Anybody from around St. Louis, MO heard of this guy?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by GuruPain, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. GuruPain

    GuruPain New Member

    Hey all,

    Im a new guy to this forum. Anyway, I am just wondering if any of you have ever heard of a guy named Jim Smothers? He supposedly was a great kickboxer back in the 80's and has a few records for knockouts. Just wanting to get some information on the guy. Thanks

  2. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    Im from st. louis, and the name does ring a bell but cant place a face. :(
  3. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    jim smothers

    Yeah I knew him back in the 80's ....not takeing anything away from his skill ..he is good ...but for the most part he was a bully and overconfident only demonstrating his skills on unsuspecting and the weak .....however he did show me a certificate of a compitition he father participated in ......he beat man back in the late 60's named Bruce Lee ....whether it was the "Bruce Lee" i dont know but none the less impressive
    ....btw jim if you read this I have your rectractable sias :) thanks
    take care
  4. Smothers

    Smothers New Member

    I just want to clarifty a few things.

    1. Get it right which Jim Smothers you are talking about there is the Jim Smothers and then Jim Jr.

    2. Jim Jr. is very good and yes he had a lot of problems back then but, I find mostly that anyone he did have problems with most of the time deserved any attitude he gave them.

    And if you have any questions feel free because no one knows either of them like family would and I can be proud to say that I am just that.

  5. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    Its me Jim :)

    1 Read the post guess which Jim I am talking about.

    2.Jim Jr. Its me :) The summer of 89 in Manchester Courts. I still have your rectractable SAIS ROFL.

    Remember Danny? The one with the german Sheppard 2 complexes away from Manchester road?

    Jim if your still around you owe Chris Casey 200 dollars for some acid. :) Wood stock. And you owe me some lessons we never finished what we started at Brad's apt up stairs 2nd floor (69 camero blue and white with skull in middle) that night we started to exchange our styles in a friendly dance:)

    I bett Jim Smother JR is a honorable person now, he was surrounded by the worst kind of people then I pray you know him well and pass on my wife and my prayers. Again I have his retracable sais. I know he misses them, they had tips that screwed out. When I got them they were blunt tipped ;)
  6. You must have the longest account ever for someone with 2 posts! :)
  7. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    If your talking to me, THANKS!!

    My only wish is Jim "jr" is still alive and has moved way beond that manchester ghetto.

    Jim its me Craig and I know you remember me. If you sober and looking for a goodfriend to practice with let me know. You had my respect, though I doubt at that time if I or anybody that did not have a gun pointed to your head had your respect.

    Remember the touch hands or what your style calls sparring that lasted 3 hours drinking "SMURFBlood" ?

    Smurfberry Koolaid with PGA (everclear) and a sheet acid put in a blender with ice? That was the first night we met.
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  8. GuruPain

    GuruPain New Member

    I trained with Jim Smothers Sr. in the late 90's for a while. He is a very good teacher. I have nothing but respect for him. He put me on my rearend numerous times. I was just trying to find out some info on his fight record and his titles/records he held. I had heard that he had a record knockout in a fight, something like 7 seconds or something. Thanks for the info guys
  9. zac_duncan

    zac_duncan New Member

    I've met Mr. Smothers (Jr.) a few times, he promotes a lot of fights around here and knows my instructor. He's a tough, good fighter and he's produces tough, good fighters, both TKD students and kickboxers. I don't know much about his record, but I've seen him fight and he's good.

    Also, the brief times I've talked to him, he's been very friendly.

    Mr. Smothers, I'm not sure you'd remember me, but I'm one of Tony Gray's blackbelts.
  10. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    Ah Jim it sounds like you have done good.

    No doubt Jim jr is/was friendly. That is why i wish him well. To bad he cant say hello for himself ... he knows who I am :)
  11. D.Smothers

    D.Smothers Valued Member

    Jim Sr. Or Jim Smothers?

    Which Smothers are you talking about when you say that he is a bully?. If your talking about Jim Jr. then I would have to agree, but I also want to say that he has a reason to be the way he is ( I know because hes my brother). Also If your talking about Jim Sr. Being a bully then I disagree with you, I have never seen my father bully anyone. If he was mean to anyone , then they deserved it. Jim Sr. Is and was a great Kickboxer with a 7 second knockout and was ranked if Im remembering correctly #5, #1, #7 in the world in kickboxing as a fighter in the welterweight class ( This is if im remembering correctly, I dont ask him about it often but I will if any of you want to know). As for Jim Jr. He doesnt talk to me or anyone else in our family, so I dont know what he is up to.
  12. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Hey to all you Martial Artists in St. Louis... I love your city ;)

    Please check out the info on a seminar I am hosting this weekend in Omaha, NE - 9th degree BB Ron Chapel, student of Ed Parker, will be in town all weekend 10/15 and 10/16. Check out for details

  13. D.Smothers

    D.Smothers Valued Member

    Yes, I know the guy , Im his son. What is your real name? Where did you train with him? In St.louis or in Ark? He would like to know is why Im asking.
  14. D.Smothers

    D.Smothers Valued Member

    To Loial

    Seems to me that you along with alot of others are only jealous of my Brothers fighting skill. He never fought the unexpecting or weak, he only fought against ranked opponents so no one was unexpecting, he is good top and strong fighter who trains hard and worked hard for his rank and nothing has come easy to him, so if I were you I would get my facts straight before I started to talk about something I didnt know about.
  15. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    hey nice to meet ya, danny?

    Its me Craig I used to hang out next door to Jim apts with Brad(69 camero blue and black) Mike and Matt , tell him to think about the Summer of '90 and the acid slushies and coke we got from Jody. I have his retracable sias (sping loaded with adjustbale tips. . Jim can fight never said he could not, jealous no. I all I said was he was a bully and at the time he would rip people off. :) Did they deserve it? At the time I did not think so. Now that I am older and wiser , they were asking for it. Speaking of tell Jim I said hello and if I ever make it back up to Saint Louis (i was banned from living in Missouri as a part of my sentence in Town and Country) I would love to by him and dinner. Jim was always kool with me, guess cuase i was not afraid of him, or mabey I was the only person that treated him with respect i dont know,

    any how nice to meet ya kin o' smothers

    take ye care and keep in touch
  16. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    Danny you were his brother, the one with the german sheppard that bit brad in the ass, rofl!!!!

    jim sr = i have never met
    jim jr= I hung out with that summer. He then burned several people that had it comming
  17. D.Smothers

    D.Smothers Valued Member

    Ah, I thought you were talking about my father Jim Sr. Yes this is Daniel aka Danny, I haven`t heard from my brother for a long time now, so I have no idea what he is up to. I could get ahold of him if I really wanted to, I doubt he wants to talk though.
  18. Loial21

    Loial21 New Member

    Yeah tell him I said hello. Are you Danny with the German Sheppard that lived in manchester?
  19. dexxl

    dexxl New Member

    what the.....?!??
  20. B.Graham

    B.Graham New Member

    This is a friend of Danny's. Hey man! I'm new to martial arts, but I am being trained by Jim Smothers Sr. Just thought is would be cool to share that. :eek:

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