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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by FightingMonk2k3, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    other than mantis, mongoose, bear, crane, snake, dragon, tiger, leopard (maybe?) and monkey, what other kung fu schools offer other animals?

    i've heard that there about 18 different animals to learn all together?

    i know of those 8 or 9. i'm not too familiar with what the other animals are offered.
  2. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    leopard is definitely a style. Saying its not will earn you a pantherfist to the throat from out resident CLF nuts. Let us not forget eclectic styles such as Bat, scorpion, mandarin duck and other oddities :)
  3. Guizzy

    Guizzy with Arnaud and Eustache

    Gotta catch'em all!
  4. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    The traditional 5 animals are snake, dragon, crane, tiger, leopard. Mantis is a style unto itself. Monkey has it's own style, as well, or at least it's own philosophy. Eagle is another common animal (Eagle Claw Kung Fu, anyone?) Depending on your style, some of the animals may be interchangable but still called "5 Animals".

    Other more obscure animal styles are horse, bear, lion, elephant, and a very obscure style called "dog boxing" which is a groundfighting style only taught in China. The only mongoose I've ever heard of is Shou Shu (I reserve comment on that one).

    Some claim other animals like duck or turtle, but I've never seen any legitimate confirmation that such styles are really kung fu.
  5. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    Mandarin Duck is one of the 18 sub branches of Seven Star Mantis. Its a major core part of our kicking system. Every right movement has a left movement to keep balance in the strikers favor. :) It is a legit style of kung fu.. Odd, but legit.
  6. Gert-Jan

    Gert-Jan Valued Member

    Mandarin Duck? Please tell me you are joking! :eek:

  7. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I seem to recal that Xing Yi also has Cockerel and Capercaillie (sp?) amongst its twelve animal forms.

    Or are you just talking about stand-alone styles?
  8. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    Nature provides much inspiration sir. It'll even provide insight on how to waddle over to a man to keep the pimp hand strong.

    *waddle waddle pimp hand.. waddle waddle*
  9. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    animal styles in general.
  10. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Rent "This is Kung Fu" with Jet Li. They show an older gentleman walking around like a duck claiming to do "Duck style" and a guy rilling around on the floor completely taking dog boxing out of context. It's a very patronizing DVD, and based on what I saw there of certain animals, I found it difficult to believe they are for real.

    Got any vids of the mighty ducks? :D (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  11. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    Is it that one from the late 70's early 80's where it shows a bunch of modern wushu and forms? I think I have that one where it shows some rediculous modern wushu style sparring, like drunken VS monkey, and snake VS eagle with all sorts of uber craptastic sound FX?
  12. Sankaku-jime

    Sankaku-jime Banned Banned

    is there such thing as a pig or boar style ?
  13. El Tejon

    El Tejon MAP'scrazyuncle

    Here's your video of your duck (kicks, mandarian ducks mate for life so they are always together [and the male duck is always getting yelled at]), sir.

    The kicks on the second road of the form are often refered to as "mandarian duck kicks" as they are linked, stop kick linked with a piercing kick in this example.
  14. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Yes, it is :)
  15. zac_duncan

    zac_duncan New Member

    I don't know what a capercaillie is, but the animals ins xingyi are

    Aligator (though this gets translated to all sorts of things, like water skippers.)
    Tai (a mythical bird, I've seen it as "fighting turkey" :) and camel, amongst other things.

    Twelve in all, though none of them are "styles" per se.

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