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    and this
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    I enjoyed the videos. He has some great flow and his productions are always entertaining and high quality.
    Whats your opinion?
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    Good Videos... for a while i thought it was dAle... =OP
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    Video no 1: overly telegraphed attacks, but every thing else seemed ok, if overly complient for self defense

    Video no 2: seemed to be defense from sport karate attacks, there seemed to be slight issues in grounding and in not always keeping your head inside your own knee structure.

    video no 3: Is historical stuff and isnt the current state of SKH's public material.
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    lol... works well if two people attack you the same way they do in movies... telegraphed, slow motion and compliant.. running into each other and falling on top of one and other...but no so sure that'd pan out quite like that in real life.:D

    That being said... much of the stuff in the first clip doesn't look all that far off from some styles of Aikido. Many of the locks and circular movements looks similar. I guess as a demo it's fine... I mean you're never going to be able to demo many of these types of moves with your students at full speed or power without ending up with some hurt students.

    The vid looks like some of the backlash toward Bullshido... I dunno that this vid really shows anything to be that much more 'real' than what the Bullshido guys usually start taking the **** with. It's not like as if this vid alone all of a sudden is some big deadly strike against Bullshido. They probably ****ed themselves laughing at this one as well.

    In vid 2 at about 1:46 it looks like they're showing a technique where you slip to the inside of someone attacking you. :eek:
    Hmmm... that's a great way to get countered right in the face with the left. Especially if the attacker is larger than you. Unless you're an oldschool boxer with the strength and skills of Dempsey... I really can't see slipping to inside working as he's suggesting it does. I'd like to see that one with them throwing full force. I mean why not... they could easily throw some head gear on (even with cages if they wanted) and he could thrown on a crotch box and see how she fairs. I doubt it's going to be like he's talking them through it. What's worse about that if she can't counter in time or get's countered herself.. she's now got no choice but to be on the back foot. Nightmare. That wouldn't happen if she had slipped to the outside.

    Anyone got any ideas on that? :confused:

    Which raises the question - those guys were geared up like they were going for moto-cross... (at about 3:44) I mean really... why all the body armor for the little to none contact they show? Elbow pads? Jeez... that's a bit of overkill. :D
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    I am always uncomfortable with knife "attacks" that involve a lunge. It is near impossible to catch a wrist or fist. The point of the knife should point at you ONCE after contact evasion the point should never address you again and if possible be turned on the attacker.
    Below evading the line of attack CUTTING into the line of attack (protecting the arteries on the soft underside of the arm ) and STRIKING to engage the other arm and unbalance.(people only remain off balance for an instant before regaing it) The thrust is a jab from close not a lunge.
    The technique must NOT be involved,

    If you slip to the indide of an attack you MUST strike at that same moment to engage the other hand or to strike and unbalance the attackerThe "aikido" techniques were too involved and too circular.

    It is never enough to simply avoid the first attack you MUST negate any secondary attack or counter.

    regards koyo

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