Anyone's Taiji Look Like This?

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by onyomi, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. liokault

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    So are you saying that in the next 40 years, basic principles of physics as we understand them now will no longer apply to the human body? Things like balance and force and moments of equilibrium?

    Or are you saying that they have changed in the last 40 years?
  2. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    Does a cell-phone with a color display and a cam undermine the laws of the physics in the 60s? No, it merely builds on them.

    The understanding of Chi will only broaden our view while not undoing what we know but only extend our understanding. It's just some things are as weird as quantumn-physics compared to your average physical happenings.
  3. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    OK I HAD to address this first as for a moment the sky went dark...!!! :D

    The clips are bunk, pure simple... the power of suggestion at work if I was to be kind... the worst kind of tom foolery dressed as "taiji"... the analogy of the mobile phone only proves that ignorance can be willful... bad analogy...
  4. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    How is it a bad analogy?
    *punches Shadowdh*

    Like I said, I know those masters first-hand and am not in the mood to be disbelieved right now. Willfull my ***. And yeah, that's agressive. So what. Especially calling it the "worst".

    Care to phrase what makes you 100% certain it's impossible?
  5. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    Ugh, sorry, I have a major headache... I hope you can forgive that outburst -.-

    But the question still stands, why is this imppossible?
  6. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    *Luckily my qi is strong and I easily deflect and make you dance like a puppet on a string... mwahahahahaha*
    But more seriously, the mobile phone is not an evolution its scientific advancement... through things like real physics and knowledge that doesnt hide or refuse to come into the light of actual thought... thats why scientific theory changes sometimes... its not afraid too...

    I have said it before and I will say it again... it always bemuses and amuses me that those who propound to be studying the "peaceful" ways of taiji are usually the first to get defensive and agressive when their beliefs are called into question... I didnt say you didnt "know" those masters... however I did say that the power of suggestion is a wonderful thing to those who would have you believe in many things...

    I have yet to read of, meet or hear of a person that can do these things to those who dont already have the suggestion that it will work without it failing then out come the excuses by the "master" and his disciples... Derrin Brown does the same thing... are we to then acknowledge that his Qi is strong... too many excuses make for a poor art...
  7. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Of course I do... I have children myself...:D (meaning of course a source of headaches... but darn it we love the little critters)...

    Can they do it every time even to those who are dyed in the wool disbelievers..??? Probably not which indicates its something that will work with a) those who are "true" believers only or b) those who have been prepared much in the same way as hypnotists prepare their gulls... uhh I mean participants... the proof here ultimately fails most tests... it just doesnt work without the power of suggestion... also there may be those who can stand still while people are trying to move them and such but thats just really good force redirection... not magic...
  8. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    Hypnotism and all energetic work have two things in common. Either the recipient hasn't a clue what is happening and it sneaks in and after it still doesn't know what happenned and puts other explanations for it. Or the recipient wishes to participate in the work and therfore leaves his energy accessable and doesnt try to defend against access. The first is application the second is training. Tai-Chi energetic work concentrates on the lower dantien, in other words your physical movement is influenced by it. Faith healing, revivalist Christian, fundemantalist Muslim, voodoo et al, even pop concert hysteria are based on energetic manipulation of the middle dantien or emotional energy centre. A hypnotist in his curative and manipulative work is concentrating on the upper dantien or intellectual energy centre. Though none can be worked on in isolation there is always cross feed. The guy in the clips is stepping back because his Qi is motivating his muscle to do it and his Yi has been hi-jacked by Chu King Hung. But he knows something wierd is going on as he feels it, but he either through programming or motivation is *agreeing* to participate. That is what all forms of training are even on the purely physical side (by the way that does not actually exist, there is no purity only blend, you just do not recognise the input).
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  9. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    So if it shows no effect and does nothing to the other person you STILL claim its working... and pray tell just how do you know this or measure it... also wouldnt the person know it or is it "subconcious"... thats pretty lame... the other makes more sense... except I should fix it for you "Or the recipient wishes to be bamboozled in the worst possible way and therfore acts like his energy is accessable (and like a prat) and doesnt need to defend against access, but makes out he does anyway." there that reads better and far more in tune with realism...

    Riiiiight... ;)

    Again Riiiiiight... spoken like a true mystic fervently hoping that there is more to existence than life... if it doesnt work then its not the mystic who is wrong... OH NO... its the person not "recognising" whats happening... (or is that the person who is smelling what the bull leaves behind...??)
  10. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    You wouldn't believe that it's possible to reboudn off someone, ne?

    Well, first it's easy to make my mind believe. But my body is very strickt in a no-nonsense way. I "believed" the ability of one-inch punching after one had me gasping for air half a minute :D
    And about my outburst: I do Tai Chi because I've been looking for a less-violent way. I'm a pretty emiotnal, hot-headed person who people often think of as very calm. But I've found out it's simply nicer not to simply lay in on people in either way... won't get you farther.
    That said, when someone accuses me of being a "faithful lapdog", so to speak, you can still rise my anger. It took me two years until I had built up enough frustration with my art to let some of my frustrated outbreaks get into my testing punches. THEN I learned it was 100% for real. I just know what happens normaly when I do that in martial arts classes... let's stick with that.

