no matter what) tournaments seem to be more a social event which is fine and j enjoy them. I tend to brawl more (with control) in tournament sparring and try to get my counters in before the break is called. Trading one of their weak shots for you to be set up is a great tactic but not rewarded in point sparring.

    After I test for 1st Dan I am going to start the instructor class as I hope to live where I am or should I move and not find a school, I can open one and pick and choose the staff and try to replicate my school, one where and older lady might just want something to do while improving her balance and flexibility while one may want to loose weight and someone else wants to learn more along the fight/self defense route.

    Hands down this school is the best thing to have ever happened to me
  14. Tkdfanman

    Tkdfanman New Member

    On ANOTHER note, I am pretty sure our tournaments are closed which to some may be a negative and I would like to see them open or more affirmatively announced if they are. The skill depth at tournaments are limited when closed especially in a smaller organization. It's just the way it is since everyone has more members that are not your "fighters". At the same time I don't think I'd win tournaments in sparring at least in a larger group like wtf or an open tournament, though I don't really win those anymore anyway since I long(fairly! Geeze!) ago made the distinction in training to be good at sparring vs being able to more reliable fight/defend myself. However, a larger comparative pool would get me in front of more people with different preferences for strikes, who move different and time different and so on which is neat. But the energetic white belts are the best. The ones that just act, since they know they are out matched or are skeptical, since belts really don't translate to fighting ability, the white belt that's no afraid or has embraced the fear are the best. That's what someone on the street is most likely to fight like. They can surprise you, you see them coming but the first few times you don't believe that they are seriously running right at you open guard! And may be willing to eat a few side kicks.

    I may get in touch with an active wtf school if I find one I like for a class a week or every other week at some point just for the exposure

    $10 says I could continue to expound!

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