Anybody from around St. Louis, MO heard of this guy?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by GuruPain, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    If you ever get to see Jim jr tell him to hop on here so we can shoot the poop.

    kthnks gdby
  2. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Blinking heck I don't check the kickboxing for a few weeks and we get a load of newbies that sound like they had fun....

    Jim sounds like he rocked back in the 80's If you have any video footage showing your competition stuff is there any chance of posting it up. PLEASE!!!!!!!! :)
  3. Smothers123

    Smothers123 New Member

    Whoever you are - this is part of the Smothers family. Just now saw this post. Way to go saying what you said. Are you trying to hurt his reputation from something that was done as a teenager. Whoever you are - grow up. Hurting or saying anything about this family in the wrong way is not a good idea
  4. Smothers123

    Smothers123 New Member

    Whoever you are, this is Daniels mom. We didn't have a german shepard so you don't know what you are talking about. Try a Rott. So you didn't know us.
  5. Smothers123

    Smothers123 New Member

    Jim Smothers "legacy)

    By his wife: Sr. Jim smothers never ever fought Bruce Lee. He was to fight Chuck Norris, but his teacher (Fred Wren) wouldn't let him due to a jealous act. According to JIm. But if you believe anything he says: I have some swamp land in Florida to sell ya.
  6. Smothers123

    Smothers123 New Member

    Jim Smothers

    Mother and Wife to JIm Smothers: We never had a german shepard. It was a Rottweiler trained in Shutzand. Where you people get your information.
  7. Mr. Adler

    Mr. Adler New Member

    Mr. Jim Smothers

    I see this post is over 10 years old so Im likely wasting my time, however, in the event anyone still reads this thread and wishes to know I do happen to know Mr. Jim Smothers (Jr's father) from StL., from way back when, and would be happy to elucidate anyone interested that respopnds so...
  8. choate3

    choate3 New Member

    Family member

    Growing up always heard stories about Jim Sr, vaguely remember seeing him a few times at family events. My dad always had a lot of respect for him.
  9. Ulsteryank

    Ulsteryank Valued Member

    Only saw him a few times as a kid. I remember his belt was so worn I used to think it was a rope like Akuma from Street Fighter.

    I only saw him because he was visiting our dojo which was Black Belt Self Defence&Fitness at the time, which is now USA Karate Clubs under Jeff Bedard. Jeff was a former student of his, and for the time I was under him, the most influential teacher I've ever had. At the time for a Karate school that also taught Muay Thai abd Shoot Wrestling in the early 90's was pretty cool....if he had anything to do with Jeff's methodologies, he'd be ok in my book.

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