Any Kwon Shu (BLK) students here?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by gamedweeb, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. gamedweeb

    gamedweeb New Member

    Hi, new here obviously :p

    I was wondering if there are any Kwon Shu (Bobby Lawrence Karate Schools) students here.

    If so how long have you been studying?
  2. hunnysan

    hunnysan Valued Member

    Wow, i've never heard of that u mind sharing a little bout it..thanks

    Dj Hunny
  3. gamedweeb

    gamedweeb New Member

    Well lets see I'll re-write this so it's not a disertation on the style, I guess I know more about the Kwon Shu style than I thought. (sorry if this is more than you had in mind Dj hunny)

    Okay walking in I started learning Parker style self defense techniques, and the basic Shotkan forms (the Taikioku series, and Heian Shodan), I know that as we progress we learner higher level Shotokan forms which are taught mostly for coordination (it would be really sweet if we were taught the Bunkai for them, but oh well), we start sparring at a Purple Belt level, as well as learning ground techniques. (I'm 3rd degree, next comes 2nd) At 1st Degree Brown/Ban Bu (provisionary BB) we start learning Kenpo style forms (3rd Exam, Short and Long 1). There are various other styles mingled in throughout the curriculum such as basic Thai Boxing and Western Boxing skills. Flashy TKD style kicks are taught for fun and self development. Once we get to 3rd/4th degree BB I believe the emphasis changes from more static to spontaneous self defense, and counter manipulation principles are also taught. These are just tenative as within the short time that I've been studying the curriculum has been changed/revised 3 times! Oh yeah we also start learning to use weapons at a Yellow Belt Level, basic Nunchuck skills, then we move into stuff such as Escrima sticks, Sais, Bo, and Kamas. at 2nd degree Black I think that we start learning to use Knives, then at 3rd degree sword is taught :)-D looking forward to that!)

    I belive Master Lawrence's MA lineage is something like this: He was a direct student of Master Parker, who I believe had the biggest impact on what he teaches. He was promoted to the rank of Master by Richard Callahan (Hung Li Gung Fu) He also recieved instruction from Master Ti Fu Chen (Ti Fu Chen Kung Fu). Checkout it has a little more in depth version of his lineage.

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