Any other tmaists use any of these training methods?

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    [ame=""]In The Zone - YouTube[/ame]
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    Most of the stuff on this is quite common in CMA : wooden dummy, forms, 2 man drills.. the strength stuff looks like it has been added from or a similar S & C site. Not unusual for people to mix up more modern conditioning and strength stuff to improve the practice of their traditional skills.

    Only one thing seemed to be missing on this whole vid - a resistant opponent. Seems that in a clip this long there isn't one real section that shows sparring... says alot about what can be missing in spite of all the other training..

    What in particular did you think was unique about this vid? Even the stuff that is shown, eg kettle bells etc have traditional equivalents such as stone locks and other things. Hey heavy weapon training was also for strengthening as well as developing the ability to put power into using that weapon.

    Interestingly there used to be strength tests for people who wanted to join the Chinese civil service in more ancient times....

    ''China's Miltary Examination system, which graded candidates based upon the ability to hit targets with arrows, then a 3-portion test concerning strenth where the candidate would bend a bow of three possible strenths, then showing skill with wielding a halberd of 80, 100, or 120 catty weight by "brandishing it in front of one's face, swinging it around one's back and returning it to the front, and finally spinning it like a water wheel, all without toucing the ground" (pg 103), and lastly demonstrate ability to lift stones by weight.''

    There isn't really that much new under the sun :' D

    Just sayin'

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    I new the wooden dummy training was frm CMA but I just really liked the other exercises I never new a lot of traditional schools were putting emphasis on fitness like this. as for the sparing and i've found videos where they spend time sparring.
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    Well... there aren't going to be a lot of 'traditional schools' putting that type of emphasis on conditioning like that. Most guys you see pulling that type of conditioning out will be your MMA crowd. If you are not fighting - it's a massive investment of time and energy. No doubt there are individuals that will train that hard - but can't see most people doing it.
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    There are some who say "class is enough training" I say invest time in a gym and/or a fitness trainer and work from there.
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    120 catty? That would be roughly 72kg, a substantial weight to be spinning around, especially given the awkward weight distribution of a halberd.
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    Any other tmaists use any of these training methods?

    The following are ancient CMA training equipments:

    - leather belt for cracking.
    - brick for finger strength.
    - stone lock for swinging.
    - square bag for throwing.
    - long bag for arm strength.
    - single head for leg.
    - double heads for arm and body.
    - weight puller for pulling.
    - bowling ball for foot scoop.
    - long cane bundle for push, pull, sweep, kick, ...
    - short cane bundle for grabbing.
    - short wooden stick for grabbing.
    - long woodern stick for grabbing.
    - weight on the loop for vibration.
    - weight on the end of rope for wrist strength.
    - big brick for body function.
    - Gon for twisting.
    - water jar for finger strength.
    - tree (or pole) hanging for head lock, leg twist, shin bitting, sticky, ...
    - ...

    The approach is different from just to work out in the gym. You 1st find what skill that you want to develop. You then design training tool just for that purpose. For example, if you put a bowling ball in a hole and use your foot to scoop it out, it only develops you one special skill and nothing else. If you are not interest in training the following skill, this training will be meaningless to you.
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  8. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    personally - although this sounds good, most people practicing TMA today dont have general strength. they sit in office chairs all day, on toilets they rarely stand or squat.

    older days people were always standing, squatting and moving for most of the day (we do that for maybe only 2 hours a day now). they were generally stronger. and building sport/skill specific strength for already strong people makes sense.

    i dont think this training applies to 90% of your general Martial arts practitioners but for those who have good general strength or even in competition, MMA or some other competitive format like SC - this training sounds good.
  9. YouKnowWho

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    The advantage of the stand up grappling is your opponent's body weight is your general strength training. If you train "partner drills", you should have already developed some general strength.

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  10. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    many people training in "TMAs" (as you've seen from this site) don't grapple or spar or do partner drills.

    your workouts seem great for "ghetto workouts" with minimal or awkward equipment but if i have a barbell present i'd rather do clean and snatch high pulls

    *do you mind sending me some SC strength workouts?
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    to be fair i have yet to come across a TMA class that didnt include bodyweight exercises, two man training and some form of pad work hitting each other, not much different from what a boxer would do (still in this day and age not too many boxing gyms encourage strength work with a bar bell)

    Now they probably dont do the road work or the sparring that a boxer would do, but neither of those two have much effect on strength levels do they?
  12. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    tbh i jumped a little and forgot that YKW comes from an actual TMA and was talking about actual TMAs not the "TMA" aikikrotty drivel in this country.

    CMA and karate guys do tend to condition hard and SC is wrestling so they have resistance in the form of partner training giving them good general strength.

    you're lucky you havent seen the absolute bull-poopy that pass for "TMA" that ive seen.
  13. icefield

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    To be fair I have seen an awful lot of rubbish, but heck even the wing chun and the tai chi guys can get some resistance training from chi sao and pushing hands lol

    I think you made a good point about present day trainees being relatively soft and weak compared to the old days when physical labour was the normal, and I think you are right when you look at YKWs list of exercises as not the best way to build strength but as a way to refine and make it sports specific …… and that starting with a barbell would be better, I have argued the same as you many times before, build a strength level these old guys had as standard (they used stone weights logs etc we can use barbells) and then add the belt cracking etc stuff, don’t add it before you have reached a good base.
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    I like this one very much and I had posted this clip here before. The clay container in the following clip will cost about $175 in US.

    [ame=""]gon twist - YouTube[/ame]

    I found a container that I can put water into it which cost me almost nothing. If you make yourself a 200 lb container like this, you will not worry about that your don't have enough strength training.

    [ame=""]my gon twist - YouTube[/ame]

    Here is ground cane bundle drills.

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