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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by belltoller, Jul 26, 2015.

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    As some of you already know, I've been searching for a suitable replacement for the boxing gym I'd to leave due to travel-time/logistics.

    I've always heard nothing but good things ( in a realistic manner, that is ) regarding Kyokushin karate and when I found out there was a kyokushin school not to far from me I, of course, wanted to post the schools site for the very knowledgeable membership of MAP to comment on.

    Of course, nothing takes the place of stepping in for a butcher's one's self but I've saved valuable time from being wasted on shiny pennies in the past by posting inquiries on MAP first.

    The instructor is apparently a student of a student of Mas Oyama - whom I understand to be a highly influential and respected personage in the world of Karate.

    Seems to be only one hour of training per week ( adult class ) but that's something I'll have to clear up when I call.

    Also could someone clarify for me what exactly does "During the first three stages of class, strikes to the face are practiced. However, during kumite, punching to the face is prohibited because fighting is bare-knuckle. With that said, bare-knuckle punches to the body and kicks and knees to the head are perfectly fine. " mean ? :confused:

    Would that be similar to TKD - kicks allowed to head but not punches? Kumite, I gather, is more or less sparring?
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    The competition format of this style of karate does not allow gloves to be worn ie its bare knuckle and Barr foot and shine lol, which means during kumite you are not allowed to punch the face, you can punch the body and you can kick the head, which means in comp you see guys standing very close punching the hrll out of each others bodies toe to toe and then bam knockout kick to the head lands.
    But of course a style that doesn't teach you to deal with head punches is lacking so as far as I know in training you are taught how to punch the head and defend said strikes , some clubs even spar internally with head punching allowed, but in open competition head punches are banned.

    Hope they makes sense
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    Okay - kumite is synonymous for competition.

    Yes, it makes sense now.
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    Do what I did I. The nineties carry a giant teddy bear and a carving knives, didn't get started on once
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    Cor blind me, man...what you saying ?? lol!

    Don't worry, I've been there...

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