Are Women Doomed on the Street?

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by KickChick, Feb 16, 2005.

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    So what the article is saying....

    is that strength is more important than technique? That the only way for women to succeed in the martial arts/self-defense is to attain physical strength?

    By the authors logic a woman could never use arts such a aikido, hapkido, jujutsu, ect...
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    I think the term you're looking for is "too fond of the sound of my own voice" :cool:
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    If you specialize in striking you have to hit things a lot. If you don't you'll never learn how to do it right. You'll probably break your knuckles or wrist the first time you punch with any power. Get some bag gloves and some hand wraps. Have someone who knows how to use them teach you how. Do many, many rounds on the heavy bag, focus mitts and Thai pads.

    Impact training can mean training to hit things by hitting them. It can also mean training to get used to being hit (usually by holding pads for someone else).
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    Or by sparring, which teaches both.

    Yet if you're going to teach striking, why not teach striking that has a proven record of success (Boxing, thai kicks, clinching with knees and elbows, etc.)?

    Striking is pretty weight dependant. Compare the weight classes of boxing and sub grappling.

    Again, it's pretty hypothetical. How do you spar with this technique? How do you know it'll work on someone hitting back? I can't even imagine where you'd apply this. Do you a baseball slide with your hands instead of a mitt and his balls instead of a regulation baseball? You certainly wouldn't do it from under mount.
    I'd rather not rely on any technique that doesn't work if my opponent is wearing certain type of jeans...especially in central texas, where good 'ol boys favor tight jeans and mullets.
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    Uh, dude, what sort of striking did I say I taught? Do you know what's in my WSD curriculum? I've very carefully not described much of the striking and grappling we teach, and I'm not going to go into details in a public forum where the werewolves might be hanging out. I will say that you know targets and strikes that are not nearly as size and weight dependent as punching someone in the skull or stomach with your untaped, unwrapped, ungloved hand. I've had a bit of training in the same sorts of things and have at least as much common sense as you do. Deduce from there.

    It's one of a number of things we've tried under stress conditions as an experiment. The reason was from some very specific real-world data that we wanted to test. I didn't say that this was a primary technique. You're filling in a lot of blanks to suit your preconceptions here.
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    Noo, Tellner, I wasn't being sarcastic when I said you were articulate.

    Getting hold of some bags or pads will be a pain in the ass as I live in rural Ireland. Can you recommend any makeshift striking receptacles?
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    Just being self-deprecating, shotokanwarrior.

    As far as makeshift things to hit go I've never really put ones together. Ordering online and letting the Post Office take care of delivery has always been easier. Take a look at Ringside's Boxing 101 for ideas about the equipment that you might want and which might fit your budget. Hand wraps are essential in any case. Shipping from the US is expensive, even with the euro's great exchange rate. You might want to look for local online retailers.

    If you want to make your own equipment see what you can get hold of along the lines of heavy canvas or vinyl cloth, old rags, closed-cell foam, leather, chain, swivels and grommets. Look at the equipment from the boxing supply places and go from there. Focus mitts and a heavy bag are very important. Thai pads or kick shields are probably going to be useful. Bag gloves and hand wraps are vital.
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    Thanks, Tellner.

    Ah, self deprecating. Sorry about that. I'm not very good socially. Afraid of ****ing people off.

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