Anyone watch Jet Li's...The Evil Cult...The Kung Fu Cult Master...The Lord of Wu Tang

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by imperial_guardz, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. imperial_guardz

    imperial_guardz Master In Training

    Has anyone watched Jet Li's The Evil Cult? It is also known as The Kung Fu Cult Master or The Lord of Wu Tang.

    It was made back in 1993. They have one in Mandarin or Cantonese...both with subtitles...I was wondering...Is this movie a two part movie? Because I watched it...and the cast came up...but I think there's a second part for it...yet I can't find it anywhere...Does anyone know where I can find it (Possibly online)?

  2. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    they never made the second part. dunno what happened.
    the Chinese title i believe was , "heaven sword, dragon sabre" based on a popular fantasy novel.
  3. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    The reason they didn't make Evil Cult Two, or haven't YET, was that it would of cost too much money.

    Bearing in mind that the first one was one of the most Expensive Chinese Language films ever.

    Even though it did very well at the box office and with DVD sales and rentals. It broke even and went into a decent profit, covering it's Production costs, P and A, Marketing etc.

    It didn't make as much money as its Producers hoped that it would and the proposed Evil Cult Two started to look like a Major Gamble, even with Jet Li's silky presence and increasing international Box Office status.

    The more they Erred on the side of 'Caution' the more the potential costs have gone through the roof. Production costs in China have doubled in the last decade, so you can imagine how much money it would cost to make Number Two.

    And so, at present they have shied away from Evil Cult Two or Even Eviler Cult, whatever they would call it..

    For DVD reviews of Evil Cult and loads more Martial Movies, go here:
  4. imperial_guardz

    imperial_guardz Master In Training

    Now I'll have to find out the rest of the story elsewhere...I hate it when the stories never end...damn!

    aww well...well thanx guys helped alot...

    Thanx a bunch...
    Take Care
  5. SteveJKDUK

    SteveJKDUK New Member

    I cant say I liked the film that much. My mum liked it, but she grew up following that story or something like that.
  6. Adam White

    Adam White New Member

    I don't know anything about martial arts but I had to register here just to say that THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST KUNG FU MOVIE EVER MADE if not the best action/adventure movie ever! If you like low-brow Dolph Lundgren movies or whatever you probably won't enjoy it but for a serious fun fest it cannot be beat. :love:

    I strongly urge all kung fu movie fans to see this one, it is an experiance not to be missed!

    They pack more story into this movie than all six Star Wars films put together and it's not even the whole thing!

    For some info about the original story it was based on and how the sequel story might have played out, see here but note that they probably would have changed heaps of the details if a script had been produced (a la Lord of the Rings).

    It's available on DVD in Australia now but only as a dub. You need to see the subtitled version because the subtitles are
    unintentionally hilarious :)



    Big fan of Jet Li, Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, the Shaw Bros and KFCM
  7. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    I saw it and didn't realise that the story wasn't finished!

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