Apathy and Denial

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by STASH, Feb 15, 2004.

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    i wasn't targeting my comments specifically at this course. although i haven't taken any "women's self defence courses", i know people that have. maybe my area just has bad courses, but around here it seems like they have women come in for a couple lessons, hit a guy with pads that responds exactly like they want him to, and say they've taught the woman to defend herself.

    (btw, the 5 lesson thing came from you're post "learn to fight in 5 lessons?" although i thought it was someone else referring to the program. my misunderstanding, sorry. i didn't look at the setup of the class. on the website)
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  2. Judderman

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    Is the point you are trying to make "It takes more than just one or two lessons to become proficient in SD/SP, therefore, how sure are you that the style or seminar or whatever can really live up to its claims"?

    I believe that going to seminars is no bad thing. As long as you can accompany it with lots of realistic training.

  3. Andy Murray

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    Didn't you use to do TKD too STASH?
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    Seminars can be a great place to learn and pickup good information. You could pickup techniques that are truely easy-effective for self defense purposes and make them work. Why, because they are easy and basic. So you have to read through the BS and see what is being taught. Going to a seminar being done by a TMAist you may be seeing unrealist crap going on. You have to judge and question.

    It would best serve you if you continue to train in some way. Getting a better understanding of what actually happens in a violent altercation and what works within them will improve you MA training overall. And if you can't train in a school/club fork out $200 and get BOB and learn to beat the holy **** out of him.

    Open you eyes and see things for what they are. Learn how to learn and then you will.
  5. STASH

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    Yep, I was a fool and I admit it...although I did get SOME things from it.

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