Anyone know of This School?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by belltoller, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. belltoller

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    Reading through some of InkyTommy's logs piqued my interest in Kung Fu, which I know nothing of.

    I happened to drive by a place the other day and was wondering if anyone knew of this particular school.
  2. aaradia

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    I could swear this school has come up before on here.................I am sure of it. Did you do a search on MAP?
    Edit - Ah yes- here.
  3. belltoller

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    Thanks, aardia. Ja, I saw the part about him having instructed Cung Le and Pat Barry at some point.

    Despite being quite wary of the 'Shaolin' and 'ninjitsu' thing, I might just drop by to check out their Sanshou.
  4. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    I'm sure that there are lots of positives at this school although I, like belltoller, would like to see what really goes on. International training centre? For who? How often? These are questions that might be worth asking. From a ''over 30'' perspective I would like to know if these sorts of things will spill over and affect my training (for better or for worse).

    ''Further, although Bernstein was, in one sense, participating in a sporting activity, he was enrolled in the Liu Institute as a student of martial arts. In that respect, the relationship between Bernstein and Liu was in the nature of student and teacher.   Teachers and artisans are answerable for the damage caused by their scholars or apprentices, while under their superintendence.  ... there are questions of fact as to the competency and qualifications of Berry (as per the contract), the intended nature of the exercise in question, and the extent to which Liu may have prevented the damage that occurred. - See more at:'' or

    I'm not saying that this case was representative of Sifu Liu but the court did find against him in this case.

    Here's a tai chi vid from Sifu Liu. Is this similar to what you tai chi peeps do? I hope that it isn't representative of how the tai chi teaching is done at the facility as it would drive me scatty. :' D



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  5. belltoller

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    My but you are a resourceful bugger, Ross! Where'd you dig that up from? Seems the court initially ruled in favour of Liu then reversed itself.

    I canna say I've not seen this sort of thing before. We belonged to an MMA gym in Ohio for a few years (my sons were the primary students at the time) - Rich Franklin's BJJ training gym of many years - saw some very nasty KO's ( unconscious with partial limb seizure activity ) during sparring so the fact that someone received a concussion from Berry doesn't phase me.

    The fact that they may teach a dodgy tai chi ( or any important CMA ) does, however!!

    I just don't know enough about TCMA to know what I'm seeing, I'm afraid. Hence, asking the forum members here to have a butchers.

    I could go in, have a sit-down while they brought out buggs bunny and Elmer Fudd doing an aboriginal mating dance and call it tai chi, sanshou or anything else and I'd not know the difference, at this point.


    BTW, did you ever manage to get 'round to adding on to the lateral epicondylitis piece you'd done in your blog?

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