    Well, I hope that Derrin Brown ask me some time to attack him... :D

    Like I said, it's just a demonstration that the Qi actually has further implications that making you movements very strong and your body very perceptible.

    Oh, and our school has a nice mix of MMA members: BJJ guys, some guy from the special armed forces, a 15yr TKD-judoka etc. One of them actually got me into it by outright owning my with our TaiChi way back when I laughed at the mere thought. I didn't afterwards. It was the best owning I ever experienced :)

    P.S: The people in our school don't mix their internal and their external style, it's rather their experience about body structure, power, endurance etc plays into making them understand TCC much better.
  11. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    You object to the seeing. So when told the seeing is just display and training function, you object to the fact that if used in reality you cannot see it.

    I am afraid you are blocked in every direction. Can you see the logic in your statements as I cannot. The physical is a function of seeing, the energetic is a function of feeling. Makes any more sense for you?
  12. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Heck yeah... but its not a mystical "force" that does it rather its real physical thing... I believe even richard has done it in one of the vids he posted, it seemed much merriment was made of beer bellies or such...

    The power of suggestion can be a "wonderful" thing...

    Taiji isnt about peace, it was originally intended for violence... but I do admit there is a certain relaxedness in performing the forms... I didnt accuse you of being a "faithful lapdog", however I am thinking that you are more subsceptible to the power of suggestion and thus would also make a good candidate for a hypnotist (or Derrin ;-) )...

    I will still maintain that the term Qi is an outdated term that is still insistantly used instead of the more modern scientific explanations thus has become very much confused... do you still say someone has bad humours as well when they are sick... probably not, a person would probably think well they have a virus or infection.. yet whenever anyone has good biomechanics or can get their body working well as a whole its maaagic...

    You know, I have never met an exforces person who wasnt in the special forces... wonder how they eat...??? body structure, power and endurance, put them all together and they call it puppy qi... dammit thats not quite how I thought it, it had music to it...
  13. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Actuall I object to charlatans and cranks casting derision on the good name of Taijiquan, people like you were the reason I didnt take it up until recently... tis not I said the fly, who am afraid of seeing, tis you who has the blinkers on and is afraid of life thus needs to seek that which may give meaning to yours... I may block in many directions, but I am not blocked... the physical is a function of being, the energetic a fucntion of synaptic responses and fuel...
  14. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    Lol - not this time, but maybe another time, who knows?
    (thanks for the offer of a pint btw but I'm a cheaper date than that - an orange juice will do lol ;) )
  15. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    If you wish to be that blocked then so be it! it is obviously impossible to communicate with an idiot like you. All you wish to do is throw insults without knowledge. If you insist in thinking there is nothing beyond the physical nature of the universe go stick your finger in a light socket, it might wake you up! anyway I am finished with you, talk to yourself.
  16. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    how centred... :rolleyes:
  17. TaiChiFox

    TaiChiFox New Member

    This happened way back in my Wing Chun times when even the term of Chi was alien to me. They said it simply stems from the muscle chain, relaxation and the right use of the hip.
  18. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Once again for the hard of reading... I may block but am not blocked... perhaps not mystical enough or just too subtle a distinction... Thanks for the compliment... afterall coming from someone like you that is a compliment... there were no insults thrown in that post.. if you perceive so then your Qi is weak, and you obvioulsy have some major inferiority issues you need to address... Qi wont help you there... sticking my finger in a light socket (done that before when younger and a bit dumber than I am now) will still result in the phyisical... the electrons (those are some really, really, really, REALLY small particles that were discovered quite recently, not qi related though so you may have some catching up to do there) flow and knock me on my rear... ahhh and thus you retreat as you truly cannot prove nor defend your position... thanks for playing....
  19. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    Yeah that sounds about right... tbh I really dont mind what a person does as long as they dont pass it off as something it isnt... Qi isnt all that alien to me, it just isnt a mystical magical force that makes people dance... I have trained with some very good Taijiquan practitioners who describe qi in the most real and scientific of terms... not one mention of mysticism... or dancing which is a shame as the wife tells me I dance like... well its pretty bad... ;-)
  20. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    OK one more seeing as your lies are so apparent. If this above is not an insult then we live in different worlds. So why act the innocent and say you don't insult me. What is the point of conversation when what is said only suits the reality of the moment and everything that has been said before is taken as nought. In this thread I have explained over and over again that it is not magic. I have given explanations and examples. It is like talking to some redneck racist, logic has no bearing on the discussion. It has gone through every phase of childish behavior. and now you cant even read your own posts. If this makes a occupation worth pursuing, then your purpose is not the pursuit of knowledge but the pursuit of predudice. At that point there is no point, see my point!

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