Anyone's Taiji Look Like This?

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by onyomi, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    Good god! you are such a hypocrit, you dive into the middle of the thread with so much self proclaimed righteousness. Make undue comment on private relationships and barge around like a teacher sorting out schoolkids. Talk about the pot calling the kettle grimyarse. Yes please, take your self indulgent sanctimonious personality somewhere else.
  2. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    What truly amuses me Richard is that I actually agree with most of what you're saying (when you aren't just being rude) and I do understand it - it's just the way you say it I have a problem with! :D (Intentional or not, you come across as talking down to folk.)
    And don't insult me again, I'm actually trying to point out something in a friendly way to you because I do genuinely like you - or I did anyway... Ever since the Tian visit you seem to have got more and more arrogant. You can stop if you want to you know. Or are you hell-bent on joining with the ol' "Second Generation" karma?
    You aren't better than anyone else here - just another different opinion, another mirror....
    Your treacly pal
  3. cullion

    cullion Valued Member

    Are you saying that the training you offer doesn't prepare people to defend themselves ?

    Do you agree with the following statement:-

    Yang Lu Chan worked as a bodyguard in the imperial palace.

  4. cullion

    cullion Valued Member

    Taijibutterfly, please bear in mind that it takes a special kind of fool to lecture others on how to be humble.
  5. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    I'll take that as a "No" then lol :rolleyes:
    I read this thread from start to finish before I commented thankyou. And I say again, you are not moderating here.
    You cannot bully me, so don't try.
    You are on a bad path right now, of your own design.
    Come back to me when YOU understand what I'm talking about!
  6. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Wait a minute, when you put on gloves you can no longer use tai chi chuan? I have to disagre greatly there. Hands are just one part of your body. The sensitivity we all train so hard to acheive should be applicable through any part of your body. Same with issuing jin. I have yet to se a style of tai chi chuan that doesn't have kicks, so it is safe to asume that you should be able to issue jin through your foot. You should be able to make contact with any part of your body and be able to use your listening skills. If you put your hands in your pockets you should still be able to see your tai chi chuan. If not, then forgive me but your tai chi chuan sounds to be lame.

    I have no clue where this fixation with hands comes from. If I don't have my hands I still have my forearms, my shoulders, my legs, my entire body.
  7. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    I've trained long and hard in the art of foolery lol :D Ho hum whatever... I just detest mind games is all :rolleyes: (Anyways I don't care m8 tbh I'm not the one making big claims about my Taiji and dissing everyone else's - I'm just a little neijia wanderer :cool: )
  8. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    Not in your way no it doesn't. It takes a long time but it prepares you for "if **** happens it just happens" or "what will be will be".

    No he wasn't a body guard. According to my teacher he was the teacher of 7 princes of the Manchu family. His reputation came from trying to stop challenges and only as a very last resort dealing with them. He *never* issued challenges. This is not an art for bodyguards and doormen. Wing Chun or the like would be far more effective. In fact when you become Tai-Chi you would not even consider them as jobs.

    Anyway sorry new year beckons, I will be back tomorrow UK time for my last day (make it a fun one folks) after that back to the grindstone.
  9. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    What as weapons or ears?
  10. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Both. Yin/Yang and all that.
  11. cullion

    cullion Valued Member

    It's that last resort I'm interested in learning about, more than whatever skills he had at verbal diplomacy. How does your art handle that bit, when the time for talk is passed ?
  12. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    I heard/read that he was the head honcho for the Manchu Imperial Guard.

    His nickname became Yang the Invincible. I doubt people called him that because he was a big fairy who only pushed people. I imagine he would have had a healthy dose of Yang for his Yin.
  13. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Sure thing Cartman... sorry mate I couldnt

    I have to say that the clips with the chaps dancing back are foolish in the extreme and its that sort of claim that made me avoid Taijiquan for so long... thank god I did some research eh...!!!
  14. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    It seems to me that there is always someone popping up with claims of th3 r34l t41j1..!!! Then will not explain it when asked and only have anecdotal evidence at best when as historical questions and "know someone" who "knows" the "real" story...
  15. liokault

    liokault Banned Banned


    I find this thread ironic in the extreme. Does anyone remember my "your killing tai chi" comment on a thread a few weeks back :)

    Well every one crowded onto the pro 'magic' bandwagon lol. Now we have some guy saying that his 'magic' tai chi is the real 'magic' tai chi, the once pro 'magic' guys are spitting!!!

    Is there a double standard here lol. Maybe I am just being harsh, maybe some of the guys who previously argued against me can see a small part of my point of view now.
  16. oldyangtaiji

    oldyangtaiji Old Yang Taijiquan

    Happy New Year to all in this topic :)

    Brido - Yes you can train TJQ also using protection equipment, but this mean that you will not train sensitivity (enough). So is better to train sparring also without the protection equipment.
  17. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    Yawn. :rolleyes: YOU are the only one here who ever mentions 'magic' 'mystic' etc therefore I assume YOU are the only one who either believes and/or fears such pointless mumbo jumbo lol
    Your delusional reality is mind boggling to me :D
    I have always been able to see your pov Liokault, unfortunately my spine is just not as flexible as yours - so I am unable to get my head up my own bottom as far as yours is up yours! :D
    Happy New Year
  18. cullion

    cullion Valued Member

    It's quite true that Liokault is the only person who uses the term 'magic'.
    Other people use terms like 'energy work' to describe the alleged ability to manipulate some sort of 'energy field', which all said and done seems to meet the description of 'the force' in star wars, except that it can't be used to do anything to inanimate objects or people who simply don't believe in it.

    I'd say the people who believe in said 'energy field' which cannot be measured, or even described, by modern science, despite admitting that they cannot give any sort of scientifically valid demonstration of it's effects or even very existence, do indeed believe in magic.

    Tajibutterfly, I don't know whether you believe in something unphysical or not, whether the chinese terminology you use describes body mechanics, states of relaxaton and other 'complimentary' but not unphysical things, or whether you too believe qi to be something akin to 'the force'.

    Surely you can agree that the videos of 'energy work' on Richard's site are the work of utterly, utterly bonkers and self-deluded people ? How he can claim to be teaching a 'martial' art is beyond me.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2006
  19. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    :cool: I agree :)
  20. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    Seeing as the clips are the only things that seems to interest you all, I have the full sessions available that the clips were taken from. They are very long so there is no chance of uploading them anywhere, so the only way to distribute is by email :-

    1 Martin, 35 year old 6ft 18 stone ex body builder - file 37 meg 7min 47sec.

    2 Paul, 28 year old 5ft 7inch 11 stone 3rd Dan Karate instructor - file 25 meg 5min 9sec

    3 Pete, 38 year old 6ft 2 inch 14 stone army training sargeant at Bassingbourne training baracks - file 18 meg 3min 50 sec (Pete is not on the published clips as I thought his reactions were just too bizzarre for public posting lol)

    Me Richard, 58 year old 5ft 9inch fat man!

    Just send me email address privately, listing one of the above and I will send, but be patient. Depending on how many requests this could take a long time. Having got one you can if further interested ask for another.

    Anyway I am being dragged out visiting today by her who must be obeyed. So I will do what I can but I wont be able to join in any nah! nah! matches. So bye talk to you whan I get more time.

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