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    Lorne Coleman is a guy, not a girl.

    I've known him since about 1990. He is, as they say, a nice guy. He genuinely wants to make the world a better place. I believe he would describe himself as a feminist. To be honest, there have been times when I have thought of him as being a little obsessed with the topic of women' self-defense. He has devoted his life to it, in many ways. For many years he gave 1-day self-defense courses about twice a month. He did not charge much. It was obvious he was not trying to make a fortune on it. His course was more or less based on the "Model Mugging" type of scenario-based training. He hired me to videotape it one time.

    He became unsatisfied with the 1-day course concept. He convinced Emory University to hire him to teach Women's Self-defense as a regular, for-credit semester long course. Last I heard they were not sure if they were going to have him teach it after that first semester. The PE department had a tight budget. He may have gone back to the 1-day courses.
  2. Melanie

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    Thanks for letting us know. I'm sorry, I genuinely thought the writer was female! :)

    Do you know if he would be interested in commenting on this forum about his article and SD tecjniques? It would be much better than just theorizing? :)
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    Interesting that it is a man, but my post still stands. Just swap "she" for "he"

    By the way, where is Sussex are you? Not "Creepy" Crawley is it?
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    Nah - not creepy crawley - I am nearer Brighton than that - about 20 mins away - why? You going to be down this way some stage? :)
  5. Hannibal

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    No immediate plans, although my mother-in-law lives in East Grinstead - I'll let you know when I am next there ;)
  6. Melanie

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    Brilliant Hann - thats only 20 mins away - would love to meet up!
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    Melanie, 2 words for you. GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

    Weird...I am stronger than some lads my age who are taller than me. I must be some kind of anomaly...


    *vomits obnoxious vitriolic gunge*
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    lol..... on a somewhat related topic, when i started my class, there were 3 other guys started, a man and his two some point after a couple of months there was some dispute between one of them a a lady from another club whilst in training, now im fairly ignorant as to what happened and what all was said, but i believe his last words were along the lines of "whats a girl doin MA for anyway, sure shed be safer in the kitchen" Ive not seen them in class since, as far as im aware they were asked to leave due to the attitude towards their 'sister' i training. This is the crux of the matter, i agree most, I strongly stress the term MOST, men believe they run this planet, and all else should be subservient, and they get mightly ticked off if they get beaten/shown up, whatever. Now I dont advocate the Feminist side either, as ive been verbally attacked by them i the past too just because a. im a man, and b. i do MA......they took this to mean i wanted to use more force against women, and that i wasnt happy enough to beat them, i wanted to kill them! (good time to mention ive never had the need/want to hit a woman, as my wife will testify too). I think there is a slight difference in mens SD and womens SD, primarily as stated earlier, they are attacked mostly for different reasons, and common sense/avoidance does have a lot to play, but as to attacks in your own home, there is no avoidance issue there, and everything should be done in this instance just to survive, or escape.

    Typed this very fast so i hope i managed to get accross what i meant
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    No not neccessarily, you'll probably find that the guys around your age will become stronger than you over the coming years. They've got a natural source of performance enhancing drugs working away inside them :D . However a girl who trains for strength and power can quite possibly remain stronger than her male peers unless they do the same. That said, I don't know you... you could just be an anomaly. :D
  10. shotokanwarrior

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    I do train for strength, and these guys don't look like they do.
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    Nope, not a n anomaly. Girls get started on puberty earlier and get an advance on muscle development and such. Guys usually start later.

    Now for that article ... does this Lorne Coleman Cat run a self defence class that he is trying to promote by inciting anger/malice in women?
    That's what is sounds like to me, that and a whole bunch of feminist propaganda. That article almost made me sick. Why the "men are bad and it's because of them why women are getting raped", mind you women are in fact getting raped because of men, but the vast majority of men do not rape women. Most men in fact protect the women in their lives, and the women likewise.
    This article serves to make women a)fear all men b)hate all men and c) want to go to town on some random cat the next time he says something about her ass.

    Why not approach the situation differently. For example "cats are more likely to run up on a woman, as women are not expected to be strong. We will train to develop strength (through speed, technique, etc "strenght" doesn't necessarily mean physical strenght here) so the next cat that goes after you gets one hell of a surprise. Why run up and down the streets shouting "women are strong! Men are trying to hide the truth because they can't handle the truth!". Seems a bit counter productive to me.
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    Enough with the cats already or I'm gonna call a vet and have you SPAYED.
  13. shotokanwarrior

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    I don't fear or hate Keanu Reeves!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Scarlet Mist

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    Yeah, but you probably don't know him. And you probably haven't thought of meeting him in a dark alley trying to physically assault you.

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